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Dhani Loan ! If you are looking for the details of Dhani Loan, than you are at the right place. Here in this post you will find complete details about Dhani loan or Indiabulls dhani loan. How to apply for dhani personal loan?, Types of loan, Rate of interest, how to get approval etc. Continue to read on, to find the vital points of Dhani Loan, which we are sure you should know before applying to any loan.

About Dhani Loan

  • Dhani Loan is new generation financial lending platform like their Dhani Freedom Card. Dhani Loans and Services Limited or Indiabulls Dhani Loan previously Indiabulls Consumer Finance Limited, is a non-deposit taking NBFC regulated by the Reserve Bank of India and is a 100 percent subsidiary of Dhani Services Limited.
  • As the banking and financial sectors were revolutionized by digitization, the company saw an opportunity and launched Dhani Loans and Services Limited, a retail lending company.
  • As a consequence of its digital transformation, Dhani Loans and Services Limited has reached quite a milestone by offering a future-ready digitized product to its clients.
  • Dhani Loan is a completely online personal lending business that puts monies directly into users’ bank accounts. The product was designed to cater to the desires of the typical Indian by enabling their personal loan needs in a timely and convenient manner.
Dhani Loan
Dhani Loan
  • In addition to personal loans, Dhani Loans and Services Limited (DLSL) provides personal as well as small and medium businesses with commercial and other loans.
  • Dhani Loan Mission is a non-profit organization that helps people get loans. No matter how much money they make, what job they have, or where they reside, you may help other Indians accomplish their dreams and goals.

To provide more people with access to financial services by using technology and placing faith in our consumers. By 2021, Dhani loan claims to serve 10 million clients, and by 2024, they want to serve 250 million.

Dhani Loan Variants

  • Personal loans,
  • business loans,
  • secured loans

Other types of loans from Dhani

  • Loans for two-wheelers.
  • Loans for used cars.
  • Loans for weddings.
  • Loans for travel.
  • Loans for medical expenses.
Dhani Loan offerings
Dhani Loan offerings

Dhani Loan Application Form

Here is a link to the Dhani Loan Application Form Click Here.


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Apply Dhani Loan Online

How to apply Dhani Loan? What is the procedure for applying for an Indiabulls Dhani Personal Loan?

The Indiabulls Dhani Personal Loan may be applied for online or through the Indiabulls Dhani Mobile App.

To apply on the Indiabulls Dhani Loan and Services website, follow the steps below:

  • Personal Loans option shall be found on the Dhani Loan and services website.
  • Select Apply Now from the drop-down menu.
  • You’ll be prompted to provide your name, email address, and phone number.
  • A one-time password (OTP) is produced and delivered to your phone number.
  • To validate your account, enter the OTP in the form.
  • Then you must provide an address verification document as well as a copy of your PAN card.
  • The loan is processed, and if it is deemed to be eligible, it is authorized, and the funds are sent into your bank account.

Using the Dhani App to apply Loan.

  • The Dhani App is available on the Google Play Store and the Apple App Store.
  • To create an account, provide your name, email address, and phone number.
  • Fill in the loan information.
  • Upload your PAN card as well as a proof of address paper.
  • In minutes, you’ll have your loan authorized and the money in your bank account.

Dhani Personal Loans

If you can dream it, you can almost certainly achieve it. The top priority at Dhani Loan is to assist people in realizing their ambitions. Every dream is equally significant. You shouldn’t have to worry about financial feasibility when you could be planning what you can do once you have the resources!

Dhani Loan, a first-of-its-kind application from Dhani Loans and Services Limited (Formerly Known as Indiabulls Consumer Finance Limited), was created to make your personal financing needs easier than they’ve ever been. Getting your personal loan and two-wheeler loan has never been easier!

Dhani Personal Loan
Dhani Personal Loan

Your personal loan application, approval, and subsequent disbursement are all completed in a matter of minutes. All you need is a Pan Card and proof of address. Your personal loan will now be transferred directly to your bank account via a quick and painless process.

