HWC Portal Daily Entry Report [AB-Ayushman Bharat Entry]

HWC Portal Daily Entry: This page explains the Ayushman Bharat Portal HWC Portal Daily Entry method. As is well known, the federal government of India launched one of the largest health insurance programs in the country with Ayushman Bharat. You may receive treatment for nothing at any government hospital as well as certain private ones thanks to this program. For their Ayushman patients, hospitals require an entrance. As a result, the AB HWC Portal will host the admission procedure. We will provide the procedure for doing AB HWC daily entry in this post. In this post, each student is explained in detail.

Login to the Ayushman Bharat Portal at ab-hwc.nhp.gov.in for Daily Entry and Reports.

The national government of India established the excellent Ayushman Bharat initiative. The people of India benefit from health care through these initiatives. Ayushman Bharat Health and Wellness Center has now created an internet platform for Indian citizens to get online advantages while lounging at home. The Ayushman Bharat Portal Login 2022 information is what we will be sharing with you today. You may learn how to log in and how to verify the daily input information on the HWC site, among other things. So, thoroughly read the article.

HWC Portal Daily Entry-Ayushman Bharat
HWC Portal Daily Entry-Ayushman Bharat

AB Portal NameHWC Ayushman Bharat Portal
ProcessHWC Portal Daily Entry
Name of the AuthorityAB-HWC (Ayushman Bharat Health and Wellness Centres)
Discussed HereinAB- HWC Daily Entry & Login Process
Daily Entry Online & Offline
Scheme ObjectiveProvide affordable & managed health services
BeneficiaryCitizens of India
HWC Portal Daily Entry Official websitewww.abhwc.nhp.gov.in  
AB HWC Portal LinkClick Here

Note:- The official website of AB HWC is not available to upload reports due to certain technical concerns. Any server malfunction or other technical problem is to blame for this. Within a short period of time, this problem may be resolved.

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AB HWC Portal Daily Entry Report

One of the greatest health programs now in operation in India is Ayushamn Bharat. On the official website, as well as the AB HWC Portal login page at hwc.nhp.gov.in, you may complete the AB HWC Portal Daily Entry online.

hwc portal daily entry
HWC Portal daily entry

Ayushman Bharat Portal is the name of the portal. The site for Ayushman Bharat beneficiaries was launched by the national government. In order to give people with healthcare, AB HWC developed 150,000 health care facilities. The Pradhan Mantri Jan Arogya Yojana oversees every step of this initiative. The programme also offers the option of health insurance with a 5 lakh rupee limit. There are around 10 crore people in the country who would profit from the programme.

HWC Portal Daily Entry Process.

The information gathered from the health and wellness centre will be uploaded on the official website. You may accomplish this by login into the portal. The data entry operator will register each patient and send the identical data to the HWC website. As observed, the health and wellness center maintains tabs on patients’ daily OPD sessions.

• Click the three dots on the interface after opening the gateway.

• Options like Home, Facility Profile, Family Images, Data entry, etc. will then appear.

• When entering data, there are options for daily reporting, monthly delivery, and wellness report formats. Using the daily input format, you may update the daily OPD patient information.

• The wellness reporting option allows for the reporting of additional events at the center, such as check-ups and celebrations of yoga health day.

• In the view report, you may sort the data by date, patient, or gender.

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Application for AB HWC Portal Daily Entry E-Card-Know how it functions.

So, are you curious how the AB HWC Portal Daily EntryE-Card Application functions? Here is a more comprehensive perspective of the HWC Portal Daily Entry E-Card Application’s overall process flow for daily input.

A potential beneficiary must visit either a hospital or a recognized kiosk for identification and then follow the instructions listed below to get a HWC e-card for themselves and their family.

Step 1: Potential AB-HWC

Submit the PM letter, RSBY URN, RC Number, and mobile number for potential AB-HWC recipients.

The operator, often referred to as the Arogya Mitra, searches the list of beneficiaries that is currently accessible. The operator does this by entering information on the recipient, such as name, location, Ration Card number, cell number, or even RSBY URN.

Step 2: Use the HWC application to search.

The operator looks for the possible beneficiary in the relevant databases for the State Health Scheme, RSBY, SECC, and Additional Data Collection Drive.

Step 3: Person identification

In the event that the name is in the list, the identification procedure is started. In order to verify the information in the system, papers like Aadhaar, any type of official ID, and Ration Cards or any family ID are needed. The submitted documents are then scanned.

Step 4: Identifying the family

The ration card is then used by the Arogya Mitra to identify the family records, after which the scanned papers are uploaded. The Arogya Mitra then sends the trust/insurance firm the individual and family data for approval.

5th Step: Acceptance or Rejection.

The insurance company or trust can then decide whether to accept or reject the proposed beneficiaries. The State Health Agency will ultimately verify the cases that are suggested for rejection and choose whether to approve or reject them (SHA).

Step 6: E-card issuance

An e-card will be given to the recipient if SHA, the insurance provider, or the trust has approved it.

