DOPBNK Full Form-[Is DOPBNK SMS Fraud] Which Bank is it? Important Info

DOPBNK is Department of Post Bank. Many individuals receive messages from ID-DOPBNK, TD-DOPBNK, and VD-DOPBNK on their phones, but they have no idea what DOPBNK stands for. All of the aforementioned senders are the identical, however they are grouped based on the transactions they send.

DOPBNK Message

The sender of the message is the DOPBNK, which stands for the Post Bank Department. ID-DOPBNK, VK-DOPBNK, IM-DOPBNK, TD-DOPBNK, VD-DOPBNK, and other formats are commonly received.

what is dopbnk
what is dopbnk

DOPBNK Legitimacy

If you’ve received a message from them and are curious about what DOPBNK SMS stands for, keep reading. It is unnecessary to be concerned about such messages because, in today’s competitive world, many hours of hard work are required to earn even a single penny. Nobody wants to lose money they’ve worked hard for simply because they don’t know what they’re doing.

As a result, legitimate information obtained through proper research is a good idea before proceeding. On many websites, there is a lot of chaos. It’s easy to deduce that the lack of prior knowledge caused people more anxiety. Here are the complete details of what is DOPBNK message in order to relieve your anxiety.


dopbnk sms message
dopbnk sms message

If you receive a normal message that looks just like a bank transaction from a certain sender? And, as a result of receiving such messages, you’ve become more anxious.

This created some confusion because you have no idea why you received the message or what it is about. Is the sender a member of a government agency or a fraudster, such as in the case of cybercrime, which is very common nowadays?

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Why people think DOPBNK is Scam?

As a result of advances in technology, fraud cases are on the rise. To reach their intended victims, many fraudsters use online systems and SMS. A simple system, on the other hand, shows up on the user’s phone, email, and social media platforms on a regular basis. The messages notify you of any bank account transactions or activities. This aids in the monitoring of bank account information and the prevention of fraud.

Is DOPBNK Real or is it Fraud?

The full form is kept in the Department of Post Bank, which confirmed that this is government property and not a fraud perpetrated by the Indian government’s “ministry of communications.” It denotes that the message is legitimate and authenticated, and that it is not intended for fraudulent purposes.

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What is Dopbnk Information, and what does it mean?

In India, the DOPBNK is a widely used SMS. It’s common, but it can be perplexing to the receiver if they don’t understand what it means. The Department of Post Bank (DOPBNK) sends a legal message. Residents can trust the message because the Ministry of Communication verifies the details. The following SMS could be received by the user:






The message comes from the Postal Department, but it refers to different transactions.

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What is the purpose of the DOPBNK text message?

The Indian Post Payments Bank (IPBB), which was founded in 2017 and is wholly owned by the Indian government, has a 100% equity stake in the bank. Aside from providing post office services, the Indian post office department has also maintained its path toward a more efficient and new horizon in terms of banking services.

“Aapka Bank, Aapke Dwar” is the bank’s slogan, which it achieves by effectively utilising the existing PAN India infrastructure.

And you received this message because you signed up for any of the DOP bank’s services, which include:

  • Recurring Deposit Account with the National Savings.
  • Savings account at the Post Office
  • Time deposit account for national savings.
  • Account with the public provident fund
  • Transfers of Direct Benefits

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Benefits from the Social Security Administration, as well as other government assistance.


Products from a third party:

  •  Investments.
  •  Loans.
  •  Insurance.

Savings plans at the post office via DOPBNK

Many other government-provided schemes were also available through DOPBNK. The DOPBNK SMS was not a hoax, and it benefits many users with its various schemes and savings accounts, as well as helping to prove the scheme’s funds to those who fall under it.

The DOPBNK is a government-run organisation that offers a variety of useful programmes and services to the public.

DOPBNK Full Form

The full form of DOPBNK for “Department of Post Bank”.

dopbnk full form
dopbnk full form

Full form of the DOPBNK ID’s

The Complete DOPBNK id’s have the following full form.

ID-DOPBNKIdea Delhi Department of Post Bank
AD-DOPBNKAirtel Delhi Department of Post Bank
VK-DOPBNKVodafone Karnataka Department of Post Bank
IM-DOPBNKIdea Maharashtra Department of Post Bank
JD-DOPBNKJio Delhi Department of Post Bank 

Full Form of DOPBNK in Hindi.

 “पोस्ट बैंक विभाग.”

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DOPBNK that links to a phone number.

A valid mobile number and other contact information are required as part of the bank registration process. The data is entered into the system to make it easier to contact the customer. Customers’ contact information is also collected and stored by Post Bank India on its system. Any time a transaction occurs on the account, the bank will send SMSs to registered members. The messages are likely to be received by residents who have both a Post Office and an IPPB account.

DOPBNK Services

Various banking services are available at the Indian post office. Members can take advantage of a variety of advantages, including:

• An account for National Savings Recurring Deposits.

• Savings account at the post office

• Time deposit account with National Savings

• An account with the Public Provident Fund

• Account for Senior Citizens Savings.

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Loans and investments -DOPBNK

DOPBNK has received significant funding from the federal government in order to provide better services to its members. The DOPBNK SMS is sent to the correct person who has been registered with the Indian government. Users benefit from a number of programmes run by the department.

The Indian Post Payments Bank, or IPPB, is a government-owned financial institution based in India. The Indian Post Payments Bank (IPPB) is India’s first payments bank and the Department of Posts’ first initiative.

IPPB is a provider of the following services.

• Bank Account for Savings

• A bank account that is current.

• Direct Benefit Payments are a type of benefit payment that is made directly to the recipient

• Money transfers within the United States

• Recharging and paying bills

• Fund Transfer and Remittances

DOPBNK Balance Check Number

There is nothing called DOPBNK balance check number. DOPBNK is the message id from Department of post bank for any transaction updates. However if you want to know your Indian Post Payments bank balance than you may use the below mentioned balance inquiry numbers.

Banking ServicesPhone Numbers
Balance Inquiry of you’re a/cGive a Missed call to 8424046556
Mini Statement of your AccountGive a Missed call to 8424026886

DOPBNK An Explanation

Often Asked Questions -DOPBNK

Q) What does DOP BNK mean?

Ans: Department of Post Bank and National Bank (DOP BNK) is the abbreviation for Department of Post Bank and National Bank

Q) Do you know what DOPBNK SMS stands for?

Ans: If your DOP account has any transaction activity, you will receive an SMS from the Post Bank department. In the event of a fraud case on your account, this notifies the user.

Q) What exactly is India Post’s DOPBnk website?

The official website for anything related to Dopbnk is Dopbnk is the message identity code of the post office.

Q) What is the full name of the DOPBNK acronym?

Ans: Postal Service Department

Q)What bank is ID Dopbnk?

Ans: As you can see, DOPBNK is a legitimate organization that effectively represents Indian Post Payments Bank (IPBB), which is held by the Department of Postal Services of the Indian government.

Q) What is the procedure for checking my Dopbnk balance?

Ans: Your mobile number ought to have SMS banking authorized. You must get SMS from the post office bank in order to do so. For Mobile Application registration, need DOPbnk. CIF (Customer number) and DOB (Date of Birth).


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