That vacation you really wanted; the little additional expense you had for your wedding; the course you really wanted to take; the tiny boost in your funds to help scale your business; whatever your requirement is, financing it is now the last thing on your mind with Dhani!


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Top Highlights of Indiabulls Dhani personal Loan

  • Loans ranging from Rs. 1,000 to Rs. 15 lakhs are available.
  • The entire procedure is carried out online.
  • Interest rates begin at 13.99 percent per annum.
  • Instant money in your bank account.
  • Tenure varies from three to twenty-four months.

Indiabulls Dhani Personal Loans offer a variety of advantages and benefits.

Complete the online application:

You may finish the full loan application procedure online using Indiabulls Dhani web and mobile apps. It was created with the goal of being as user-friendly as possible. It offers a straightforward user interface that everyone can learn and utilize.

Approvals and payments are processed more quickly:

Indiabulls Dhani portal evaluates and accepts your application in minutes. Your loan amount is promptly credited to your account, allowing you to spend the cash right away.

Process is simple and painless:

The Dhani portal enables you to apply, process, and receive your loan funds entirely online. You do not need to go to a physical branch to obtain the loan. Customers profit greatly from this in these Covid-19 times.

Best Interest Rates:

Indiabulls Dhani Personal Loans provide the lowest interest rates available. The interest rates are as low as 13.99 percent, depending on your eligibility conditions, resulting in a very cheap EMI for you.

Only two papers are required to complete the loan:

For online loan processing, all you need is your PAN card and an address proof document. On the Dhani platform, these two papers are sufficient to obtain a quick personal loan.

Online loan management account:

If you can apply for a loan online, shouldn’t you be able to maintain it online as well? Yes, you may manage your loan entirely online using the Dhani interface. With a simple click, you may make payments or alter your profile.

ZERO prepayment fees:

If you come across any extra cash and wish to end the loan early, you may do so without incurring any additional fees. This function is only available for loans of up to Rs. 20,000.

Dhani Loan Interest Rate

The interest rate for Indiabulls Dhani loan starts at 13.99% per annum.

Dhani Business Loans

Funding for your small business has never been easier or more convenient than with Dhani Loans & Services Limited business loans. Invest in infrastructure, upgrade to the most up-to-date plant and machinery, expand operations, improve working capital, or maintain inventories with the funds raised. These various sorts of business loans might offer your company the boost it needs to achieve new heights in terms of profitability and competition.

Dhani Business Loan
Dhani Business Loan

Top Highlights of Business loan with Indiabulls Dhani

  • Loans up to Rs 40 lacs are available.
  • Documentation is simplified, and decisions are made more quickly.
  • There is no requirement for collateral or a guarantor.
  • Repayment terms range from 12 to 48 months.
  • Service at your doorstep.

Benefits of a Dhani Business Loan:

Boost your company’s cash flow:

Stop stressing about your financial flow and easily satisfy your obligations. Make it happen with DLSL business loans, whether it’s paying off debts, planning recurrent needs, or increasing your cash reserve.

Rent a larger office space:

For your growing company, there would never be a shortage of office space. You can buy larger spaces for your staff, machines, or storage using DLSL business loans and meet the criteria.

Buying, leasing, and repairing machinery and equipment:

You can acquire or lease machinery with DLSL business loans to boost efficiency without disrupting routine operations. DLSL business loans come with low interest rates and appealing incentives.

Upgrade to the most up-to-date technology:

Technology would no longer be a barrier to your company’s growth. You can have the most up-to-date technology and engineering for your company to keep ahead of the competition without having to worry about costs.

Stock up on supplies:

By storing up on inventory, you can meet your clients’ requests at any time of year. DLSL business loans with low interest rates might help you buy that extra inventory and hence provide the greatest customer service.

Hire seasonal workers:

Don’t be concerned about recruiting new personnel when your company’s demand grows. You can hire more personnel as needed with a DLSL business loan.

Obtain raw materials for large orders:

Purchase raw materials and satisfy the criteria of your bulk order without worrying about finances with a DLSL business loan. A DLSL business loan can be obtained at a low interest rate and at your leisure.

