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Digital Signature Online Application

Digital Signature Online Application is quite a simple and easy process and can be performed online. If you are looking to apply for a Digital Signature Certificate than you are at the right place. Find below complete details on Digital Signature Online Application and its process.

How do you go about getting or creating a digital signature certificate online?

The authorized individual affixes a Digital Signature Certificate (DSC) to papers provided in electronic form. It assures that the documents submitted electronically are secure and legitimate. All documents filed on the Ministry of Corporate Affairs (MCA) portal have a DSC affixed to them. DSC is used to validate online transactions such as business or LLP incorporation and income tax e-filing. Certifying Authority (CA) has been appointed by the Controller of Certifying Authority (CCA) to issue DSC. Class 3 DSC can only be issued by CAs.

digital signature online certificate
digital signature online certificate

Requirements for obtaining a Digital Signature Certificate.

• The applicant must submit a completed DSC Application form. Anyone requesting for a Digital Signature Certificate online must complete an Application Form for online submission and certifying authority verification of personal information.

• Creating a photo ID proof

• Creating an address proof.

Please visit the Certifying Authority’s website to fill out the Application form.

Digital Signature Application Procedure

The procedure for getting a Digital Signature Certificate is detailed below.

Watch the Video for Portal Registration

Steps to Get Digital Signature Online

STEP 1: Log in and choose your entity type.

Go to the website of a Certifying Authority in India that is authorized to issue Digital Certificates. You will be directed to the Digital Certification Services area once you have entered the page.

Now, under the ‘Digital Certification Services’ section, select the sort of entity for whom you want a DSC: ‘individual or organization,’ for example.

Click on ‘individual’ if you’re applying for a DSC for yourself.

The DSC Registration Form will appear in a new tab.

On your computer, save the DSC Registration Form.

STEP 2: Fill in the blanks with the relevant information.

After you’ve downloaded the form, fill in all of the required information in the form:

• The DSC’s class.

• Validity.

• Sign-Only or Sign-And-Encrypt

• Applicant’s name and contact information.

• Your home address.

• GST Number and Proof Documents’ Identity Details

• Declaration.

• Use the document as confirmation of your identity.

• Keep a copy of the document as verification of address.

• Officer in charge of attestation.

• Payment information.

After filling out all of the required information, you must attach a recent photograph and sign the statement. Make sure the form is completely filled out. Make a copy of the completed form and keep it safe.

STEP 3: Identity and address verification.

An attesting officer must attest the supporting document presented as confirmation of identity and address. Ensure that the attesting officer’s signature and seal are clearly visible on the accompanying proof documents.

STEP 4: DSC Reimbursement

A demand draft or check in the name of the Local Registration Authority where you will submit your application for verification must be obtained for payment of the DSC application.

By searching for a Certifying Authority licensed to issue Digital Certificates online, you can learn more about the Local Registration Authority in your city.

STEP 5: Attach the relevant paperwork.

In a separate envelope, enclose the following:

• Duly filled DSC Registration Form -Supporting document for Proof of Identity and Proof of Address attested by the attesting officer

• Payment will be made via demand draft or cheque.

For further processing, address the attached envelope to the Local Registration Authority (LRA) and mail it to the LRA’s designated location.

You have successfully finished the application procedure for your Digital Signature Certificate after completing the above-mentioned steps by filling out the DSC Form and supplying the appropriate papers and payment.

Digital signature Application Guideline PDF

Click Here to Download

Digital Signature Price

Class of Digital Signature CertificateValidity in YearsTypical MRP in INROnline Prices Starts from
(Per DSC)(Per DSC)
Class 3 Individual (Encryption/Signature)OneRs. 2299Rs. 1499
TwoRs. 2999Rs. 1999
ThreeRs. 4499Rs. 2999
Class 3 Organization (Encryption/Signature)OneRs. 2299Rs. 1499
TwoRs. 2999Rs. 1999
ThreeRs. 4499Rs. 2999
Class 3 Combo Encryption + SignatureOneRs. 3299Rs. 2249
TwoRs. 4399Rs. 2999
ThreeRs. 6599Rs. 4499
DGFTOneRs. 2499Rs. 2082
TwoRs. 3499Rs. 2915
Class 2 Document SignerOneRs. 22221Rs. 22221
TwoRs. 27777Rs. 27777
ThreeRs. 36110Rs. 36110


Digital Signature Online Certificate | DSC Classes 1, 2, 3

ICEGATE : Services of Central Board of Indirect Taxes and Customs

Correction of a Digital Signature Certificate Error.

An organization must follow the steps below to alter the details or correct errors in the Digital Signature Certificate (DSC):

• Use your existing user ID to log in.

• Select ‘Change DSC details’ from the drop-down menu.

• Fill out the required information on the DSC.

• Select the DSC that has been renewed or changed.

