BH Series Number Plate or the Bharat Number Plate [EXPLAINED!]

With the Bharat Series Number Plates, central government or transferable job personnel can move to any part of India without worrying about having to re-register their car. The Bharat series (BH) car registration mark was introduced by the Indian government. People moving from one state to another do not need to re-register their vehicles after a year because the number plate is valid throughout the entire nation. All too frequently, we evaluate cars based on their Registration Number plates.


  • Instead of 15 years for a gasoline automobile and 10 years for a diesel car, road tax will now be paid for 2 years at the time of registration and then in increments of 2 years after that.
  • Why It might be difficult to have your normal car re-registered in a new state when you move your domicile. What would be the point of registering it again? Firstly, to change the owner’s address! You know, just in case your car is stolen and utilised in a heist or any such situation.
  • The ownership lifespan of a car is limited. Some individuals switch their cars every five years, while others do so after the first ten or fifteen years of registration. However, in the end, you MUST replace it. As of right now, it is just IMPOSSIBLE to do this assignment in a different state.
  • Those who must relocate for work-related reasons will benefit greatly from this altogether. military people.
  • To begin with, applicants must be members of the armed forces, central government employees, or private sector workers whose enterprises have locations in at least four states or UTs.

BH Number Plate Full Form

BH stands for Bharat in BH Series Number Plates.

What you shall discover in this post?

In less than 5 minutes, this article will provide comprehensive understanding of everything you should look for when considering a BH Series Number Plate. We are assured that after you have read it, you won’t have to look for further information on this. Lets find out.

BH Series Number Plate details
BH Series Number Plate details

What is a BH series?

The government launched the BH-series to encourage easy movement around the country. According to the Motor Vehicle Act, every vehicle owner moving from one state to another must change the number series from the parent state (where the vehicle was originally purchased) to the new state.

What are the benefits and advantages of registering for the BH series Number Plate?

The public will gain a lot from this BH series. Both state government and private company personnel frequently relocate within the same state. The challenge of transferring autos from one registration state to another comes with this widespread activity. According to Section 47 of the Motor Vehicles Act of 1988, the owner is permitted to retain the car for a year in a state other than the one in which it is registered, hence this transfer is required. Additionally, a fresh registration must be submitted within a year to the new state registration authority.

The motor vehicle tax will now be waived for two years with the BH series. Vehicle mobility across states should become more seamless and unrestricted with the advent of this new system. If the automobile is registered in one state but the buyer is from another, it might be difficult to transfer ownership of used cars. Through the introduction of the new BH series, this kind of issue will also find a solution.

  • Nationwide ownership without hassles.
  • Low initial expenditure.
  • Reduced road tax.

Who is eligible for BH series?

All citizens planning to register their vehicles must meet a few qualifying requirements. The government will only allow citizens who meet the requirements to register for the Bharat Series. The following conditions must be met by the citizens applying for the BH series number plate: • Employees of private firms with offices in more than four states or UTs are eligible to register for the Bharat Series number plate.

  • Employees of the federal and state governments
  • Workers in public utilities like BHEL, ONGC, BSNL, etc.
  • Military personnel
  • Workers for a business with at least four state/UT offices

Is BH number expensive?

Three distinct pieces make up the fees for applying BH series licence plates. The applicant will be required to pay 8% of the vehicle price for the BH series number plate application for cars that cost less than 10 lakhs. The tax rate is 10% for vehicles costing between 10 and 20 lakh. The owner must spend 12% of the vehicle’s price if it is more expensive than 20 lakh in order to obtain a BH series number plate.

How BH series tax is calculated?

The invoice value of the automobile excluding GST is used to determine the road tax for a BH series-registered vehicle rather than the ex-showroom price. This implies that if you receive a substantial discount on an automobile, the tax will be computed using the lower price of the car, saving you money on both fronts.

Road tax for the subsequent 15 years must be paid in full at the time of purchase when registering a new vehicle with a normal number plate. In addition, the tax value varies according to the car’s dimensions, such as its length, its engine capacity, etc.

You will only be required to pay road tax for the first two years after purchasing your automobile if you register it with a BH series number plate. You will then need to pay road tax every two years after that. This road tax may be paid online at the official e-vahan website.

Additionally, rather than being based on the ex-showroom price, the road tax for a vehicle registered under the BH series is determined by the invoice value of the automobile, minus GST. This implies that if you receive a substantial discount on an automobile, the tax will be computed using the lower price of the car, saving you money on both fronts. The tax structure for a vehicle with a BH series license plate is shown below.

  • If less than Rs 10 lakhs, tax is 8% of the invoice.
  • Tax is 10% of the invoice if less than Rs. 10–20 lakh.
  • 12% of the invoice is tax if over Rs 20 lakh.

Can I convert to BH series?

