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What differs UPI from IMPS? [UPI Vs IMPS]

The transaction is started by the sender, and IMPS facilitates the transfer of funds from sender to recipient. It is important to note that UPI enables money transfers utilising both push and pull processes, allowing both the sender and the recipient to initiate a transaction. A single APP allows for …

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SBI Bank Timings Change [Is SBI Bank Open Today]

SBI Bank Timings

SBI Bank Timings: SBI has resorted to the adoption of staggered time slots for banking hours across the country following the enforcement of the countrywide shutdown due to Coronavirus (COVID-19). However, following discussions with the relevant state governments, the bank has agreed to reinstate regular business hours beginning on July …

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Best 3-in-1 Account in India-Top 10 List 2022 [Reviews]

10 Best 3-in-1 Account in India

Purpose of 3-in-1 Account It may be challenging to create and manage many accounts with different companies for diverse purposes. For example, if you want to start a demat account, you must first complete the necessary paperwork, then link your bank account to the demat account, and then generate separate …

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Home Loan Prepayment | Housing Loan Foreclosure Rules & Charges | 5 Super Tips for Home Loan Prepayment | HDFC Bank, SBI, ICICI Bank, Axis Bank etc.

home loan prepayment

Home loan prepayment A home loan is typically the most significant financial commitment we will ever make. To lower the overall interest requirement and get out of debt faster, part-home loan prepayments should be made in addition to regular EMIs whenever possible over the loan period. This is made even …

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