Aarogyam Loan SBI Apply 2021-Interest Rates & Eligibility

Aarogyam Loan (Aarogyam Healthcare Business Loan)


The Aarogyam Loan is actually Aarogyam health care business loan that is eligible under the COVID loan book and is actually declared through the RBI as a component of COVID relief measures.

State Bank of India has some really good updates for anyone looking to start a business in the healthcare industry. SBI, India’s largest state-owned banking company, provides funds to local businesses through the Aarogyam Healthcare Business loan. Yes! That’s Correct!

Those who wish to apply for the SBI Aarogyam Healthcare Business Loan can possibly do so to expand their business. This scheme provides financial help to people who do not have enough money to start or grow their businesses in the healthcare segment. This is the time to seek financing from the State Bank of India.

In June 2021, the State Bank of India (SBI) introduced a new business loan system to help the healthcare field amid Covid-19. It allows them to acquire finances in quick and easy conditions.

Aarogyam loans can be used as a loan phrase to pay for expansion/Up-gradation or operational fund services such as cash credit loans, bank guarantee/letters of credit. Aarogyam funding was accessible at facilities in the region of up to Rs 100 Crores, Urban and Level I centers of approximately Rs 20 Crores, and also Level II and Level VI centers of up to Rs 10 Crores.

Eligibility Criteria Aarogyam financing

What really are the qualifying criteria for SBI Aarogyam financing?

The Aarogyam loan scheme makes it possible for the entire healthcare system, consisting of medical facilities, property care, analysis centers, pathology laboratories, manufacturers, and distributors, to obtain loans of around Rs. One hundred crores. You can apply for new or current companies, depending on the latest documents you have.

Total Loan Amount can be applied

What amount of financing can you acquire from the SBI Aarogyam loan? 

  • This funding product was actually created to support the nation’s health care system.
  • You can receive new financing via cash credit, term loan, bank guarantee, or letter of credit
  • The optimal amount of the loan for the business is 100 Cr. Repayable in 10 years (both for the expansion and for the creation of a new business).
  • Up to Rs. Rs 2 crore will be covered due to the CGTMSE guarantee scheme.

Area Loan Amount Limit Aarogyam Loan

Restriction of loans located in geographic location

  • Metro facilities – Up to Rs. 100 crore
  • Urban centers and also Tier I – Rs. 20 crore
  • Level II to Level VI Centers – Rs. 10 crore

Who can apply for the Aarogyam Healthcare Business Loan?

The complete healthcare system, including hospitals, nursing homes, diagnostic centers, pathology labs, manufacturers, and suppliers, can get Aarogyam loans. 

SBI will provide loans of up to Rs 100 crores to hospitals, nursing homes, and pathology laboratories. These loans (Urban and Tier I center up to Rs 20 crores and Tier II and VI centers up to Rs 10 million) will be available to health sector manufacturers, suppliers, and importers, as well as healthcare companies. Logistics. The loan can be repaid within ten years. The Arogyam loan is available for expansion, up-gradation, or operational capital needs.

Over the past year, the health and wellness facility has provided uninterrupted and unparalleled aid to the nation amid the pandemic. The Aarogya Healthcare Business loan was developed in recognition of COVID-19.

Documents needed to apply for the Aarogyam loan

  • You must provide the following information: Checking / Savings Account Number, Branch Details.
  • You must provide evidence of the business (label and identifier, start date, and identifier).
  • UIDAI – Aadhaar number (certainly not necessary to update it in your profile).
  • Caste details (General / SC / ST / OBC / Minority) are required.
  • Additional data like GSTN or even Udyog Aadhaar is also required to upload.
  • GSTN; In fact, industrial bases are required.
  • Where possible, verification of the store or even the facility or various other documents associated with the company records should be shown.

Advantages of the ‘Aarogyam Business Loan

This new program enables the whole healthcare system, consisting of medical facilities, nursing residences, and analysis centers, to obtain loans of around Rs. The SBI said that 100 crores rupees could be settled in 10 years.

Interest rates SBI Aarogyam Business Loan

In this phase, banking companies use a loan at a lower interest rate than normal finance. You might also have a moratorium grace period (if any by the Bank). Normally, business financing has a typical rate of interest 9.05% to 16.30% in most banks. Private loans usually have an interest rate of 18%, but can be higher than 24%. Check your nearest SBI branch to find out the particular interest rate on the Aarogyam loan. The Bank decides the interest rate. This is at their sole discretion.

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Types of Loans under Aarogyam Loan

  • You can obtain financing between these methods:
  • Cash Credit, Term Loan, Bank Guarantee, Letter of Credit

Security deposit for Aarogyam Healthcare Business Loan

The applicant who avails a loan of up to Rs. 2 crores will definitely not required to use any collateral or even protection to the Bank. This will definitely be covered by the guarantee system of the Credit Guarantee Trust Fund for Micro and Small Businesses (CGTMSE).

Monthly payment period for the Aarogyam loan right now, The loan payment term is ten years

How to Apply Aarogyam Business Healthcare Loan?

