eHRMS Punjab Login: Govt Employee Self Services

The eHRMS Punjab Login, also known as IHRMS Punjab Login Portal, is a web-based platform developed by NIC Punjab to manage employee information for the government departments in Punjab. It is an integrated HR management system that offers various features for employees, including self-service options such as accessing employee profiles, viewing payslips, and applying for leaves. The official website for the eHRMS Punjab Login portal is

Key Takeaways:

  • The eHRMS Punjab Login portal is a web-based platform that enables government employees in Punjab to access self-service options.
  • Employees can use the portal to view their employee profiles, payslips, and apply for leaves.
  • The official website for the eHRMS Punjab Login portal is
  • The portal promotes transparency, efficiency, and reduces paperwork in HR processes.
  • Employees can easily access their HR-related information through the integrated system.

Features and Benefits of eHRMS Punjab Portal

The eHRMS Punjab portal offers a wide range of features and benefits that enhance the HR management process for employees. With convenient employee self-service options, transparent processes, and streamlined functionalities, the portal provides a seamless experience for all users.

1. Employee Self-Service

One of the key features of the eHRMS Punjab portal is the employee self-service option. This empowers employees to access and manage their personal information, such as employment details and salary information, without relying on HR personnel. It enables them to stay up-to-date with their records, ensuring accuracy and efficiency in HR processes.

2. Payslip Access

Employees can effortlessly view and access their payslips through the eHRMS Punjab portal. This eliminates the need for manual distribution of payslips and ensures that employees have a secure, convenient, and timely access to their salary information.

3. Leave Management

The portal simplifies the process of leave management by providing employees with an online platform for leave applications. Employees can submit their leave requests, check the status of their applications, and view their leave history all in one place. This feature saves time and promotes a transparent and efficient leave management system.

4. Attendance Management

With the eHRMS Punjab portal, employees can easily view and track their attendance records. This feature enables employees to monitor their attendance, track their working hours, and helps HR departments ensure accurate attendance data for payroll processing.

5. Performance Management

The portal also offers performance management functionalities, allowing employees to set goals, monitor progress, and receive feedback from supervisors. This feature promotes a culture of continuous improvement, enabling employees to align their performance with organizational objectives.

6. Pension Management

The eHRMS Punjab portal streamlines the pension management process by providing employees with access to their pension-related information, such as pension calculations, pension plan details, and updates regarding pension disbursements. This feature ensures transparency and helps employees plan for their post-retirement financial security.

7. Grievance Redressal

The portal includes a grievance redressal mechanism that allows employees to raise concerns and seek resolutions through an organized and transparent process. This feature ensures that employees’ grievances are addressed promptly, fostering a positive work environment.

8. Paperless Work Environment

The eHRMS Punjab portal promotes a paperless work environment by digitizing various HR processes. This significantly reduces paperwork, improves data accuracy, and minimizes storage requirements. Additionally, a paperless work environment aligns with the government’s sustainable practices and contributes to eco-friendly initiatives.

How to Access eHRMS Punjab Login Portal

Accessing the eHRMS Punjab Login portal is a simple and straightforward process. By following a few easy steps, employees can conveniently log in and access their HR-related information. Here’s a step-by-step guide:

  1. Visit the official website for the eHRMS Punjab Login portal:
  2. On the homepage, locate and click on the “Login” button.
  3. A login page will appear, prompting you to enter your username and password.
  4. Typically, the username is your employee code, and the password is your SSO (Single Sign-On) password.
  5. Once you’ve entered the required login credentials, click on the “Login” button.
  6. You will be redirected to your employee profile page, where you can access various features and information.
  7. From your profile page, you can view and download your payslips, apply for leave, and perform other HR-related tasks.

By following these simple login steps, employees can easily access the eHRMS Punjab Login portal and avail themselves of the self-service options available to them.

Login StepsDescription
Step 1Visit the official eHRMS Punjab Login website:
Step 2Click on the “Login” button
Step 3Enter your username (employee code) and password (SSO password)
Step 4Click on the “Login” button
Step 5Access your employee profile page and utilize the available features
ehrms punjab login process

Overview of IHRMS Punjab System

The Integrated Human Resource Management System (IHRMS) Punjab is a comprehensive HR management system implemented by the Punjab government. It aims to streamline and automate various HR processes, ensuring efficient management of employee information and facilitating better decision-making. The IHRMS Punjab system consists of several modules that cater to different aspects of HR management.

