EPF Withdrawal Form 31| 2022 Complete Guide & Download | EPFO Claim Online Form

What Is EPF withdrawal form 31?  What are the requirements for eligibility, the filing procedure, and the instructions?

The Employees’ Provident Fund (EPF) Advance Form, also known as EPF withdrawal form 31, is used to request a partial withdrawal or advance from an EPF account. Employees are unable to withdraw funds from their EPF accounts as needed. Any type of withdrawal has its own set of rules. Similarly, withdrawals using EPF withdrawal form 31 are only permitted in restricted circumstances.

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The most recent updates.

For the last fiscal year the government has chosen to keep the EPF interest rate at 8.5 percent.

EPF withdrawal Form 31
EPF withdrawal Form 31

EPF withdrawal form 31 – Declaration.

EPF form 31 declaration.

• A declaration on PF Advance EPF withdrawal form 31 that an employee needs to withdraw monies from an EPF account prior to retirement.

• Employees can use EPF claim EPF withdrawal form 31 for a variety of reasons, including house purchase/construction, weddings, education of self/sibling/child, home loan repayment, and medical situations.

• EPF EPF withdrawal form 31 serves as verification that the withdrawal is being made for the stated purposes exclusively.

• It is critical that the employee fills out the form completely and signs it. The employer and EPFO commissioner must fill out certain parts.

• You must give current information together with the relevant papers to guarantee that EPFO authorizes your EPF claim application.

• Employees can apply for a withdrawal of money by filling out EPF EPF withdrawal form 31 online or in person at the EPFO.

When is it appropriate to utilize “EPF withdrawal form 31”?

Form 31 epf withdrawal rules

Sl.  No.Reason for WithdrawalLimits for WithdrawalMinimum Service Period RequiredOther factors
1EducationEmployee contributions to the EPF can be up to 50% with interest.7 yearsExpenses expended for their children's education beyond the tenth grade.
2MarriageUp to 50% of the employee's EPF contribution, plus interest.7 yearsExpenses associated with a marriage for oneself, siblings, or children.
3Purchase of land or the construction/purchase of a new home.

For land acquisition: up to 24 times monthly basic pay and dearness allowance, total employee and employer share with interest, or total cost, whichever is less.5 yearsThe land or property to be acquired should be in the member's name, spouse's name, or jointly held with the spouse's name.
For House: Up to 36 times the monthly basic pay plus dearness allowance, or the entire cost, whichever is lower.
4Home renovation
Up to 12 times a member's monthly salary plus dearness allowance, employee share plus interest, or cost, whichever is lower.
5 yearsThe residence that will be renovated should be registered in the name of the member, spouse, or jointly held with the spouse.
The service can be used twice:
a. Five years after the home is finished.
b. After the house has been completed for ten years.
5Loan repaymentUp to 36 times monthly salary plus dearness allowance, or total employee and employer share plus interest, or total outstanding principle and interest of the loan, whichever is the lesser.10 yearsi. The loan must be obtained through a third-party agency.
ii. A certificate detailing the outstanding principal and interest must be provided by the agency.
6Before retirementUp to 90% of the cumulative capital, plus interest.After an individual reaches 54 years of age and within one year of retirement/superannuation, whichever is laterTo pay for their living expenses.
7. Special Cases:Employee share with interestN/AAnything other than a strike might be the basis for not obtaining compensation.
i. An establishment is closed for more than 15 days, and employees are laid off without pay.
ii. The employee has been without pay for more than two months in a row.

How does EPF withdrawal form 31 appear?

EPF withdrawal form 31 is a four-page document with the following layout:


EPF withdrawal form 31 Download

Download EPF withdrawal form 31 Click Here

EPF withdrawal form 31 of the Employee Pension Fund It’s starting to fill up.

EPF withdrawal form 31 can be used to show that the cause for partial withdrawal meets all of the requirements. Before submitting the form, the employee must sign it. The employer and the EPF Commissioner must both fill out a few fields. You must fill out the form with the most up-to-date and accurate information possible. Also, while completing the form, make sure to include the relevant papers.


EPF Claim Status Shows Payment Under Process

EPF Withdrawal (EPFO) Online Process Guide              

How to Check EPF Balance Online-Without a UAN number or a Mobile number

You must fill out the following information on EPF withdrawal form 31:

• Name of member, father/name husband’s

• The name and location of the factory or establishment.

• The number of your PF account.

• The minimum wage and the dearness allowance.

• The member’s complete postal address.

• Account payee check (required for site/house flat purchase or construction through an agency, or repayment of a housing loan).

o There is an electronic mode.

o Only use a money order if the withdrawal amount is less than Rs.2,000.

• The member’s and employer’s signatures.

• A receipt that has been stamped in advance (Re.1 stamp).

• A portion of the page that the employer must fill out.

• A compartment for use in the office of the PF Commissioner.

For withdrawals using EPF withdrawal form 31, some information is necessary.

Employees, as previously stated, must complete the EPF withdrawal form 31. These specifics are explained further down. There are also other areas and details that the employer and EPFO commissioner must fill out.

The employee is responsible for filling out the information.

• Your phone number.

• Advancement’s Purpose

• The amount of money that must be advanced.

• The member’s name.

• Name of the father/husband (in case of married women).

• The employer’s name and address.

• The number of your PF account.

• Basic Wages and Dearness Allowance on a monthly basis.

• The applicant’s complete postal address.

• The employee’s signature

• The employer’s signature.

• The method of remittance.

• To whom is the check to be written? (in case of home loans, EMIs, etc.).

• Provide your bank account information for any other reason.

• If you’re applying for a marriage advance, provide all of your personal information, such as your name, age, wedding date, and address.

