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खोया हुआ पैन कार्ड नंबर ऑनलाइन कैसे प्राप्त करें?

खोया हुआ पैन नंबर ऑनलाइन कैसे प्राप्त करें

आयकर विभाग एक स्थायी खाता संख्या (पैन) जारी करता है, जो प्लास्टिक कार्ड पर छपा दस अंकों का अल्फ़ान्यूमेरिक नंबर होता है। कर भुगतान, टीडीएस/टीसीएस क्रेडिट, आय की घोषणा, और अन्य लेनदेन केवल एक पैन के साथ ही संभव हैं। यदि कोई पैन धारक अपना पैन कार्ड खो देता है …

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फीडर फंड क्या हैं और वे अन्य प्रकार के फंडों से कैसे भिन्न होते हैं?

फीडर फंड क्या हैं

फीडर फंड एक म्यूचुअल फंड या एक विशेष प्रकार का फंड ऑफ फंड (एफओएफ) है जो निवेशकों से धन एकत्र करता है और इसे एक विशिष्ट एकल फंड जैसे वैश्विक फंड या मास्टर फंड में निवेश करता है। यह इक्विटी या डेट फंड हो सकता है। यह निवेशकों के लिए …

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Personal Loan Application with Aadhaar Card-Decoded

personal loan with aadhaar card

Personal loans with Aadhaar Card sounds so cool, right! And of course they are very useful for a variety of anticipated needs, such as a wedding, medical emergency, vacation, acquiring an expensive consumer durable item, or even house renovation. What if an unforeseen scenario arises that necessitates the immediate availability …

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How to Invest in Cryptocurrency in India

invest in crypocurrency india

Curiosity about the subject Investing in Cryptocurrency has grown by leaps and bounds. Since Finance Minister Nirmala Sitharaman mentioned digital assets or crypto currencies in her Budget address earlier this year, it has created a buzz among the financial sound people. Crypto currencies have been around for quite some time, …

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How to Get An Online Personal Loan Without Income Proof?

How to Get An Online Personal Loan Without Income Proof

Without proof of income, how can you get a personal loan online? Obtaining a personal loan from a bank or a non-banking financial institution is frequently possible, and they can be used for a variety of purposes depending on the borrower’s needs, such as medical bills and expenses, education needs, …

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How to get UAN Number? What is UAN Number? How to Register, Login, Activate Your EPFO Universal Account Number, Generate Your UAN, and Check Your Status.

What is UAN?

The Universal Account Number (UAN) is essential for EPF account holders since the whole procedure related to the Employee Provident Fund (EPF) services is now conducted online. With UAN, you may effortlessly access your PF account services such as withdrawals, EPF balance monitoring without the requirement for an employer, and …

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