IMC Business Plan, Marketing & Opportunity 2022

IMC Business Plan

Business Opportunity with IMC.

Anyone over the age of 18 can join IMC Business for free and become an independent IMC business associate. After becoming an IMC business associate, an Associate will be eligible for discounts of up to 30% on company products.

Join IMC Business

To become an IMC Business Associate, you must first register online. A person can join the company as a Business Associate by completing an online application form and receiving an instant OTP verification. Only one registration per registered mobile number is possible.

Activation An Associate must upload a passport-size picture. Aadhar Number, PAN Number, Bank Passbook/Canceled Cheque, and self-attestation KYC Documents ID evidence of address (such as a self-attested copy of a driver’s license, passport, Aadhar card, voter card, or PAN card) in his/her online corporate profile.

IMC business Associate Plan
IMC business Associate Plan

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IMC Business Plan Details

General Definitions for the IMC Business Plan


Every product is granted a BV number (Business Volume). Every month, all commissions are paid based on this number. The levels and earnings are determined by the volume of business generated by the Associates.

Personal Business Volume (PBV):

An Associate’s Personal Business Volume is comprised of all items purchased using his or her Associate ID (PBV).

Group Business Volume (GBV):

The BV earned by an Associate in various downlines, regardless of level or qualification, will be considered the Associate’s Group Business Volume (GBV).

Personal Group Business Volume (PGBV): Your PGBV is determined by the BV earned by an Associate in various downlines, as well as his personal BV. When an Associate in an Associate’s downline qualifies as a Qualified Super Star Level (30,000 BV and above), his BVs are not included against your PGBV. If a Super Star Level Associate’s BVs are fewer than 30,000, his BVs will be classified as a PGBV for an Associate.

Accumulative Performance Incentive

10% to 30% Accumulative Performance Incentive in IMC business plan

The monthly B.V.s of items purchased by an Associate/his downline will be gathered in order to determine the performance incentive. By combining Personal Business Volumes (PBV) and Group Business Volumes (GBV), the IMC sales and marketing strategy allows you to earn 10-30% incentives on total business volume (GBV).

You will be paid the percentage difference between his level and his Associate’s level if any Associate in your downline qualifies for any level. Your downline’s performance incentive is taken from the Gross Performance incentive and given straight to them, while your profits are paid directly to you.

AwardBusiness Volume (B.V.)Profit Level
Star 110010.1
Star 275010.15
Star 3250010.2
Star 4600010.25
Super Star1,00,0010.3

When an Associate reaches a profit level of 30%, he is designated as a Super Star Associate.

In the IMC business plan, how do you compute the Performance Incentive?

1st example Assume you sponsor four direct Associates (A, B, C, and D) in the first month after joining IMC Business, and these Associates in turn sponsor other Associates in their separate teams. In the first month, you, your direct Associates, and their Associates will receive BV and performance level based on the table below:

AssociatesCurrentBVPreviuos BVTotal BVLevel
You4000 PBV40008000
Downline A15000 GBV76002260015%
Downline B17000 GBV30002000015%
Downline C19000 GBV50002400015%
Downline D50,000 GBV60005600020%
Total (OBV+GPV)1,05,000 GBV256001,30,60030%

As a result, your profits will be accordingly.

AssociateBVDifference Profit LEVEL*Your Earnings
Your BV4000 BV30%1200
From Downline A15000 GBV15%2250
From Downline B17000 GBV15%2550
From Downline C19000 GBV15%2850
From Downline D5000 GBV10%5000
Your Total Earning13850

The earnings shown above are simply samples. The Total BV of you and your team will be used to determine your Total Earnings. In IMC Business, your monthly BV is added to the BV of the next month to compute your level, and your level continues to rise in accordance with the business plan. Profit Level Difference: The profit level difference between you and your direct Associates.

If an Associate earns 60001 PGBV in a month, he or she will automatically reach the 30% level.

