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If you are looking for complete list of Asclepius Wellness AWPL products and want to download AWPL product list. Than you have come to the right place. AWPL has quite a lot of products under its brand from health care to beauty products. We will also know here the below mentioned:

• What is the Asclepius Wellness, and how does it work?

• What is Asclepius Wellness Product, and how does it work?

• How to buy Asclepius Wellness AWPL Products?

The AWPL Product Price List for 2022 may be found here. In this article, we shall discuss the AWPL Products List 2022. If you want to learn all there is to know about Asclepius Wellness Product List, you should read this entire article. This list should be reviewed before purchasing Asclepius products.

Asclepius Wellness AWPL Products Price List
Asclepius Wellness AWPL Products Price List

We’ll look at Asclepius Products and the Asclepius Product Category as well. Asclepius is the fastest-growing Direct Selling Company in India. Asclepius Products are the highest-quality Ayurvedic products available on a global scale.

About Asclepius Wellness AWPL

Asclepius Wellness is a multi-level marketing (MLM) company. It began in October of 2014. This business is registered in New Delhi with the MCA (Ministry of Corporate Affairs).

The term Asclepius comes from the Greek language and means “God of the Daivites.” It is a manufacturer of ayurvedic oral, health, wellness, supplement, and beauty products. Asclepius Wellness’ production facility is in Jaipur, Rajasthan. Asclepius Wellness sells and markets its goods through a direct seller.

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Asclepius Wellness Private Limited

AWPL is a Direct Selling, Network Marketing, and Multi-Level Marketing (MLM) company. A Asclepius Wellness Private Limited is the full name of AWPL. Mr. Sanjeev Kumar, the company’s MD and CEO, founded Asclepius Company on November 9, 2014, from a Delhi office. The corporation is constantly expanding its operations into India’s communities. Also, educating individuals about their health.

Company NameAsclepius Wellness Pvt. Ltd. (AWPL)
Established OnSince 10/7/2014
CIN of AWPLU51909DL2014PTC272296
AWPL Owner NameSanjeev Kumar, Chand Raypuria, Amit Kumar
Registered Head officeP.N 18 Block-c Pocket-8, Sector-17, Dwarka New Delhi -110075
AWPL ProductsWellness, oral care, Hair Care Beauty Care & Food

AWPL Products Business Plan

It is an MLM firm, thus the individuals must be added to AWPL as vendors, direct sellers, or distributors. When you join the firm, you will become a direct seller, which means you will be able to purchase Asclepius Wellness items at the MRP set by the company’s product distributor. The vendor can either utilize the goods himself or sell it at MRP after acquiring it.

New Price List for AWPL Products in 2022

Asclepius Wellness is a direct selling company that sells health and wellness products. Asclepios Oral, Health Supplements, Ayurveda, and other world-class products Asclepios Oral, Health Supplements, Ayurveda, and other world-class products


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List of Asclepius Wellness Products.

1. Health-Care Supplies

2. Cosmetics and skin care.

3. Hair Care Items.

4. Oral hygiene products

5. Food supplements are number five.

6. Household Cleaning Supplies.

7. Personal Care Items.

8. Personal Hygiene Products

Products for Personal Hygiene category will be introduced soon by the firm.

AWPL Products Price List in 2022.

 Asclepius/AWPL Products New Price List 2022    
1. Asclepius  Oral Health Care Products
SR No.Product NameQuantityMRPSPDP
1Dental Cream100 ml2521210
2. Asclepius  Wellness Health Care Products
Sl No.Product NameQuantityMRPSPDP
1ADIDOC Drop25 ml4502375
2Aloevera Juice1000 ml10015834
3Alrgydoc Ras500 ml128271068
4Ayush Kwath100 Gm2891241
5Braindoc Ras500 ml136171135
6Cardiodoc1000 ml2314131928
7Chlorodoc Ras1000 ml2509132091
8Coughdoc Ras200 ml4952412
9Daibodoc Ras1000 ml149281243
10EXE B-TON OINT100 gm7143595
11EXE Herbal Mehandi200 gm4742395
12EXE JC OINT50 gm4272356
13EXE PANCH TULSI OIL25 ml4142345
14Exe Wheat Grass Powder100 gm6243520
15FEVODOC PRAVAHI KWATH1000 ml2195121829
16Free You ANION SANITARY PAD10 pc.1380.5115
17Genodoc Wash100 ml2381198
18GYNEDOC500 ml147481229
19H Doc Hand Sanitizer500 ml2500.25232
20Herbal Green Tea100 gm4442370
21IMMUNODOC1000 ml2116121763
22Joint Curator Oil50 ml3942328
23Kidgdoc250 gm8164680
24Livodoc500 ml152881273
25Obeodoc1000 ml2627152189
26ORTHODOC PRAVAHI KWATH1000 ml2299131916
27Pilodoc Ras1000 ml2476132063
28Prassdoc500 gm11426952
29Prodoc200 gm6413534
30Stondoc1000 ml2582142152
31Thunder Blast500 ml2292131910
32THYDOC PRAVAHI KWATH1000 ml2509132091
33Triphala Ras500 ml4612384
34Veindoc Oil25 ml2631219
35VIRALDOC500 ml7063588
3. Asclepius  Hair Care Products
Sl No.Product NameQuantityMRPSPDP
1EXE HAIR CLEANSER100 ml2421202
2EXE HAIR SHINE OINT100 ml2831236
3HAIR DOC100 ml2421202
4. Asclepius  Food Products
Sl No.Product NameQuantityMRPSPDP
1BERRYDOC Capsule30 cap11216934
2BERRYDOC Juice1000 ml1992111660
3COW-C-DOC Capsule30 cap11416951
4CURCIDOC Capsule30 cap11256937
5CURCIDOC Drop50 ml5743478
6DIGIDOC Powder100 gm2391199
7FENNELDOC Drop50 ml2311193
8FITDOC Powder100 gm4862405
9G-COFFEEDOC100 gm6333527
10Giloy Capsule30 cap2341195
11Giloy Juice500 ml4342362
12HEIGHTDOC Powder500 gm3203172669
13 Immunity Drop50 ml2231186
14MASSDOC Powder1 kg4034203362
15MORIDOC Capsule60 cap11376948
16MUSCLEDOC1 kg5238254365
17Noni Juice500 ml11776981
18OMEGADOC Capsule30 cap.11406950
19SEABUCKDOC Juice500 ml127871065
20SLIMDOC Powder500 gm166081383
21SPIRADOC Capsule60 cap11466955
22STEVIADOC Drop50 ml4072339
23VITADOC Capsule30 cap152181268
5. Asclepius  Beauty Care Products
Sl No.Product NameQuantityMRPSPDP
3EXE HEAL DOC CREAM50 gm2681223
6EXE HERBAL FACE WASH100 ml2481207