Steps to Take When Applying for a DSC Renewal or Change

The use of DSC has grown in popularity as a means of ensuring the security and protection of online transactions and document transfers between various transacting parties. The DSC is granted for a limited time period of validity based on the use and types of transactions undertaken (1 year or 2 years validity).

You must receive a renewed DSC when the validity of your current DSC has expired, for which you must submit an application. If any of your personal information in the DSC changes, you must apply to have it updated on the DSC.

Pre-requisites for requesting a DSC renewal or alteration.

• In the event of DSC renewal, you must receive a DSC USB-token.

If you didn’t get a USB-token when you first registered for your DSC, you’ll need one for the renewal process.

• You must apply for renewal using the same name as is on your current DSC.

Any name changes made during the renewal procedure are not permitted and will be handled as a new application for DSC registration.

Changes to the postal address and contact information are allowed.

• The DSC renewal application must be submitted 7 days before to the expiration of your current DSC.

• To apply for DSC renewal or change, you must first install the present DSC and the DSC that needs to be changed on your PC/machine.

Follow these steps to renew or update your DSC.

digital signature online renewal or change
digital signature online renewal or change

Renewal or Change of an Expired DSC: Steps to Take

If you have not applied for a renewal or change in your DSC before it expires, you must do so using the information provided.

In the case of an expired DSC, the documents necessary are DSC Change request cum Letter of Authorization

Download the letter in Word Document format from Google and fill in the relevant information in the letter.

Select Internet Options Content Certificates Personal Tab from the drop-down menu.

  • Select the certificate to view from the Personal Tab.
  • Screenshots of the following items must be obtained from the new DSC.
  • The General Tab
    • The serial number
    • Identifier for the Authority Key.

You must take a print of the above-mentioned documents and place them in an envelope labeled “Renewal or Change of Digital Signature Certificate for Online PAN Verification.”

For further processing, send the mail to the following address:

DSC online PAN Verification
DSC PAN Verification

As a result, you’ve completed the DSC Renewal or Change process.

DSC Authorization Letter
DSC Authorization Letter

Certifying Authorities for Digital Signature Certificates (DSC).

Under Section 24 of the Indian IT-Act 2000, Certifying Authorities (CA) have been granted permission to issue digital signature certificates. Any of the certifying authorities can provide Class 2 or 3 certificates.

National Informatics Center (NIC)
IDRBT Certifying Authority
SafeScrypt CA Services, Sify Communications Ltd.
(n) Code Solutions CA

DSC Official Website Link

Click Here

Frequently Asked Questions Digital Signature Application

What do you need to get a Digital Signature Certificate?

Government agencies have adopted digital signatures as a result of the e-commerce boom, and it is now a legal necessity for many e-forms to be digitally signed by the authorized signatory. As a result, both persons and entities must obtain a digital signature. A digital signature certificate verifies the holder’s identity. It functions similarly to a PAN card or a passport, allowing the holder to establish his identification.

What may the digital signature certificate be used for?

A recognized legal instrument, a digital signature certificate can be used to digitally sign a variety of documents. It can be used to file income tax returns, e-tenders, and regulatory firm filings, among other things.

What are the various Digital Signature Certificate classes?

The individual or corporation must select the class on purpose when applying for the certificate. The following are the different types of digital signature certificates:

Class 1: Companies are not permitted to use Class 1. It merely confirms people’s names and email addresses.

Class 2: This is required by businesses and other organizations.

It can be used to fill out tax forms. A Class 2 digital signature certificate checks a person’s identification against a trustworthy database that has been pre-verified. However, beginning of January 1, 2021, the Controller of Certifying Authority has ordered that Class 2 Certificates be phased out and replaced with Class 3 Certificates.

Class 3: Individuals or companies wishing to participate in online auctions or tenders must have this class 3. It’s the most advanced and secure digital signature certificate on the market. In order to receive this, the applicant must appear in front of a registration authority.

In India, how long does it take to get a digital signature certificate?

In India, the majority of certifying authorities require three to seven days to provide a digital certificate.

What is the Digital Signature Certificate’s validity?

Depending on the type of DSC obtained, the Certifying Authorities are entitled to issue a certificate with a validity of one or two years.

To avoid any commercial losses, the holder must be fully informed of the certificate’s validity.

Is it possible for me to have many digital signature certificates at the same time?

Yes, A person’s digital signature can be used for both personal and professional purposes. When it comes to having several certifications for different types of papers, an individual can apply for a Class 3 certificate and use it for all of them because it is the highest level and most secure.

Is it possible to renew the certificate?

Yes, the digital signature certificate can be renewed up to 7 days before the expiration date of the current certificate. However, the renewal must be done in the same name as before. It will be treated as a new application if the holder applies under a different name. Changes to the postal address and contact information are permitted. If the renewal is not completed within the specified time period, the holder will be required to apply for a new DSC.


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