Form 11 EPF New Revised 2022 | Download PDF & Word Format for Online Submission

Form 11 EPF Significance

EPF Form 11 was established with the primary goal of improving the quality of life of employees by providing them with social security and benefits. This program strives to streamline the relationship between an employer and his or her employee, resulting in a positive work environment that propels a company to new heights. It would have been difficult to keep track of this relationship if not for the emergence of many forms, each designed to serve a distinct purpose. These forms make management easier, allowing both the company and the employee to make better use of their time.

EPF Form No.Form – 11
Needed ForEmployees self-declare their basic EPF information, and PF is automatically transferred to a new account.
Link for download
Qualifying CriteriaNew employees who are currently EPF members and have a basic salary + DA of $15,000 or more are eligible.
When will it be filled?When you first start working for a new company.
form 11 epf
form 11 epf

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Form 11 of the Employees’ Pension Fund (EPF) is a summary of the

When an employee starts a new job in an entity that is registered under the EPF Scheme of 1952, he or she must submit a declaration. When an employee joins an organization, they must fill out this form, which contains basic information about the individual. An employee can choose whether or not to participate in the Provident Fund structure at their current workplace by filling out this form. Employees earning more than Rs 6,500 per month or who have withdrawn their previous provident fund contribution can choose whether or not to participate in the EPFO scheme at their place of employment.

Form NameEPF Form 11
It is provided by.EPFO.
Services.Provisional Fund (PF).
For which applied forEmployee's basic details.
Eligibilty.more than Rs 6,500 per month
DeadlineIt's the 25th of the month.
Significant forBoth the employee and the employer.
Advantages for.Aids employers in keeping track of new hires.

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form 11 epf Page-1
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form 11 epf Page-2
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form 11 epf Page-3
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Download Form 11 EPF

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EPF Form 11 contents

Employees must fill out the following information in the updated EPF Form 11 framework.

• Employee’s name

• Employee’s date of birth

• The name of your father/husband.

• Gender.

• Your phone number.

• Your email address.

• Employee’s relationship with Employees’ Provident Fund (EPF) and EPS (Employees’ Pension Scheme), including whether or not he or she was a member of these schemes.

• Information about previous jobs, such as UAN, last working day, and scheme certificate number.

• Academic credentials.

• Relationship status.

• Bank account number, driver’s license/election card, and other KYC information

• If an employee is a foreigner, they must provide their passport number.

A declaration from the employer stating certain facts about the information submitted by an employee is also required. The following information is included in this declaration.

• The start date of the employee’s employment.

• Employee’s PF ID number is assigned.

• Employee’s UAN number

• KYC credentials must be verified.


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What is the purpose of EPF Form 11?

EPF Form 11 is a self-declaration form that employees must fill out when they start working for a company that participates in the Employees Provident Fund (EPF) scheme, as stipulated by the Employees Provident Fund Act, 1952. All information concerning the employee’s previous EPF account must be included in the document.

The form can also be used to automatically transfer funds from an old PF account to a new EPF account. To transfer PF to a new EPF account, an employee has to fill out Form 13 previously. The automatic transfer request is now included in this form, thanks to the release of updated Form 11.

Form 11’s Purpose

The following are the functions of Form 11:

• If the new employee was already a member of the Employees’ Provident Fund Scheme, he will continue to receive the scheme’s benefits but with a new Member ID.

• If the new employee was not a member of EPFO during his previous job or had never worked before, and his new job pays more than $15,000 per month, he might choose not to contribute to EPF/EPS. An Excluded Employee is a type of employee who is not allowed to work. Excluded employees include members who get a PF pension or who have taken their PF at an earlier period. The form can also be used to transfer PF funds from an old account to a new one automatically.

This declaration form also allows the Provident Fund Department to keep track of crucial information about employees in a database. It also aids them much during inspections, audits, cross-checking, and fact-checking.

How do I get a copy of Form 11 online?

The Employee Provident Fund website has Form 11 available for download. You will be prompted to provide the following information while filling out the form:

• The employee’s name.

• The employee’s date of birth.

• The name of your father/husband.

• Gender.

• Your phone number.

• Your e-mail address.

• The employee’s relationship with the EPS and EPF plans.

• Information about previous jobs, such as the UAN, last working day, and scheme certificate number.

• Information about your education.

• Relationship status.

• KYC information, such as bank account numbers, driver’s license numbers, and so on.

• A valid passport (in case of foreign employees).

In addition, the employer must supply the following documents:

• The employee’s start date.

• Number allocated to the employee by the Provident Fund.

• The employee’s UAN.

• Confirmation of the employee’s information.

How do you fill out Form 11?

In Form 11, you must fill in the following information:

Information about yourself, such as:

• The member’s name.

• The surname of the father or the surname of the spouse (whichever is applicable).

• Your birth date.

• Gender (the form has three options for you to choose from: Male, Female, or Transgender)

• Relationship status.

