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BSF Pay Slip Online: All Border Security Force workers now have access to their pay stub information online thanks to the introduction of a web site. With the use of this portal, all BSF workers may download their pay stubs in an online format. This service was created to make it easier to access pay slip information and to offer this convenience to army troops. We will share with you all the information about BSF Wage Pay Slip Online in this post today, including how Border Security Force (BSF) jawans may access their salary slip online. In order to learn more about salary slips, please read this article all the way through.

Online Salary BSF Pay Slip

Indian BSF jawans may simply get their pay slip based on the information provided here to obtain BSF Pay Slip Online for 2022. Employees of the BSF may now see their payment history online. For the convenience of the employees, information on their monthly payment, estimated taxes, loan installment, if necessary, and PF and GF deduction will be included in the salary pay slip. The primary source for BSF Salary Slips is the BSF organization. However, to make things simpler, BSF jawans can use this facility to produce their BSF Salary Slip without going to the headquarters.

BSF Pay Slip Online: Download the BSF Payslip App or visit the website.

BSF Pay Slip
BSF Pay Slip

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BSF Pay Slip Important Links

How to create a password for the BSF Pay Slip login?

• You must first establish a password if you are withdrawing your BSF Salary Slip for the first time.

• Visit the login page first in order to create a password.

• Here, put your date of birth as the password and your regiment number as the username. e.g. 28/04/1993

• A page similar to the one below will now open as soon as you log in.

• Click on “Send OTP” and then input your cellphone number, email address, and the new password you want to generate.

• An OTP will now arrive on your mobile device. Fill it out and submit this form.

• Your new password will be generated in this fashion, and your email address, cellphone number, and other information will be changed.

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Generate BSF Pay Slip

How can I get a BSF pay Slip online?

You can simply acquire your BSF Salary Pay by following all the steps in the online download procedure if you want to get the information connected to Border Security Force Online Salary Slip (BSF Pay Slip), which are provided below according to the method.

• Go to the Border Security Force’s official website,, to download a BSF pay slip online.

• After visiting the website, select the employee login link on the home page.

• After that, input the user name, password, captcha code, etc. for the login ID that was provided on the new page.

BSF Pay Slip login
BSF Pay Slip login

• Employees can also log in by providing their IRLA number in the user ID field and their birthdate in the password field.

• After entering all of your information, select the login option.

• The citizen must select the option for a pay stub after logging in on the new website.

• After that, select the search option after entering the information regarding pay month, year, etc. in the screen.

• The employee citizen will now get all wage slip-related information on the new page’s screen.

• Download this statement, print it out, and store the wage slip in a secure place for future use.

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BSF Pay Slip login Password Reset

How can I recover my forgotten BSF Pay Slip login password?

The login information for anybody with a BSF account must be prepared but kept a secret. No account may be accessed without a login and password. However, it is possible to forget your password and find it difficult to log in. All of the troops can easily locate the regimental number, unlike the password. To regain their password, one must adhere to the instructions provided.

1. Go to, the official BSF website.

2. On the webpage, click the “Forgot password” link next to the login tab for the PAY/GPF option.

BSF Pay Slip login password reset
BSF Pay Slip login password reset

3. Using this direct link:

4. A new page will appear where you may input your login, birthdate, and appointment date.

5. Press the “Submit” button.

6. Type in your registered email address and cellphone number.

7. To help you change your password, the system will transmit a link to your email address.

8. Another possibility is to get and authenticate an OTP.

9. You may now create a password for a BSF payslip.

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Online BSF Pay Slip Download, BSF Payslip App.

Employee residents may simply download the Border Security Force (BSF) mobile application through the Google Play Store and App Store on their smartphones. How do I get our BSF mobile application? The method is described below.

• Open the Google Play Store on your phone and download the BSF Payslip App.

• After that, type BSF Payslip App into the search field.

BSF Pay Slip App
BSF Pay Slip App

• The employee will now see the app open.

• To download the app, click on it. and choose the install option.

• The employee’s mobile phone will thereafter have this app downloaded.

• Employees may access a variety of wage slip-related information with the aid of the app.

Note: We were unable to confirm that the aforementioned app is a BSF official app. So, You may use it at your discretion.

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Payscale for the Border Security Force, paygrade, and payband.

Everyone is aware that every individual hired by the Border Security Force receives a monthly wage package that varies based on the recruit’s level and includes basic pay, grade pay, etc. Below is a list of every BSF member broken down by position. information about pay grades and salaries are displayed.

