Hamraaz App Download Latest Version [ हमराज़ आर्मी ऐप डाउनलोड ]

Hamraaz App Download Latest Version 7.1: To Better Serve Indian Soldiers, The government of India has launched a new android Army App, Hamraaz Army App and Hamraaz Web. It’s an android app developed by theministry of Electronics and Information Technology to track promotions, postings, and pay stubs. This qpp Is only for Army Jawans; It is inaccessible to Indian citizens. Users may check their pay and service related information on their Android phone using the Hamraaz app. So read on to learn how to set up Hamraaz Payslip Password and how to download the Hamraaz Army App .

What is Hamraaz App (हमराज़ आर्मी ऐप)?

The Indian Army introduced the Hamraaz App in August 2017; it was built in-house by the Indian Army, and it allows Indian Army members to access information on Army programmes, monthly salaries, and allowances through mobile. The Hamraaz App gives information about Indian soldiers’ deployments and promotions, as well as the ability to read and download the soldiers’ monthly wage slips, Form 16.

Because the Hamraaz app is just for Indian soldiers, its installation is tied to the verification of Aadhar card information. This app was just released for Android phones.

hamraaz app download
hamraaz app download

Download Latest & Old Apk’s for Hamraaz Army App

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Note: Always visit the Official Website https://hamraazmp8.gov.in/ to match the details

How to Download the Hamraaz App @ Apps.mgov.gov.in

Step 1: Go to MSeva official website https://apps.mgov.gov.in/ or click on the Download Hamraaz App link.

Step-2: When you visit the Apps.mgov.gov.in website, scroll to see the Most Popular area shown as below.

hamraaz app list
hamraaz app list

Step 3: Locate the Hamraaz App and choose it.

Step 4: Now you’ll see a download button with Hamraaz app information; click it.

hamraaz app download page

Step 5: After installing “Hamraaz App Download,” click the OK button.

Step 6: Go to Settings and check the box next to Unknown sources.

Step 7: Now click the Install button and follow the on-screen instructions to complete the installation. The Hamraaz App will be set up.

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How to Open Payslip in Hamraaz App? [ पेस्लिप कैसे खोलें ]

Hamraaz Web Login & Download – Hamraaz Mobile App

Hamraaz App Installation and Use

You may simply download the Hamraaz Army App by following the procedures outlined above, and then you must establish an account with it by following the instructions outlined below.

Step 1: First, launch the Hamraaz app.

Step-2: There are two possibilities available to you. If you wish to establish an account, go to Sign Up and sign up.

Step-3: The soldier will have to input his employment location, name, battalion, and other details into the Hamraaz app.

Step-4: After that, you must validate the Aadhar card by providing the OTP from the Aadhar card’s registered phone number.

Step-5: You may use the Hamraaz app to acquire information about your pay, allowance, wage slip, service, and so forth.

Complete installation guide of the Hamraaz app.

The Hamraaz App must first be downloaded by adhering to the aforementioned downloading instructions, and then it must be installed by following the steps listed below.

• Installation of the Hamraaz app is a very easy process. The steps listed below must be followed in order to install the Hamraaz app on your phone.

• You must click on the downloaded Hamraaz APK File in order to install the Hamraaz App on your mobile device.

• A new page with buttons to Install and Cancel opens when you click on the Hamraaz APK file.

• To install the app on your mobile device, click the Install button now.

• After that, you proceed to your phone’s settings, where you must permit the installation of applications from unknown sources.

• Once you’ve done that, you’ll need to use your mobile device’s back button to return to the installation page, where you’ll find install and cancel buttons.

• After clicking the Install button, the installation of the Hamraaz APP APK on your phone will begin and take some time.

• After a little while, a new page appears, and you must click Done to finish installing the Hamraaz-APP on your phone and begin using it.

How can I get the newest version of Hamraaz Army App?

• Step 1: Go to apps.mgov.gov.in to download the newest version of the Hamraaz Army App from the Ministry of Electronics and Information Technology’s official website. And then type ‘Hamraaz’ into the search box, then fill out the Captcha and click on Download to get the Hamraaz Army App.