• Contact Information — Email Address and Phone Number

Details about your prior employer and EPF and EPS participation:

• Whether or not you were previously a member of the Employees Provident Fund Scheme, which was established in 1952.

• Whether or not you were a member of the Employees Pension Scheme prior to 1995.

• If the individual has indicated that they want to participate in one of the two schemes, they must provide the following extra information:

o A UAN is an abbreviation for Universal Account Number.

o Account number from a previous PF or Provident Fund.

o Exit date from previous job in the format dd/mm/yyyy

o Scheme Certificate No. XXXXXXXXXXXX (if issued).

o If a Pension Payment Order (PPO) was issued, the number.

The following information is required of international workers:

• Country of Origin;

• Passport Number;

• Passport Validity

KYC Information:

Along with this form, self-attested copies of the following papers are required:

• IFSC (International Financial Services Code) and bank account.

• Unique identification number (Aadhaar).

• Account Number (permanent) (PAN).

Employee’s responsibility.

Read the form’s declaration and then sign the undertaking. Don’t forget to include the date and location of the undertaking’s signature.

Present Employer’s Declaration

The current employer, i.e. the new organization where the employee has been hired, is obliged to perform the steps outlined below, including filling out the appropriate information and signing and sealing the document. It must also include a declaration detailing the employee’s personal details. The following points are included in this declaration:

• The employee’s date of hire.

• The employee’s PF ID number or Member ID.

• Employee’s UAN

• KYC credentials must be verified.

EPF Form 11 Submission

Fill out Form 11 and return it to your employer. The form is signed by the employer, who also stamps it. He then takes the form to the regional EPF office and submits it.

The establishment’s employer has responsibility.

• Within one month, have all new entrants complete the declaration form (New format of Form No. 11) and upload the information to the UAN portal within 25 days at the end of each month.

• Within 15 days of receiving the UAN, share the details generated by EPFO with all existing members of the fund and obtain their acknowledgement.

• Assume responsibility for employee UAN activation within 15 days of receiving such information.

• Within a month of receiving the UAN, seed KYC details (PAN, Aadhaar, and bank account details) of such members.

• If the employees do not have an Aadhaar card, the employer must have the Aadhaar Acknowledgement Slip provided within a month after receiving the UAN.

• When an employer obtains an employee’s Aadhaar information, he or she must submit the Aadhaar details to the UAN Portal within 15 days of obtaining the information.

• Before being forwarded to the EPFO, claim forms should be full in all respects from the employer’s end, including all relevant KYC information linked to the UAN.

International Employees

The term “international workers” refers to two types of people:

1. An Indian employee who is currently working or has previously worked in another nation with whom India has signed a Social Security Agreement, also known as the SSA or Social Security Agreement.

2. Any person who is not an Indian and is employed in India by a company that is subject to the Employees’ Provident Funds & Miscellaneous Provisions Act, 1952.

Previously, multinational employees employed in India were not covered by the Employees’ Provident Fund. However, every eligible overseas worker (i.e., non-excluded members) is now expected to join the EPF Scheme and make the requisite contributions.

Important EPF Factors for International Employees

International workers must also fill out Form 11 when they join. They must, however, keep the following points in mind:

• A Social Security Agreement is a bilateral agreement that protects the social security interests of foreign workers. Because it is a reciprocal agreement, it usually ensures equitable treatment and avoids double coverage. SSAs (Social Security Agreements) are currently in place with Belgium, Germany, Switzerland, the Grand Duchy of Luxembourg, France, Denmark, Republic of Korea, the Netherlands, Hungary, Finland, Sweden, the Czech Republic, Norway, Austria, Canada, Australia, Portugal, Quebec, and Japan.

• An “excluded employee” is an international worker who contributes to the home country’s social security program and is certified through the issue of a Detachment Certificate for a defined duration with respect to the SSA signed between India and the specific country.

• There is no requirement for a minimum period of stay in India to be eligible for PF compliance activation. Each eligible international worker must register in the scheme as soon as his or her job begins in India.

• The provisions of the PF will apply even if the employee’s salary is received outside of India.

• In the case of a split payroll, the PF contribution will be determined based on the individual’s total salary.

• If an Indian employee works in a country with which India has signed an SSA, he or she is regarded as a “International Worker.” He or she will stay in that status until he or she receives payments from a social security program covered by the SSA.

Often Asked Questions on Form EPF 11

Q1. Is the Form 11 for new and current workers different?

No, there is only one form for both employees, Form 11. Previously, there were two different forms to fill out, but now any new employee only needs to fill out Form 11.

Q2. Where can I acquire a copy of Form 11 in Word format?

Employees can get Form 11 by clicking here.

Q3: What is Form 11’s purpose?

An employee’s declaration for both the provident fund and the pension scheme is made on Form 11. Anyone starting work in an organization that participates in the Employees’ Provident Fund and Family Pension Scheme is required to fill out this form as a condition of employment.

Q4. Is Form 11 a requirement for all employees?

Yes, Form 11 must be completed by all new workers as a declaration for EPF and EPS.

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