IIT FEES Structure – B.Tech/ M.Tech [ IIT Colleges Fees, Admission & Scholarships]

IIT Fees Structure (Fees & Scholarships for B.Tech/ M.Tech Colleges)

IIT Fees Structure: IIT Fees is one of the most often discussed subjects among students applying to IITs for various programmes such as B.Tech, M.Tech, and Dual Degrees. For the IIT 2022–2023 batches, IITs have provided a course-by-course pricing structure. For further information, candidates should see the proposed IIT fees structure.

IIT Fees 2022-2023

IIT Fees range around Rs.10 Lakh by the time you finish your B. Tech course of 4 years. Every IIT candidate must pass the JEE (Main) and JEE (Advanced) exams and go through the Joint Seat Allocation Authority, or JoSAA, counseling process. After that, one can apply for admission to any of the 23 institutions located around the country. A applicant will need to perform a lot of research before enrolling at an institution.

It all starts with the tuition, scholarships, and courses available at IIT’s numerous centers. Despite the fact that the institutions are supported by the Indian government, the fee structures vary. It all depends on which group you fall into. Each of the 23 IITs has its own pricing structure and set of amenities for students. Here are some key points to remember concerning fees and scholarships.

IIT fees structure
IIT fees structure

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IIT Fees Structure (Fees & Scholarships for B.Tech/ M.Tech Colleges in 2022-2023)

Fees at IITs range from 1.5 lakh to 10.5 Lakh for a complete B.Tech course, this price is as a whole inclusive of subsidies and quotas.

The HRD Ministry has released information on IIT fees for the academic year 2020, which has been extended to the academic year 2021. The average B.tech fee per year across all IITs in the country is 2.5 lakhs. By the time a B.Tech (4-year) degree is completed, the cost has risen to ten lakhs. The following is a list of yearly academic payments at five of the most prestigious IITs.

IIT fees structure-complete colleges Fees list
IIT fees structure-complete colleges Fees list

IIT CollegesB. Tech course
(Fee per Semester)
Hostel charges
(Fee per Semester)
General & OBC Candidates
(Total fees)
SC/ST/PH candidates
(Total fees)
IIT Bombay Fees₹ 1,19,750₹ 13,000₹ 9,50,000₹ 1,36,000
IIT Bhubaneswar Fees₹ 1,43,000₹ 19,300₹ 10,00,000₹ 2,17,100
IIT Bhilai Fees₹ 1,08,000₹ 33,500₹ 8,00,000₹ 3,43,000
IIT Dharwad Fees₹ 1,22,876₹ 13,000₹ 9,70,000₹ 1.83,512
IIT Dhanbad (ISM) Fees₹ 1,00,000Not Applicable₹ 8,00,000₹ 2,24,100
IIT Delhi Fees₹ 1,07,800Not Applicable₹ 8,50,000₹ 2,00,000
IIT Guwahati Fees₹ 1,11,750₹ 18,120₹ 8,50,000₹ 2,38,960
IIT Goa Fees₹ 1,22,876₹ 13,000₹ 9,00,000₹ 2,87,008
IIT Gandhinagar Fees₹ 1,28,500₹ 15,500₹ 10,00,000₹ 3,52,000
IIT Indore Fees₹ 1,28,650Not Applicable₹ 10,00,000₹ 2,29,200
IIT Hyderabad Fees₹ 1,19,000₹ 28,000₹ 9,00,000₹ 2,99,000
IIT Jodhpur Fees₹ 1,18,275Not Applicable₹ 9,50,000₹ 1,52,000
IIT Jammu Fees₹ 1,15,300Not Applicable₹ 9,50,000₹ 66,400
IIT Kharagpur Fees₹ 1,48,700₹ 25,100₹ 10,00,000₹ 2,16,165
IIT Kanpur Fees₹ 1,12,142₹ 12,175₹ 8,50,000₹ 1,84,536
IIT Mandi Fees₹ 1,20,350₹ 12,000₹ 8,50,000₹ 61,500
IIT Madras Fees₹ 1,12,663₹ 23,750₹ 8,00,000₹ 3,00,000
IIT Patna Fees₹ 1,13,300₹ 14,500₹ 8,20,000₹ 3,29,600
IIT Palakkad Fees₹ 1,12,600₹ 23,150₹ 9,10,800₹ 2,67,950
IIT Ropar Fees₹ 1,13,650Not Applicable₹ 4,44,700₹ 60,376
IIT Roorkee Fees₹ 1,18,480₹ 16,000₹ 5,07,040₹ 1,60,000
IIT Varanasi Fees₹ 1,20,700₹ 12,000₹ 8,62,350₹ 1,83,600
IIT Tirupati Fees₹ 1,12,700₹ 27,750₹ 8,71,760₹ 71,760