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AB HWC  Portal Daily Entry Login

The Ayushman Bharat Portal was established by the national government to offer health services to Indian citizens who qualify. In our nation, a large number of individuals are unable to receive high-quality care. They are dying or endangering their lives as a result of a lack of money. Thus, the government begins the initiative to aid the nation’s poor citizens.

The primary goal of the portal’s debut is to make Ayushman Bharat Yojana services available online and allow users to access the healthcare program’s advantages through HWC facilities.

Daily Entry on the Ayushman Bharat Health and Wellness Center Portal

The Ayushman Bharat Portal was established by the national government to offer health services to Indian citizens who qualify. In our nation, a large number of individuals are unable to receive high-quality care. They are dying or endangering their lives as a result of a lack of money. Thus, the government begins the initiative to aid the nation’s poor citizens.

In accordance with the policy, the government provides individuals with drugs as well as the necessary facilities for major operations. The government created health wellness centres in diverse locations to assist the populace. To those who qualify, the government also offers health insurance. The minimum health insurance requirement in the nation is Rs. 5 lakhs for disadvantaged households.

The Ayushman Bharat Health and Wellness Centers webpage is launched by the ministry of health and family welfare. The health care facilities offer a wide range of services through this site. There is comprehensive information accessible on everything from physical and mental health to child issues, pregnancy, and assistance for the elderly. You may log in to the portal to take use of its features, and you’ll then receive whatever information you need.

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List of the Services Available on the Ayushman Bharat HWC  Daily Entry.

• A institution for elderly care;

• Baby health care.

• An ENT institution;

• Mental health treatment.

• An emergency room.

• Family planning services.

• Administrative services.

• Contagious illnesses.

• Health care services for children and teenagers.

AB HWC Portal Daily Entry @ hwc.nhp.gov.in.

For receiving the HWC’s daily Reports. You can adhere to these simple steps:

• First, go to the AB-official HWC’s website at www.abhwc.nhp.gov.in.

• After that, there is an option for AB- HWC on the website’s home page.

• When you select this choice, a new page loads in front of you.

• Indicate your state, district, and category names.

• Following these specifics on the new page, you may find information on the total number of AB-HWC.

• The Primary Health Center of your state as well as the Urban Primary Health Center both include this information.

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Steps to Follow for AB HWC daily entry Registration.

1. For each of your beneficiaries, create a patient verification card. The patient is told to go to the AB HWC kiosk to create a card.

2. Be familiar with all of the legal fees and payments related to the AB HWC plan.

3. Verify any current illnesses or disorders with the available doctors.

4. In the event of any severity, get medical attention or a prescription for medicine from your doctor. Use medical services from public hospitals or Empanelled Healthcare Providers (EHCP) if hospitalization is advised.

5. After treatment is finished, get a discharge certificate and any bills or invoices from the hospital.

Submission of necessary documentation is crucial. The process goes more quickly if all the required documents is provided. Here is a deeper look at each of the paperwork needed to use the Ayushman Bharat Yojana.

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AB Sign In.

It’s crucial to log in to the web portal in order to take use of its features. After that, you may access the site to obtain information. There are a few simple steps for logging in:

• Go to AB-official HWC website.

• Next, select the Login link on the homepage.

• Enter the login and password on the new page.

HWC Portal Daily Entry login
HWC Portal Daily Entry login

• To complete the verification, enter the Captcha code.

• The last time the login button was clicked.

• Keep your login and password safe for future use.

The HWC Portal’s Helpline

HWC Portal Phone Number011-26108982/
HWC Portal Email IDab.hwc@nhsrcindia.org
Address:(National Health Systems Resource Center-NHSRC)
NIHFW Campus,
Baba Gangnath Marg, Munirka,
New Delhi 110067.
For Issues or information related to HWC Portal Daily Entry(Centre for Health Informatics-CHI)
National Institute of Health and Family Welfare,
Baba Gang Nath Marg, Munirka, New Delhi – 110067.
Phone Numbers:
011-2616 5959,
2616 6441,
2618 8485,
2610 7773,

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Often Asked Questions on HWC Portal Daily Entry

Q) How many health and wellness facilities are there in India?

Ans: In India, there are around 17,149 health and wellness facilities. They are divided into 6795 health sub centers, 1553 urban primary health centers, and 8801 primary health centers.

Q) Who are the AB HWC portal’s beneficiaries?

Ans: All of India’s impoverished families.

Q) Who was responsible for the Ayushman Bharat portal’s launch?

Ans: Department of family welfare and the Ministry of Health.

Q) How much does the AB HWC program’s health insurance cost?

Ans: The minimum amount of health insurance offered by the government is Rs. 5 lakh.

Q) What function does the HWC portal serve?

Ans: By effectively screening, preventing, and managing noncommunicable illnesses and chronic communicable diseases, the HWC Web portal is being utilised to track and stop the spread of these conditions. This portal gathers information from various regions of India that may be used to identify illnesses and offer treatments.

Q) What is the URL of the AB HWC Portal’s official website?

Ans: You may access the AB HWC Portal’s official website at https://ab-hwc.nhp.gov.in/


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