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EPF Form 2 Nomination & Personal Details Update

To process your application, the EPF Form 2 requires a few details. Name, marital status, residence, and date of birth are all included in this data. The nomination of persons in the case of the policyholder’s death is covered by Form 2.

epf form 2
epf form 2

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Part One (EPF proceeds)

Part A of EPF Form 2 is for designating persons to receive the account EPF balance in the account holder’s EPF account if he or she passes away. Fill in the nominee(s)’ information in the tabular column provided in the form, such as name, address, and phone number, relationship with member, age, amount to be paid to each nominee, and guardian details if the nominee is a minor. The section must be signed or a thumb impression must be made at the conclusion of the section.

Section B (EPS proceeds).

Eligible nominees get the EPS revenues from a member’s PF account. Fill in the nominee(s)’ information once more, including name, address, relationship, age, amount to be distributed to each candidate, and guardian information if the nominee is a minor. The section must be signed or a thumb impression must be made at the conclusion of the section.

Part 18 (EPS) Part B (EPS)

This table needs you to provide information about the family member(s) who are eligible for the children’s/pension. widow’s You must fill in the name and address of a family member, as well as the nominee’s age and relationship (s). The section must be signed or a thumb impression must be made at the conclusion of the section.

Important information concerning Form 2 of the EPF.

Purpose.The beneficiary's nomination and declaration.
When should you fill epf form 2?After you've enlisted in the plan, you can do so whenever you choose.
What is the best way to fill?It's possible to fill it out both online and offline.
Is there anything that needs to be updated?After marriage, the form must be filled out anew.
Is there a limit to how many times we can update?It has no restrictions. A member can update his or her nominations as often as he or she likes.
Are there any further papers required?Not required
Approval.There is no need to seek permission from the employer or the PF commissioner.

Download EPF Form 2

Click to download the below forms:

EPF form 2 Revised Filled Sample

How to Complete Form 2 of the EPF?

Below here is a complete guide and step by step process to fill the epf form 2.

Information in general.

epf form 2 -fisrt part guide
epf form 2 -fisrt part guide

The following information is requested in this section:

• The member’s name.

• The name of your father/husband.

• Your birth date.

• Gender.

• Relationship status.

• Your account number

• Both a permanent and a temporary address is required.

• The date you joined the EPF and EPS.

Part One (EPF Proceeds).

epf form 2 - part A
epf form 2 – part A

The EPF account holder must submit information on the nominee in this part by filling in the following details:

• The Nominee’s name and address (s).

• The relationship between the nominee and the member.

• Your birth date.

• The total amount of Provident Funds that each candidate will receive.

• If the nominee is a minor, the name and address of the guardian who will be entitled to the money during the candidate’s minority.

• The subscriber’s signature or thumb impression

Part B (EPS Earnings) (Para 18)   

Employee Provident Fund -part B
Employee Provident Fund -part B
Employee Provident Fund -para 18
Employee Provident Fund -para 18

The Employees’ Pension Scheme (EPS) account receives 8.33 percent of the employer’s EPF contribution, out of a total of 12 percent. Eligible candidates get the EPS profits from a member’s PF account. In this part, you must submit information on the family member(s) who are eligible for the pension. In this part, the member must include the following information:

• The family member’s name.

• The family member’s address.

• Your birth date.

• The member’s relationship with you.

• The subscriber’s signature or thumb impression

The member must provide details such as: in the case of a nomination for a monthly widow pension (admissible under Para 16 2(a) I and (ii)), the member must provide:

• The nominee’s name and address.

• Your birth date.

• The member’s relationship.

The Employer’s Certificate

Certificate by the Employer
Certificate by the Employer

The employer must certify the information supplied in the form, as well as provide the following information in the form:

• The employee’s name.

• Signature of an authorized officer

• The officer’s designation.

• Date.

• Place.

• The organization’s name and address, as well as a stamp.

There are several rules to follow when it comes to nominating someone.

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As part of the EPF scheme

A member of the EPF who is married and has dependent parents can designate one or more members of his family as follows:

• If the member is a man, his wife, children, dependent parents, and the widow and children of a deceased son may be nominated.

• If the member is a woman, she can designate her spouse, children, dependent parents, husband’s dependent parents, and dead son’s widow and children.

As part of the EPS program.

When a member of the Family Pension Scheme dies, he or she can name a family member to receive the income. The term “family” is defined as:

• A male member’s wife;

• a female member’s husband;

• minor boys and unmarried daughters.

Children adopted lawfully before death in service can also be considered sons and daughters.

The monthly family pension will not be paid to anyone if a member does not have a family. The life insurance payout, on the other hand, will be provided to nominees who are entitled to the member’s PF accumulations.

How can I fill out an e-Nomination form?

A member can fill out his e-Nomination online if he has a registered UAN at the unified EPF Member Portal. If you have not yet enrolled for the EPF member site, you must first activate your UAN before proceeding with the e-Nomination process:

• Use the needed credentials to log in to the EPF member portal.

• Select “e-Nomination” from the “Manage” area on the top left-hand side.

epf form 2- e-Nomination
epf form 2- e-Nomination

• In your profile, fill in your Permanent Address and Current Address, then click Save.

• Decide whether or not you want to start a family.

• Enter crucial information about your family members, such as Aadhaar numbers, names, dates of birth, gender, relationship, address, and guardian (if minors), and then click “Save Family Details.” If you wish to add additional nominations, choose the “Add Row” option.

• You may now choose the candidates from the list and input the total share amount. After that, select “Save EPF Nomination.”

• Your nomination information will be kept, and the fund will be distributed to the candidates in the proportion you specified in the form.

• To take use of the pension scheme’s advantages, follow the same steps as for the EPS section.

Note: To utilize this feature, you must use the Desktop version of Mozilla Firefox 58.0+.

Things to Consider When Nominating Family Members

• The member has the option to modify his or her nomination at any time.

• The nomination should be submitted in support of one or more family members.

• If the member does not have any relatives, he or she may designate anybody.

• More than one family member can be nominated. In that situation, a specific proportion of the total payment due to each should be specified.

• Employees with a minimum of ten years of qualified service are entitled for a pension.

• If the employee has family members, he or she is not permitted to suggest anyone from outside the family.

EPF Form 2 Nomination Video

Often Asked Question on EPF Form 2

Q) In PF, what is the objective of Form 2?

Ans: To complete your EPF Form 2 application, you’ll need a few pieces of information. The name, marital status, location of residence, and date of birth of a person are all included in this data. The nomination of persons in the case of the policyholder’s death is covered by Form 2.

Q) What is the difference between a Form 2 PF nomination and a Form 2 PF nomination?

Ans: Employees Pension and Provident Fund Schemes (paragraph 18 of Employees Pension Scheme 1995 and paragraph 33 and 61 (1) of Employees Provident Fund Scheme 1952) use PF Form 2 as a nomination and declaration form. A member must fill out the following information on EPF Form 2: The member’s full name. The name of the father. husband’s

Q) What is the most efficient approach to find out if I’ve been nominated for the EPF?


Step 1: Go to the EPFO website and choose “Services” from the menu.

Step 2: Select “Member UAN/Online Service” from the “Employees” column.

Step 3: Enter your UAN and password to gain access to your EPFO account.

Step 4: Select “E-Nomination” from the “Manage Tab.”


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