IIT Fees per semester

The number of seats for the UG program at different IITs is approximately 12,000 in some cases. In order to secure admission to IITs, around 2.5 million applicants sit the JEE advanced test each year. According to official HRD Ministry information, the fee structure from the previous year will apply to the 2022 entry session as well. There would be no increase in course fees at IITs. IIT fees are around 2.5 lakhs per year.

The following are the semester fees at various IITs:

• IIT Kharagpur (IITKGP): Rs. 1.16 lakh

• IIT Kanpur (IITK) – 1.13 lakh rupees

• IIT Bombay (IITB) – Rs. 1.15 lakh

• IIT Madras (IITM) – 1.09 lakh rupees

• Rs. 1.16 lakh for IIT Delhi (IITD).

The Semester Fee is Divided in the Following Way:

The semester fee at IITs is divided into the following categories:

• Insurance that is renewed every year.

• a deposit of caution (refundable).

• Subsidy for hostels.

• Charges for electricity and water

• The cost of the examination

• Gymkhana membership fees

• Charges for the setup of the host.

• The cost of a hostel seat.

• Subsidy costs for hostels.

• Cost of medical treatment.

• A price for a messed-up situation (refundable).

• A stipend for the mess.

• There is a one-time cost.

• The cost of registration.

• A student benevolence fund, as well as.

• The cost of tuition.

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How to Pay IIT Fees?

The following is a step-by-step guide to paying your IIT fees online:.

The IIT site simplifies the payment process.

1. Candidates must go to the official website and click on the ‘Academic Fee Payment Portal’ link.

2. Enter pertinent information such as name, roll number, and date of birth.

3. Look at the ‘fee structure’ in the pdf file and fill in the proper tuition costs, as well as any extra fees that are specified.

4. Once the information has been input, the charge can be paid via a bank (Debit card, Credit card, or Net Banking).

5. After locating the fee payment confirmation, print the name, roll number, and transaction number information.

Note: A transactional failure might occur if there is a technical issue when making the payment. The payment will be reimbursed to the payee account within 5 working days in this case.

IIT Scholarships

Scholarships from the government and private organizations help students pay their tuition:

Although the fees at the top institutes have increased, there is no reason to be concerned. Scholarships may be available from the government or from private organizations. There are a number of recently created scholarships that provide reassurance to IIT candidates.

The following is a list of scholarships available to IIT students:.

1. Scholarship for the National Talent Search (NTS).

2. Government of India’s Ministry of Social Justice and Empowerment.

3. Scholarships for SC students from the Central Sector.

4. The Indian government’s Ministry of Tribal Affairs.

4. Scholarships for ST students from the Central Sector.

5. The Government of India’s Ministry of Minority Affairs.

6. Merit-based scholarship.

7. Scholarship for a Single Girl Child from the MHRD.

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Scholarships to Inspire (Department of Science and Technology, Government of India).

The Aditya Birla Scholarship is a prestigious award given by the Aditya Birla Group.

1. The Ministry of Social Justice and Empowerment of the Government of India offers scholarships to SC students. The Department of Social Justice awards scholarships to the top ten students. The scholarship comes with a one-time personal payment of INR 45,000/- and a survival benefit of INR 2,200/-, and it covers material expenditures of INR 3000/- per year for the recipient.

2. The Government of India’s Ministry of Tribal Affairs awards scholarships to the top five ST students. Fees will be reimbursed in full, and the Tribal Welfare Department will contribute extra monies for such students. The tribal department will provide a monthly living allowance of INR 2,200/- and would reimburse material costs up to INR 3000/- per year.

3. Minority students, such as Muslims, Christians, Buddhists, and Parsis, are eligible for scholarships. Up to 30% of the scholarship is funded by the state government. The following are the provisions of the scholarship for minority girls: For hostellers, the minority department covers maintenance charges of INR 10,000/-, while for day students, maintenance expenditures are covered to the tune of INR 5000/-. The highest amount that can be reimbursed for course fees is INR 20,000/-.