• Step 2: A Download Popup will now appear in front of you; click on the Download Button.

hamraaz app release-apk
hamraaz app release-apk

• Step 3: When you click download, the Hamraaz Army app will begin to download to your phone.

hamraaz app downloading file
hamraaz app downloading file

• Step 4: When the download is finished, select Open from here. It is, however, immediately downloaded and saved to your phone’s SD card.

hamraaz app file open
hamraaz app file open

• Step-5: Go to Security in your phone’s settings when the Unknown Sources message appears. Unknown sources should be enabled here.

hamraaz app unknown sources settings
hamraaz app unknown sources settings

• Step 6: After it has opened, install it on your phone and sign up to use it.

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How can I open a pay slip in Hamraaz App?

You must Sign in or Sign Up on the Hamraaz Android App to verify or download your Payslip and access other services.

If you already have the Hamraaz app, you may login or register using the methods below.

• Step 1: To begin, open the app and select Sign up here.

hamraaz app view payslip

Sign Up for the Hamraaz Army App

• Step.2: Now type in your Pan Card Number and any other needed information.

hamraaz app pan submit

Step.3: That’s all; once you’ve entered all of these facts, your Hamraaz Army app will be ready to use, and you’ll be able to access services like as payment information, service information, pay slips, salary slips, and more.

• Step.4: Now that you’ve completed Aadhaar Verification, you may download your Salary Slip and open it using the password.

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Hamraaz App Sign Up Process.

• Open the Hamraaz app on your smartphone first. If you wish to register for an account, go to sign-up page and complete the registration form.

• Soldier must enter his name, unit, place of job, and other information into the Hamraaz app during the register process.

• Following this procedure, you must authenticate the Aadhar card by supplying the OTP from the registered phone number on the Aadhar card.

• Now the Registration procedure is done and that you are able to access the application.

Hamraaz Army is a free programme for PC, iOS, and Windows.

The Hamraaz Army App is only available for Android users, and it is not available for PC, Windows, or iPhone. So be patient or use it on your Android phone.

How to Get Salary slips From Hamraaz App: Set or enter a password for your salary slip

To open a Hamraaz pay slip, enter the Hamraaz App Salary slip Password, then the Salary slip Password you set, and the pdf file will open. Your Pdf Password will be your PAN Card’s first four digits, as well as the day and month (Date Of Birth).

There Would Be An 8 Digit Password To Download Salary slip In Hamraaz App. Remember your PAN Card number’s first four digits or letters. If the first four characters of a PAN Card Number are the same as this, the code is BFPD. Also, the last four digits of your enrollment date. If the enrollment date is June 24th. Then write it down as 2406. I Trust You Understand How To Open Salary slip Pdf In Hamraaz App.

As a result, BFPD2506 will be your password.

Note: Use capital letters for the first four letters.

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Hamraaz Army App Helpline

Call 9560641424 to reach the Hamraaz App Helpline. If they are unavailable, email them at Hamraazmp8@Gmail.Com or call them at (Official App Support Number).

Hamraaz App Conditions

If you have an Android phone, you can use the Hamraaz app; if you have an iPhone or a Windows phone, this app is not for you. We’ll update it  you once the app is available for Windows and iOS. Many bugs will be fixed in app versions such as 2.79, 3.6, 4.5, 5.0, 6.0, 6.50, 6.51, 6.52, and so on. You may now download the latest 7.1 version of the Hamraaz Indian Army App. This app is completely free to use; however, only army soldiers will be able to use it. Finally, because the app is not available on Google Play, you may get it through the government’s official website, Mgov.Gov.In. You can also download payslips by going to Hamraazmp8.Gov.In and doing a Hamraaz Web Login.

Details of the Hamraaz Army App 2022:

Apps ParticularsDetails
Name of the AppHamraaz Indian Army App
Latest Version7.1
CategoryGovernment of India
Downloads till now44 Million+
Apps PlatformAndroid
Device RequirementAndroid 5.1 – Lollipop & above
BeneficiaryIndian Army

Update: The next version of the Hamraaz App, version 7.2, is expected to be released next month.