The owner of the car must initially pay the tax for two years in order to receive a BH series registration plate. Vahan 4 will produce the BH series number at random when all the operations are finished. The responsible RTO will grant the BH series application approval.

A genuine Indian citizen is required to apply for a BH number plate. Only if the MNC has a presence in four or more states nationwide, may vehicle owners who have been employed by private multinational corporations apply for BH series number plates.

Can I drive my car in another state in India?

On August 28, 2021, the Ministry of Road Transport & Highways (MoRTH) unveiled the Bharat (BH) series number plates. The transition of re-registering a number in another state will be simple thanks to the new series of number plates. According to section 47 of the Motor Vehicles Act of 1988, a person may maintain a vehicle for up to 12 months in a state other than the one in which it is registered, but only if they register it again within the allotted 12-month period with the new state’s registering authority.

Can private employee get BH registration?

Eight employees of private businesses with locations across more than four states also had their cars registered in the BH-series. Any citizen may apply for the BH-series registration mark if they are employed by a commercial company with offices in four or more states.

Justifications for excluding private Employees.

According to representatives of the Transport Department, enabling private sector employees to register under the BH Series would cause the exchequer to lose money. According to a department official, the lifetime tax collected by the State while registering private automobiles is 13% for cars costing less than 5 lakh, 14% for cars costing between 5 and 10 lakh, 17% for cars costing between 10 and 20 lakh, and 18% for cars costing more than 20 lakh. Three slabs are set under the BH Series: 8% on automobiles under 10 lakh, 10% for vehicles between 10 and 20 lakh, and 12% for vehicles over 20 lakh. The tax is 2% higher for diesel automobiles while it is 2% lower for electric vehicles. The BH Series taxes are assessed every two years or in multiples of two years.

Is BH applicable for two wheeler?

Yes, all vehicles must adhere to the BH Series Number’s rules and restrictions.

In which states BH registration is available?.

People moving from one state to another do not need to reregister their vehicles after a year because to the Bharat number plate, which is recognized throughout the nation. If you are a genuine Indian citizen and meet the requirements for the BH number series, you may register it from anywhere in India.

How do I read my BH number plate?

The BH number plate will be distinct from the way number plates are now shown. The BH series will now follow the following format: YY BH #### XX, where YY denotes the registration year, BH denotes the Bharat series, #### denotes arbitrary integers between 0000 and 9999, and XX denotes the letters AA to ZZ.

  • Format: BH #### YY BH XX YY
  • Year of Initial Registration (YY).
  • BH, abbreviation for Bharat Series
  • ####- 0000 to 9999 (Random Number).
  • Alphabets (XX) (AA to ZZ)

BH Series Number Plate format Decoded
BH Series Number Plate format Decoded

How To Apply For The BH Series Registration Plate?

The first step in applying for the BH series is to apply for a new plate at the RTO where the vehicle was originally registered or online via the Vahan portal, along with a working government ID to demonstrate employment. Additionally, the owner must pay road tax for two years, or in multiples of two years, depending on how long they intend to remain in the state where they bought the automobile.

With the BH series, no such NOC is needed to register for new registration; as a result, one may immediately file re-registration. Previously, the process for transferring registration to another state required obtaining a NOC from the origin state.

The new state’s tax will be applied, and the owner can wait until the allotted time for a new registration has passed. If the owner fails to renew the RC in a timely manner and is discovered by the traffic police, the MV Act imposes a punishment. The owner might also request a reimbursement from the former state as a final alternative. The refund can be processed if the owner is prepared to pay the tax for the new state and there is still time from the prior state.

What are the documents Required for BH Series Number?

The list of papers that must be supplied with photocopies is below:

1. From the relevant RTO website, download the “F T” – Intimation of arrival of vehicle in your State form.

2. RC novel

3. A bill of sale

4. Evidence of the owner’s ID

5. Proof of current address (if living in rented house then rental agreement)

6. A written request on plain white paper

7. Valid PUC

8. Adequate insurance

When did the BH Series number plate or registration number registration start?

Beginning on September 15, 2021, vehicles with the BH series number plate may be registered, and on October 27, 2021, Maharashtra issued the first car with the series number plate.

Pros of the BH Series Number Plate.

The advantages of a number plate from the BH series are as follows:

Nationwide ownership without hassles.

Low initial outlay.

A reduced road tax.

Pros & Cons of BH Series Number Plate

Pros of the BH Series Number Plate.Cons of the BH Series Number Plate
Nationwide ownership without hassles.For older or commercial automobiles, not available.
Reduced road tax.Periodically submitting road tax could take a lot of time.
Low initial expenditure, so low initial Vehicle priceNo one can choose their own number because it is machine generated. (No VIP or Special Numbers)

Conclusion on BH Series Number Plate.

Should You Get BH Series Number Plate? We believe you should acquire the BH series number plate if you are qualified, have a transferrable job, and are planning to purchase a new vehicle. Its benefits vastly exceed its drawbacks.

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