4. The MHRD Scholarship is for students who are interested in pursuing a career in medicine.

The MHRD Scholarship for a Single Girl Child awards a scholarship of INR 40,000/-. According to the Government of India’s rules, the girl is awarded a scholarship.

5. The Aditya Birla Scholarship is awarded to the top 20 students who pass the JEE (mains/advanced) exam. The Aditya Group offers a yearly scholarship of INR 60,000/-. Every year, it is replenished. The Aditya Birla Group creates its standards in this manner.

6. Every year, the Indian government’s Department of Science and Technology awards 60,000 rupees in scholarships to each student. This ‘Inspire Scholarship’ is for students who are accepted into a 5-year Dual Degree (B.S. & M.S.) or Dual Degree (B.Tech & M.Tech) program.

IIT Fees Structure by Colleges:

IITs are distinctive in the following ways:.

IITs have a distinctiveness in the kind of UG and PG courses they offer, which may be seen with attentive inspection. The IITs offer three different types of degree programs: B. Tech, M. Tech, and Dual Degree (B. Tech-M. Tech). These institutes also offer B.Arch., M.Arch., BSc, IMSC-PhD Dual Degree, Master of Design, Master of Business Administration, and Master of Philosophy degrees (MPhil).

IIT students are eligible for a fee remission.

The government has been attempting to raise the economically disadvantaged elements of society by providing them with reservation quotas in school and the labor market, as well as financial aid. The Ministry of Human Resource Development has announced that it would once again offer a list of programmes to assist students from economically disadvantaged backgrounds. Scholarships and programs are only available to select students who satisfy the eligibility requirements.

IIT Fees Waiver

IITs provide fee waivers. Previously, in the academic year 2016-17, the IIT eliminated the tuition price for socially and economically disadvantaged students.SC/ST/PH students, on the other hand, will now be exempt from paying any fees.

Students whose parents earn less than Rs 1 lakh are eligible for a fee waiver.

If their family’s annual income is between Rs 1 lakh and Rs 5 lakh, they may be eligible for a two-thirds fee waiver.

IITfees waiver
IIT fees waiver

Aside from these programs, the economically disadvantaged can take use of a variety of additional educational perks, including:

(i) SC/ST/OBC (Non-Creamy Layer) and minority community pupils receive remedial coaching.

(ii) NET/SET preparation for SC/ST/OBC (Non-Creamy Layer) and minority students.

(iii) SC/ST/OBC (Non-Creamy Layer) and minority community pupils are provided coaching programs for admission into services.

According to a press release from the Press Information Bureau, “payment for the above listed programs is conducted electronically using PFMS, and scholarship / interest subsidy is provided through Direct Benefit Transfer (DBT) mode.”

Interest Subsidy Scheme for the Central Sector (CSIS).

On an educational loan of up to Rs 7.5 lakh, students can get a complete interest subsidy.

Their parents’ annual income should be in the range of Rs 4.5 lakh.

Satya Pal Singh, Minister of State for Human Resource Development, provided this information in a written reply to a Rajya Sabha question.

Here is a list of programs that will be implemented to assist pupils from the Economically Backward Class:

Scholarship Scheme for College and University Students in the Central Sector (CSSS).

Candidates with an annual family income of less than Rs 8 lakh are eligible for a stipend of Rs 10,000 for the first three years and Rs 20,000 for the fourth and fifth years.   

Jammu and Kashmir has a special scholarship program (SSS for J&K).

This scholarship is for students from Jammu and Kashmir who have a household income of less than Rs 8 lakh per year.

Candidates can further their study outside of J&K.

They can earn anywhere between Rs. 1.30 lakh to Rs. 4.00 lakh per year.

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What Is The Most Effective Method Of Paying For IIT College Fees?

The following is a list of the IIT fees payment procedures for your convenience:

To pay the fee using any bank Debit Card, Credit Card, or Net Banking, go to the institute’s official website and click the link ‘Academic Fee Payment Portal.’

1. After inputting the roll number and date of birth, double-check the name displayed on the screen.

2. Please refer to the ‘Fee structure’ PDF fee table and input the appropriate amount for Tuition fees and Other costs that apply to your category.

3. A notification will appear on the screen indicating that the payment was successful. If you’re on campus, you may verify the payment by looking into your IIT account’s payment history.

If the transaction fails and money is deducted from your account, please wait 3 to 5 working days for the money to be returned to your account. Contact the institute’s accounts department with your Roll Number, Name, and Transaction ID if the monies are not immediately credited.