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Qualified Super Star Fund:

A qualified superstar fund of 3% of the company’s total business volumes has been established, which will be shared equally to qualified superstar Associates for that month.

Fast Super Star has a 30% chance of winning.

3 percent qualified super star

Super Star Fund for Qualified Individuals.

Super Star: When an Associate achieves a profit level of 30%, he is designated as a Super Star Associate.

Fast 30 percent

Qualified Super Star: Any Super Star who earns 30000 PGBV in a single month qualifies as a qualified super star for that month. He gets eligible for “Qualified Super Star Fund” after the second month if he maintains the same Level.

Levels of Achievement

IMC busniess  Levels of Achievement
IMC busniess Levels of Achievement

• Chairman Star Associate.

• Ambassador Star Associate.

• Crown Ambassador Star Associate.

• President Star Associate.

• Crown President Star Associate.

• Senior Crown President Star Associate.

• Director Crown President Star Associate.

• Kohinoor Crown President Star Associate.

Download IMC Business Plan

Click Here to download complete IMC Business Plan

Fund for Special Meetings.

Only Ambassador Star Associates are eligible for the “Special Meeting Fund” offered by the firm. A Special Meeting Fund of 2% of the company’s total Business Volume has been established, which will be split among the entire qualifying Associates for that fund.

Calculate Meeting Fund with the Special Meeting Fund Formula.

Monthly sales divided by Total Qualified Super Star Legs of All Qualified Associates of All Meeting Funds multiplied by 2% of the company’s B.V. To keep a Star level, you’ll need a certain number of Qualified Super Star legs.

Fund for Special Meetings
Fund for Special Meetings

NOTE: An Associate is only eligible for the Special Meeting Fund if they have maintained their level for three months. Each Achievement Level’s meeting fund will be determined independently (i.e. from Ruby Star to Ambassador Star Associate)

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Bonus for leadership.

* To get the highest Leadership Bonus, an Associate must maintain a 20,000 PGBV minimum. If an Associate fails to meet the 20,000 PGBV requirement for their maintained level, the Leadership Bonus of the Qualified Leg with the lowest Business Volume will be rolled up to the upline Qualified Associate.

The downline leg that earns the most money.

* For the Leadership Bonus of the eligible active generations, an Associate must earn at least 5% of Total Business Volume or a maximum of 10 Lac Business Volume of his or her downline leg that is earning the most Business Volume in the closing of the previous month from their remaining downline legs, otherwise he or she will only earn the Leadership Bonus up to the third active generation.

From their remaining downline Legs, earn a minimum of 5% of total business volume or a maximum of 10 lac business volume.

Annual Bonus for the Royal Family (RAB).

The Royal Annual Bonus (RAB) is earned by attaining any level and receiving 1 point.

How to Get a Royal Bonus Every Year (RAB).

You will receive 0.25 points whenever any associate in your downline achieves the same level as you. Each downline leg can only be worth 0.25 points. Similarly, you will receive 0.25 points from each downline leg as and when the same qualifiers from separate downline legs grow. The more points you get, the greater the bonus.

The stipulated proportion of the monthly sales of the Company’s B.V’s

RAB points of Qualified Associate for that Bonus divided by Total RAB point achieved by all Qualified Associates for that Bonus multiplied by Total RAB point gained by all Qualified Associates for that Bonus

NOTE: The Royal Annual Bonus is computed at the end of each month, and the total RAB received by an Associate for the financial year is announced in June of the following year.

The following are some facts about IMC Business:.

Introduction IMC International Marketing Corporation Private Limited (“IMC” or “Company”) is a private limited company founded under the Companies Act, 1956, with its registered office in Shri Guru Nanak Dev Bhawan, Near Bharat Nagar Chowk, Ludhiana, Punjab. The company is involved in the direct selling of a variety of FMCG items as well as Ayurvedic and herbal medicines, health care, home care, beauty care, personal care products, and animal husbandry and agriculture products.