Apply Online

Currently SBI does not offer online application Aarogyam Business Healthcare Loan. Check the official SBI website for such updates

Apply Offline

You may visit your nearest State Bank of India Branch and submit your application for Aarogyam Healthcare Business Loan. You may submit all the documents at one go to make the process faster.

Other common documents for business loans at SBI

  • Balance piece audited for the last 3 years.
  • Quick individual of Owner / Partners / Promoters / Directors
  • KYC files for promoters/systems
  • Duplication of computer returns from promoters/company during the last three years
  • Duplicate licenses, authorization through regulatory authorization, if applicable.
  • Supply of energies such as power, etc.
  • Air pollution control approval, if important.
  • Collateral Security information (consisting of a promise from a third party raised the question to be used).
  • Authorized declaration of assets and also the obligation of the owner/companion guarantors.
  • Copies of approval letter and statement of accounts (last six months).
  • Copy of the papers of property of the Factory / Store / Godown/collateral guarantee.
  • Details of the capital investment, if the term loan is actually applied.
  • Check the handling and fees to be spent on Valuation & Residential property title search files supplied as security, ROC search (for businesses).

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Checklist with Categories specified:

Sample Checklist to avail regular SBI business loan is listed here, which might be applicable in Aarogyam Loan.


  • Application request form.
  • Biodata development.
  • DD for Processing Fees / Attorney Fees / Valuation Fees.

Proprietor /Partners / Guarantors:

  • Manager / Partners / Guarantors Brief profile.
  • Photograph
  • Passport / EC ID Card / Driver’s License.
  • Telephone bill/ration card.
  • Pan card.
  • Return for two years.
  • Possessions & amp; Statement of liabilities.


  • Partnership deed & Association Partnership letter.
  • Memorandum & Articles of Association
  • Certificate of incorporation / commencement.
  • Board Resolution.
  • Searching report from the business registrar
  • SSI registration.
  • Panchayat license.
  • Pan card.
  • Income Tax Return for two years.
  • ST Return for two years.
  • Scheme report.
  • Energy allocation plan / Estimation / Invoices.
  • Clearance from air pollution control.
  • Leasing contract for the use of local services.

Balance Sheet:

  • Current – Last three years.
  • Estimated Balance sheet- Current year.
  • Projected Balance sheet: next year
  • Plan Projected Balance sheet: [for term loans]
  • CMA type.

Associated Partnership Entity Brief profile:

Associated Partnership Entity Brief profile:

  • Balance sheet.
  • Bankers opinion report.
  • Declaration of renewal/improvement stock.
  • Latest evaluation report.
  • Review of the loan condition.
  • Copy of the details of the last permit.
  • Verification of anomalies, if any.

Entity Take Over:

  • Copy of letter of approval.
  • Statement declaration one year.
  • Credit rating information report.

Property Documents:

  • Original property title deed.
  • Previous deeds & agreements
  • Property tax receipt.
  • Construction tax receipt.
  • Certificate of belongings.
  • Zone certificate.
  • Area sketch.
  • No RR & LA Certificate.
  • CE for 30 years.

Other Features and benefits.

SBI offers loans for businesses in a Simple process. Accessibility of funds approximately up to Rs. 100 Crores rupees. Finance available at attractive rate of interest.

SBI Business Loan Interest Rate Calculator

There are actually several factors on which the Bank calculates its interest rates. SBI has other business loans that may depend on the below factors. Several of these aspects are -.

Financing Amount – The commercial financing rate at SBI depends on the loan amount you use. The higher the amount of funding, the lower the passion rate. Usually, the Bank gives a loan of a minimum of 5 Lakh up to 100 Cr. The interest rate for a larger value loan could be lower, leading to lower EMIs.

Interest factor on CIBIL Score: 

SBI grants financing at a much higher interest rate if your CIBIL credit rating is lowered or vice versa. To acquire SBI funds, your CIBIL credit rating must be at least 700. The higher the CIBIL score, the greater the chances of acquiring financing with the most reasonable business finance enthusiasm.

Revenue factors:

SBI Shall definitely provide you financing at a reduced interest rate if you have much higher income from month to month. The financial institution offers to finance to borrowers whose annual turnover is actually a minimum of 20,00,000.

Experienced business: SBI uses lower rate auto loans if you have significant service experience. The lowest service presence to obtain funding from SBI is 36 months.

Covid-19 Reduced rates.

One of the key determining requirements for any loan will undoubtedly be the interest rate. For regular Covid financing, interest rates range from 6.85 to 8.5 percent, less than routine individual financing (interest rate 8 to 14 percent). The handling costs, the framework criteria and also other costs are actually zero or even low. These finances carry interest rates that are actually lower than frequent private loans. However, this shall be subject to Bank discretion.


While Aarogyam Loan or any Covid-19 loans look attractive, be sure to apply, specifically if you currently have other recurring finances or loans. Further, you may be gambling with your finances and could actually end up in crisis. Unless you are sure of constant cash flows in the future, it is actually much better to avoid taking new loans.

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