List of Indian IIT Colleges and their Official Websites:

IIT Engineering College Listiit College CodesOfficial Website
IIT KharagpurIITKGPhttp://www.iitkgp.ac.in/
IIT KanpurIITKGPhttps://www.iitk.ac.in/
IIT BombayIITBhttps://www.iitb.ac.in/
IIT DelhIIITDhttps://home.iitd.ac.in/
IIT MadrasIITMhttps://www.iitm.ac.in/
IIT HyderabadIIT-Hhttps://www.iith.ac.in/
IIT BhubaneswarIITBBShttps://www.iitbbs.ac.in/
IIT BhilaiIITBhhttps://www.iitbhilai.ac.in/
IIT TirupatiIITTIRUPATIhttps://www.iittp.ac.in/
IIT DhanbadIIT (ISM)https://www.iitism.ac.in/
IIT MandiIIT-MANDIhttps://www.iitmandi.ac.in/
IIT DharwadIIT-DHhttps://www.iitdh.ac.in/
IIT GuwahatiIITGhttps://www.iitg.ac.in/
IIT JammuIITJhttps://www.iitjammu.ac.in/
IIT PatnaIITPhttps://www.iitp.ac.in/index.php/en-us/
IIT IndoreIITIhttp://www.iiti.ac.in/
IIT PalakkadIITPLhttps://iitpkd.ac.in/
IIT VaranasiIITVhttps://www.iitbhu.ac.in/
IIT RoorkeeIITRhttps://www.iitr.ac.in/
IIT JodhpurIITJhttps://iitj.ac.in
IIT RoparIITRPhttps://www.iitrpr.ac.in/
IIT GandhinagarIITGnhttps://iitgn.ac.in/

Often Asked Questions – IIT Fees Structure (FAQ)

Q) What are the total IIT fees?

Ans: IIT total costs vary depending on which IIT colleges you attend. The average range is roughly Rs.10 lakh; for a comprehensive list of IIT fees in each college, see the graphic at the top of this piece.

Q) Is it feasible to attend IIT for free?

Ans: For all students whose yearly family income does not exceed Rs 9 lakh for a period of five years, IITs now give total tuition fee exemption for SC/ST and physically challenged students, as well as interest subvention on educational loans.

Q) Is tuition at IIT free for SC and ST students?

Ans: For SC/ST, differently abled, and economically disadvantaged students, the government has agreed to forgo all annual fees. Students from households earning less than Rs 1 lakh per year would be eligible to attend the IITs for free.

Q) Is IIT a low-cost option?

Ans: IIT fees for the whole course range from Rs 8-10 lakh for general category students. The cost of pursuing BTech at IITs for General category students has increased thrice in the previous six years, from Rs 50,000 to Rs 3 lakh.

Q) What is the IIT Delhi hostel fee?

Ans: The mess price for the hostel is 25000 each semester, while the hostel seat fee is 12650 per semester.

Q) How do low-income students afford to attend IIT?

Ans: This may be done using the DBT (direct benefit transfer) system, which allows students to pay IIT tuition using funds provided by the HRD ministry or the ministry of social justice and empowerment.

At the undergraduate level at IIT, 48.5 percent of students do not pay a tuition and instead earn merit scholarships from us.

Q) How do I pay my IIT fees?

Ans: IITD ePAY SBI Collect ePAY is an innovative and simple way to make payments to IIT Delhi (A multi-modal payment portal). SBI Collect accepts all forms of online payment methods, including Netbanking, Debit Cards, and Credit Cards.

Q) What is the cost of a B.Tech in Computer Science and Engineering at IIT Bombay?

Ans: At IIT Bombay, the total course price for a BTech in CSE is around INR 8.55 lakhs.

Q) What are the penalties for missing an EMI payment?

Ans: Rs 500 plus taxes each cheque bounce, with a penalty interest rate of 24 percent per year, or 2% per month, on any delayed instalment/s.

Q) What is the education loan margin?

Ans: For student loans up to Rs. 4 lakhs, there is no margin. The margin for studies inside India is 5%, and the margin for studies abroad is 15% for loans exceeding Rs. 4 lakh.

Q) In India, what is the maximum amount of education loan that students may take out?

Ans: For further education, the maximum education loan amount is Rs. 75 lakhs. The amount of an education loan is determined by the circumstances. In addition, the Bank has complete control over the spread above the Repo Rate. Throughout the term of the loan, the spread may alter.


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