IHRMS Punjab Modules

  • Service Book: This module maintains a digital record of an employee’s service history, including details of promotions, transfers, and increments.
  • Salary Management: The salary module handles the calculation and disbursement of employees’ salaries, along with deductions, allowances, and arrears.
  • GPF Management: The General Provident Fund (GPF) module helps employees manage their GPF accounts, track balances, and facilitate withdrawals.
  • Leave Management: The leave management module allows employees to apply for leave, view leave balances, and track leave history.
  • Performance Management: This module enables the assessment and evaluation of employees’ performance through a structured process, setting performance goals, and providing feedback.
  • Pension Management: The pension module caters to the pension-related requirements of retiring employees, ensuring timely and accurate pension calculations and disbursements.

The IHRMS Punjab system is designed to be scalable and adaptable, allowing the inclusion of new modules as per evolving HR requirements. It is intended to provide a centralized platform for smooth HR operations and promote transparency and accountability in the Punjab government.

IHRMS Punjab Mobile App

In addition to the web-based system, the IHRMS Punjab also offers a mobile app for employees. The mobile app provides convenient access to various HR-related services and information on the go. Employees can use the mobile app to view their service book details, download salary slips, apply for leave, check GPF balances, and receive important notifications from the HR department.

IHRMS Punjab Mobile App

The mobile app enhances the overall user experience by providing quick and user-friendly access to essential HR services. It empowers employees to manage their HR-related tasks efficiently, saving time and effort.

Benefits of IHRMS Punjab System

“The IHRMS Punjab system has revolutionized HR management in the Punjab government. By integrating various HR processes into a single platform, it has streamlined operations, improved efficiency, and enhanced transparency. Employees can access their information, manage leaves, view payslips, and apply for various benefits with ease. This technology-driven solution has transformed the way HR is managed, making it more employee-centric and ensuring accuracy and timeliness in processes.” – HR Manager, Punjab Government

Overall, the IHRMS Punjab system has brought significant benefits to the Punjab government and its employees. It has simplified HR processes, reduced paperwork, eliminated manual errors, and improved data accuracy. The system’s user-friendly interface and mobile app have empowered employees with easy access to HR services, enabling them to efficiently manage their HR-related tasks.


The eHRMS Punjab Login portal is a valuable resource for government employees in Punjab, offering a convenient and efficient way to manage their HR needs. By providing self-service options, transparent processes, and easy access to information, this portal enables employees to effectively handle tasks like viewing payslips, applying for leave, and tracking attendance.

The implementation of the Integrated Human Resource Management System (IHRMS) by the Punjab government showcases their commitment to streamlining HR processes and providing a user-friendly platform for their employees. The eHRMS Punjab Login portal is designed to enhance productivity, reduce paperwork, and promote transparency in HR operations.

To access the eHRMS Punjab Login portal, employees can simply follow the straightforward login process outlined on the official website. By logging in with their unique username and password, employees gain access to their personalized employee profile, where they can easily access and manage their HR-related information.


What is the eHRMS Punjab Login?

The eHRMS Punjab Login, also known as IHRMS Punjab Login Portal, is a web-based platform developed by NIC Punjab to manage employee information for the government departments in Punjab.

What features are provided by the eHRMS Punjab portal?

The eHRMS Punjab portal offers features such as accessing employee profiles, viewing payslips, applying for leaves, managing attendance records, and promoting better communication between employees and supervisors or HR personnel.

How can employees access the eHRMS Punjab Login portal?

Employees can access the eHRMS Punjab Login portal by visiting the official website, clicking on the “Login” button, and entering their username and password (usually their employee code and SSO password).

What is the Integrated Human Resource Management System (IHRMS) Punjab?

The Integrated Human Resource Management System (IHRMS) Punjab is a comprehensive HR management system implemented by the Punjab government. It covers various modules such as service book, salary, GPF management, leave management, performance management, and pension management.

Is there a mobile app available for eHRMS Punjab?

Yes, there is a mobile app available for employees to access their service book details, salary slips, leave applications, and other HR-related information.

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