(Designation)(salary)(Grade Pay)(Total Salary)
(Managing director)(top scale)
(special director general)(37400 to 67000)(12000)(105000)
(Additional Director General)(37400 to 67000)(12000)(105000)
(Inspector General)(37400 to 67000)(10000)(95000)
(deputy inspector general)(37400 to 67000)(8900)(85000)
(general)(37400 to 67000)8700)(82000)
(assistant Dean)(15600 to 39100)(7600)(73000)
(deputy commandant)(15600 to 39100)(6600)(65000)
(assistant commander)(15600 to 39100)(5400)(52000)
(Subedar Major)(9300 to 34800)(4800)(45000)
(inspector)(9300 to 34800)(4600)(40000)
(assistant inspector)(9300 to 34800)(4200)(35000)
(Assistant Sub Inspector)(5200 to 20200)(2800)(31000)
(head constable)(5200 to 20200)(2400)(27000)
(Constable)(5200 to 20200)(2000)(23000)
(Enrolled Follower)(4500 to 7500)(1300)(18000)

BSF Listed Gazetted Officers

These are the more prestigious titles. Consequently, their monthly income is very substantial. View the pay scale for each position in this category.

BSF Gazetted Officer RanksSalary
Director GeneralRs. 1, 20,000.
Special Director GeneralRs.1, 05,000.
Additional Director GeneralRs.1,05,000.
Inspector GeneralRs.90,000.
Deputy Inspector GeneralRs.85,000.
Second-In-CommandRs. 73,000.
Deputy CommandantRs.65,000.
Assistant Commandant.Rs.52,000

Non-Gazetted BSF Officers

The Gazetted officers are in charge of this division of the BSF. These are the lower echelons of the army, in essence. You can see the entire rank-wise structure, though, down below.

BSF Non-Gazetted Officer RanksSalary
Subedar MajorRs. 45,000.
InspectorRs. 40,000.
Syb-InspectorRs. 35,000.
Assistant Sub-InspectorRs. 31,000.
Head ConstableRs.31,000.
ConstableRs. 23,000.
Enrolled FollowerRs. 18,000.

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Salary Chart for the Border Security Forces (BSF).

Each payslip for the BSF troops is unique and is given out according to rank. Despite the fact that they verify salaries online using the same website. The following list of ranks and pay amounts may be found on the forces’ pay chart.

Payments are made in accordance with superiority and rankings using a pay scale or pay band. The new hire is paid differently. The following four categories comprise the remuneration.

  • Payment Band 1
  • Payment Band 2
  • Payment band 3
  • Payment Band 4

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Salary & Allowance Information for BSF.

The employees also receive a unique kind of allowance facility in addition to their monthly income. The following information pertains to the list of benefits provided by the bsf organisation.

  1. (Expense allowance)
  • (Transport reimbursement)
  • (housing allowance)
  • (educational subsidy)
  • (medical reimbursement)
  • (lending facility)
  • (pf gf solutions)
  • (former services)

The Border Security Force (BSF) workers are given access to all of these amenities. The government has created a number of schools for the children of BSF employees in order to provide for their educational needs. These schools offer free education to the students as well as free access to medical care. Employee citizens may benefit from a variety of facilities under the various allowances provided by the BSF organization.

Only BSF registered members have access to the BSF website. To access the page, one requires a login ID and other private information. The website is to be used by the forces to investigate each situation. Compared to visiting the headquarters for assistance, it is simpler to use and takes less time. The official link is available on all devices and may be accessed via the internet.

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Advantages of the BSF Online Login Page.

• Convenient for all BSF members

• It saves the government and military time.

• To obtain a payslip, one need not go to the headquarters

• No matter the year, all documents are meticulously recorded.

• The platform allows BSF to track their income increases.

• It’s simple to find news about any modification here.

• The military may visit their account page using any device.

• If a person forgets their password, it is simple to recover it.

• Only BSF members are able to access the website, which is secure.

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Often Asked Questions on BSF Pay Slip

Q) What is the full form of BSF?

Ans: Border Security Force is the full form of BSF.

What is the BSF Employee Login Portal


Q) Where may workers obtain their BSF Pay Slips online?

Ans: The BSF organization has established a mobile application and web portal to provide all employees deployed to the Border Security Force with services pertaining to pay stubs (BSF). Employees may now access all of the information pertaining to their monthly wage online via the website or a mobile application.

Q) What additional services are offered to BSF members besides a monthly salary?

Ans: BSF employees also receive a variety of allowance benefits in addition to their monthly salaries. Housing allowance, transportation allowance, dearness allowance, medical allowance, PF and GF services, loan facilities, all retirement facilities, etc. are among them.

Q) What must an employee download in order to get their BSF Salary Pay Slip?

Ans: To download a BSF salary pay-slip, an employee must have either a login ID or an IRLA number.

Q) How is the BSF employees’ weekly pay distributed?

Ans: They receive a pay for this on a monthly basis based on their rank and rank awarded to them by the company.

Q) The BSF organization was founded when?

Ans: On December 1st, 1965, the BSF organisation was founded.

Q) What is the helpline number for the Border Security Force (BSF)?


Contact information: (011) 2436-4851

Email address in use:

Postal Address: Block No.10, Lodhi Road, New Delhi, HQ DG BSF, CGO Complex (110-003)

Q) What website can I use to delete my BSF salary slip?

Ans: The BSF Salary Slip may be downloaded or checked online at

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