These Codes of Ethics are included in the IMC Associate Application form, and all Business Associates are required to observe and obey the Company’s Code of Ethics with complete honesty, as well as to ensure that their downline does the same. As stated on the Associate Application Form, compliance with the Code of Ethics is required, and any violation of the Code of Ethics may result in associate termination, forfeiture of bonuses, and other rights and interests. At any moment, IMC maintains the right to alter, replace, or remove the Code of Ethics, the terms and conditions of the IMC Associate application form, the Business strategy, and other official Business material, which will be announced on IMC’s official website ( It is recommended that all business colleagues visit the official website for updates on a regular basis.

Eligibility Criteria for IMC Business Associates:

• Anyone over the age of 18 who is competent of signing a contract and is not barred by law can become an IMC Business Associate with no investment since it is simple and free. Joining IMC as a Business Associate (Direct seller) is completely free, and no product purchase is required as a condition of membership. –

• To become an IMC Business Associate, an applicant must be sponsored by an existing IMC Business Associate and submit the following documents: a) Copy of government-issued identification card; b) Copy of residential proof; c) Copy of Permanent account number (PAN); d) Passport-size photographs; and e) Cancelled bank check.

• Any Applicant who fails to provide the above-mentioned document will be deemed a Preferred Customer until they are able to meet the above-mentioned documentation criteria. As a Preferred Customer, you will be able to purchase IMC products at a reduced price, but you will not be able to sponsor another IMC partner or earn any commission. To do so, you must provide the above-mentioned documentation and have your status changed to that of an IMC Associate.

• If the Applicant provides inaccurate information, IMC reserves the right to suspend and then terminate its relationship with the defaulting Preferred Customer / Business Associate. The PC/Business Associate must obey, adhere by, and be bound by the IMC Code of Ethics at all times.

Login Portal & Associate ID Activation:

Each Joinee will be assigned a unique associate ID that will serve as an identification for the PC/Business Associate and will be used to route all transactions inside IMC.

• To become an IMC Business Associate, you must first register online. Anyone who meets the company’s eligibility requirements can become a business partner by completing an online application form and submitting an OTP mobile verification code. It’s vital to understand that you may only register with one cell number.

• If the applicant is unable to verify his or her mobile number immediately using an OTP, he or she must do so within 48 hours of submitting the online application form, otherwise his or her Associate ID will be automatically erased. If the Business Associate does not authenticate his or her phone number by logging into the online portal, he or she will not be able to sponsor anybody or purchase anything from the firm.

• After the phone number has been authenticated, the Business Associate/PC can log in to the IMC website and see his or her online profile. In his/her login portal, the associates PC must update his/her profile by uploading a passport size photograph and self-attested copies of Aadhar Card, PAN card, Bank Passbook/Cancelled check, and ID Proof such as self-attested copies of Driving License, Passport, and Voter Card (Profile).

• If a Business Associate’s income from other sources or turnover from any other business (if any) is more than 20 lakhs at the time of joining, he or she must also provide GSTN information. If the Business Associate fails to update these papers in his or her portal, IMC will be unable to process the payments in a timely manner. Other than an individual applicant: – By submitting a Corporate Authorization form along with the IMC Associate Form, a HUF, Partnership Firm, LLP, Private Limited Company, Society, or Trust can become a Business Associate of IMC.

• If the Applicant company is a Private Limited Company, a Board decision is necessary to appoint an Authorative Representative (AR). IMC will only deal with the company’s AR.

• The Constitution/Partnership Deed, Memorandum and Articles of Association, Incorporation Certificate, PAN Card, as well as the Joining Form and Corporate Authorisation Form, must be submitted by the applicant firm. Only a copy of Karta’s PAN Card is necessary in the case of HUF. The money produced by IIMC in the form of Payouts will be in the name of the entity and will be paid to the Authorised Person’s official bank account.

• If the Constitution/MoA/AOA changes, the IMC must be notified and a new Corporate Authorisation form/application form must be filed.


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