• Receipt with advance stamp (Fill the amount).

The Employer is responsible for filling the below details.

• The employer’s certification.

• Date, signature, and designation (along with the stamp of the establishment).

• Enclosures.

The EPF Commissioner will fill in the details.

• Section.

• Your account number

• Funds will be repaid.

• The method of remittance.

• Accounts Officer’s signature.

How can I get a copy of EPF withdrawal form 31?

The EPFO’s official website has EPF withdrawal form 31 accessible. You may also get it from here.

How can I submit EPF withdrawal form 31 while I’m not connected to the internet?

Step 1: As stated previously, download EPF withdrawal form 31.

Step 2: Complete the form with the necessary information.

Step 3: Once you’ve completed the form, contact your employer to obtain a certification confirming your employment with them. Instruct them to fill out the designation, date, and signature sections of the form. Check to see if the enclosures are approved.

Step 4: Return the completed form to your county’s EPFO office.

Documents Required

EPF withdrawal form 31 must be accompanied by the following documents.

Submission of Form 31 has a specific purpose.Documents must be submitted.
Due to medical grounds.The employer's certification is required.
The doctor's certificate is required.
Buying a homeDeclaration Statement
The property's registration certificate.
Repayment of a loan.The agency's certificate detailing the outstanding principal and interest.
Marriage.Form 31 contains a declaration.
Advances are granted in exceptional circumstances.Employer's letter of recommendation
Physically challenged.The doctor's certificate.
Withdrawal of funds before to retirement.The member makes a declaration.

What is the best way to fill out EPF withdrawal form 31 online?

Step 1: Go to https://unifiedportal-mem.epfindia.gov.in/memberinterface/, which is the EPFO’s official website.

epf official website of EPFO
epf official website of EPFO

Step 2: After entering your UAN, password, and captcha, click ‘Sign in.’

epf enter captcha

Step 3: Under the ‘Online Services’ menu box, choose ‘Form-31, 19, 10C & 10D.’

epf online services
epf online services

Step 4: A pre-populated form will appear. Verify your bank account number by entering the last four numbers.

epf form fill
epf form fill

When the ‘Certificate of Undertaking’ pop-up box asks whether you agree to the terms and conditions, click ‘Yes.’

epf Certificate of Undertaking
epf Certificate of Undertaking

Step 6: From the dropdown menu, select ‘PF Withdrawal’ from the ‘Proceed for Online Claim’ option, as seen in the figure below.

epf Proceed for Online Claim
epf Proceed for Online Claim

Step 7: Select the ‘PF Advance Form’ and fill in the necessary information, such as the reason for the withdrawal, the amount of the withdrawal, and other pertinent information.

Step 8: To conclude the online application process, click ‘Submit.’

How can I verify the status of a EPF withdrawal form 31 claim?

Step 1: Go to https://unifiedportal-mem.epfindia.gov.in/memberinterface/ on EPFO’s official website.

epf official website of EPFO
epf official website of EPFO

Step 2: Enter your UAN, password, and captcha to access your account. Select ‘Sign in’ from the drop-down menu.

epf enter captcha

Step 3: Go to the ‘Online Services’ menu item and choose ‘Track Claim Status.’

EPF withdrawal form 31 fill up
EPF withdrawal form 31 fill up

Step 4: From the dropdown option, choose your PF office location.

Step 5: Your area code and PF office code are displayed on the next screen.

Step 6: Locate the establishment code on your pay stub and input it.

Step 7: Finally, type in your seven-digit account number and click “Submit.”

Step 8: Your claim’s status will be displayed on the screen.

Checklist for EPF withdrawal form 31

• As a requirement for validating your bank account information, you must provide a cancelled check with the form.

• Certification from the previous employer is required in the case of an offline application.

• Only members who have connected their bank account, Aadhaar, and PAN to their UAN can apply online.

• The application is processed and money are sent in around two weeks.

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Points to Keep in Mind When Filling Out EPF withdrawal form 31

The following are important items to remember when filling out EPFwithdrawal form 31:

• Don’t forget to provide the cancelled check with EPF withdrawal form 31 to get the monies into your bank account.

• If the amount to be withdrawn is less than 2,000, you can only pick money order as a payment option.

• You must submit EPF withdrawal form 31 offline, with the employer’s signature confirmed.

• You must link your UAN to a bank account, Aadhaar, PAN Card, and cellphone in order to file EPF withdrawal form 31 online.

• The processing of EPF claims and the distribution of cash takes a few weeks.

Often Asked Question on EPF withdrawal form 31

Q) In PF, what is EPF withdrawal form 31?

Ans: The EPF Advance Form (EPF withdrawal form 31 in PF) is used to request a partial withdrawal or advance from the EPF account before the retirement time for specified reasons such as medical emergencies, weddings, house renovations, and so on.

Q) What is the reason for the rejection of my EPF withdrawal form 31?

Ans: EPFO has the authority to reject your EPF withdrawal form 31 in the following situations.

• You have not changed your details in the form;

• You have previously claimed the advance;

• You have not submitted the needed documentation.

• You did not submit the EPF Form within the time frame indicated.

Q) How long does it take to process EPF withdrawal form 31?

Ans: If you filed EPF withdrawal form 31 online, it may take 5 to 30 days to process, while offline submissions may take a little longer.

Q) What is the maximum amount you may claim using EPF withdrawal form 31?

Ans; The conditions for withdrawing funds via EPF withdrawal form 31 vary depending on the cause for withdrawal and the length of employment.

Q) What is the maximum number of times you may use EPF withdrawal form 31?

Ans: On a non-refundable basis, you can file claim EPF withdrawal form 31 2-3 times with a 6-month break between each submission. You can, however, only withdraw once for a single cause.


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