Attention! Hamraaz App Users: If you see an error message such as “Something Went Wrong While Viewing Payslip Of Form16,” please logout and re-enter the app. OTP Service For Registration & Forget Password Is Not Working Due To Technical Issues. As a result, the procedure on the website has been changed to another mode. Please use the website https://Hamraazmp8.Gov.In to create a new account or reset your password. Please pass this information along to your fellow soldiers.

Hamraaz Army App V 7.1

Individual Specific Notifications, Common Interest, Grievance Submissions & Monitoring, Online Change Of AFPP Fund Subs, and Other Features Are Included In This Version.

Note: Many Army users have reported that the Hamraaz app has stopped working due to an error. So it’s possible that it’s due to bugs; therefore, you’ll have to wait till the problem is resolved.

Download the latest version of the Hamraaz app, version 7.1.

A Few Important Updates

• Managing complaints over the internet.

• Subscription to the AFPP fund has changed.

• Customized pop-up messages for each user.

• Dissemination of information and the correction of particular faults.

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Hamraaz Army App for PC, iPhone, and Windows.

The official Hamraaz Army App is only accessible for Android users; it is not available for PC Windows or iOS. However, you may access it over the web at https://hamraazmp8.gov.in/.

However, if you want to utilize this Android App on your computer/laptop, you must first download it. For this, you may use an Android emulator such as Bluestacks or Nox Software.

However, take in mind that it will not function on a PC with a low configuration. You’ll need a lot of RAM on your computer for this.

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The advantages of using the Hamraaz App.

1. Using the Hamraaz App, you may check your income information from the comfort of your own home.

2. The Hamraaz App allows you to view postings and promotions, as well as pay, allowances, and firm number 16.

3. It offers features such as Monthly Pay Slips, Form 16, Online Governance Management, AFPP Subscription Changes, and Individual Specific Popup Messages.

4. The Hamraaz App was created to help troops arrange their activities and programmes.

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Hamraaz App Download Video Guide


We are all aware that the Indian Army is always ready to defend the country, and it is because to the Indian Army that we may now breathe a sigh of relief in our homes.

In such a case, Indian soldiers may find the Hamraaz Indian Army App to be quite useful. If you haven’t already downloaded it, go to the above links and download Hamraaz App Version (APK File).

This Is Everything You Need To Know About The Hamraaz App. If You Have any Questions about Hamraaz App Download, Please comment below.  To download the Hamraaz App, go to the official website links and do not download it from anyplace else. Your Aadhar Card, PAN Card, Bank Account, and Personal Information should not be shared with anybody. The information we’ve given you is based on a news source and information available on the internet, so double-check everything from your end before downloading Hamraaz App.

Often Asked Questions Regarding Downloading the Hamraaz App (FAQ)

Q) What is Hamraaz Web App?

Ans: Hamraaz Web App is a platform developed by Indian Army professionals; it is solely accessible to Indian Army soldiers and not to civilians.

Q) Is there a Hamraaz App and where will I get it?

Ans: There is a Hamraaz App, and you may get it on the MSeva website.

Q) What is the Hamraaz official website?

Ans: The official Hamraaz App Download page is located at www.hamraazmp8.gov.in.

Q) How can I get my army pay stub to the Hamraaz app?

Ans: Log in to your Hamraaz account, then select Payslip. and all the steps to obtain the Hamraaz App Payslip are explained in this post.

Q) Is there an iOS version of the Hamraaz App?

Ans: No, the Hamraaz app is not accessible for Windows, iPhone (IOS), or other platforms; it is solely available for Android users.

Q) How does the Hamraaz App login work?

Ans: You must first launch the Hamraaz app on your smartphone, and then you must click on Personal Login. You must next input your username in capital letters, your password, and the captcha code, and then click the “Submit” button to access the Hamraaz app.


If you are an Indian Army professional, we advise you to download the app through Hamraaz’s official website and not from any other websites. This content is solely provided for informational purposes. Users are urged not to divulge their PAN, Aadhaar, or bank account information to anybody.

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