New Asclepius Product Price List is available to download.

Click Here to download fee AWPL Products Catalogue.

Also you match it on AWPL website

How can we make money if we join AWPL?

The AWPL network marketing revenue scheme may be broken down into two sections.

AWPL Selling Products:

When you join an MLM or direct selling firm, you are given the goods for a lower direct selling price than the MRP. You obtain the items at a lower MRP price when you join this firm for direct selling.

If you want to use the product yourself, you can save for it, and if you want to make money off of it, you can sell it to someone at MRP and make a retail profit.

Assume you purchased a product from AWPL for Rs 1000 with an MRP of Rs 1125. You will now save 125 rupees if you utilize that product yourself. You would make a retail profit of Rs 125 if you sell the goods at an MRP of Rs 1125.

AWPL Products under network:

You may create your own network after becoming a direct seller, which means you can link individuals with your AWPL network below. Those who will join you below are known as your downline, while those who have added you are known as your upline.

Now, if someone in your downline purchases AWPL items, you and your upline will receive a part of the earnings. The income plan below explains how and how much this profit will be obtained.

Keep in mind that no direct selling or multilevel marketing organization can afford to hire just new personnel. If a business does this, it will be in violation of the Direct Selling Guidelines.

Whatever MLM money you get will be based on the sales of you and the products created by your downline.

Asclepius Wellness Pvt Ltd does not charge a membership fee. However, after enrolling, you will be required to purchase a product worth between 4500 and 12,000 rupees. Following that, you may begin earning money with AWPL.

In AWPL, there are five different forms of income:

• Sales commission, as well as a monthly commission for sales performance.

• Leadership Commission for Star Sales;

• Leadership Commission for Ambassador Club.

• Commission On Sales Repurchase

•  Every product purchase earns AWPL fixed SP (Special Points), which are used to determine revenue. 1 SP is equal to 98 rupees.

Making a 2: 1 pair earns you money in AWPL.

You may learn more about AWPL’s income plan by downloading the PDF below or watching the video above. Because we can’t communicate the entire idea to you in just one article.

Most MLM organizations now place a greater emphasis on health, wellness, and supplement products. Because there is more profit and it may be considered a need for people, more sales and profit are generated.

Categories of AWPL Products

AWPL primarily manufactures ayurvedic items in the following categories:

  • Wellness,
  • Hair Care,
  • Oral Care,
  • Beauty Care, and
  • Food Products.

Each of its items has a predetermined SP (Sales Points), as well as a distributor pricing and MRP. The MRP of Asclepius DentoDoc 100ml Toothpaste, for example, is Rs 239. Whose purchase earns 1 SP, and this product is available from AWPL’s direct seller for for Rs 199.

AWPL’s product line isn’t as extensive as those of other prominent MLM organizations. When compared to the cost of daily usage, the AWPL product appears to be a bit pricey.

Oral Care Products from AWPL.

Note: MRP is for Maximum Retail Price, DP stands for Distributor Price, and SP stands for Sales Point.

Oral Care Products from AWPL.

Note: MRP is for Maximum Retail Price, DP stands for Distributor Price, and SP stands for Sales Point.

Frequently Asked Questions about AWPL Products

Q) Is AWPL a network marketing organization?

Asclepius Wellness Private Limited (AWPL) is a Network Marketing (Direct Selling) firm. It was established on October 7, 2014, under the Ministry of Corporate Affairs in Delhi.

Q) What does AWPL Products stand for in full?

Asclepius Wellness Private Limited goods is the full name of one of the fastest growing health and wellness companies. AWPL is a firm that produces world-class Ayurvedic health products and markets them through direct marketing.


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