Expand into a new city:

Spread your footprint throughout multiple cities and realize your ambition of owning a large company without worrying about costs, thanks to DLSL business loans with low interest rates.

Expand operations and take on larger projects, among other things:

Realize your ambition to grow your company to new heights. Cash flow will not be an issue with a DLSL business loan, and you will be able to take on larger initiatives to keep ahead of the competition.

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Different Dhani Business Loan Options

Dhani Loans offers a variety of business loan options.

  • Expansion of the company.
  • Consolidation of debts.
  • Working capital limit is being converted to a term loan.
  • Plant and machinery purchases.
  • Converting your current loan at a lower interest rate.

Dhani Secured Loans

Most businessmen are defined by their desire to grow and extend their company. The importance of accomplishing these goals and making progress is critical to the success of many businesses.

The goal at Dhani Loans and Services Ltd (DLSL), formerly Indiabulls Consumer Finance Limited, has always been to make it easier for the customers to succeed.

Indiabulls Secured Loans, a mortgage loan, is committed to easing this route by taking care of your financial demands so you can focus entirely on your business.

Indiabulls Dhani claims to ensure that your firm does not experience the working capital crisis that has paralyzed many a stable business by assisting you in leveraging the value of your residential/commercial property.

Dhani Secured Loan
Dhani Secured Loan

Indiabulls Dhani Loan give secured loans with highest finance against the market value of your property at Dhani Loans and Services Ltd (DLSL), previously Indiabulls Consumer Finance Limited.

You can continue to use the property while we provide funding for your company’s healthy expansion.

Quick approvals and disbursements, secure documentation (ISO certified process), and doorstep service for loans for intended end use are all things we guarantee.

Secured loans are available to small and mid-sized businesses, partnership partnerships, self-employed individuals, and privately held companies.

Top Highlights of Dhani Secured Loan

  • Loan approvals are processed quickly.
  • Loan transfers with top-ups are possible.
  • Document storage that is secure is an ISO-certified technique.
  • Disbursement in a timely manner.
  • Service at your doorstep.

Documents Required for Dhani Loan

What papers do I need to apply for an Indiabulls Dhani Personal Loan?

As previously indicated, this loan just requires two papers to be processed.

  • Copy of your PAN card. One genuine address proof document, such as a copy of a passport, a voter ID card, a driver’s license, or an Aadhaar card.
  • Information about your Bank Account.

Criteria for Eligibility of Indiabulls Dhani Loan

What are the requirements for applying for a Dhani Personal Loan from Indiabulls?

The following are the requirements for applying for an Indiabulls Dhani Personal Loan:

  • Citizens of India.
  • Individuals who are salaried and those who are self-employed.
  • A minimum of 21 years old is required.

Fees and Charges for Dhani Loans

Dhani Secured Loans are a type of secured loan.

Dhani secured Loans.Fees and Charges
Fees for processing.From 1%
the rate of interest (per annum).From 11% and up.
Charges of Dishonor750 Indian rupees (non-Home Loans),
On the subject of Mandate Representation, nil.
Charges for Legal Opinions, SRO Searches, ROC Searches, and Non-Encumbrance Certificates from SRO.The processing cost is NIL.
(Resale / BT) Transaction Handling Fee2500 rupees
Charges for technical valuation.The processing cost is NIL.
Charges for NACH swapping.NIL
Copies of loan/property documents in IB custody are subject to retrieval fees.500 rupees for physical copies with IB authentication.
Charges for the Amortization Schedule and Physical Statement of Account.Customer Service Teams' Emailing of Soft Copy: ZERO,
Rs 200/- for hard copies
Borrowers' NACH Mandate Registration Fees (loan repayment).NIL
In non-home loans, interest certificates are issued; in home loans, income tax certificates are issued.NIL
If appropriate, fees for Certified True Copies of Title Deeds from the SRO.As per with Actual
Fees for stamping the loan agreement.As per with Actual, Subject to state laws.
where IB provides flat prices regardless of loan size.
when ad-valorem costs are calculated as a function of loan amount: to be obtained directly by the borrower.
Other legal papers such as Indemnity Bonds, Legal Undertakings, Legal Affidavits, Personal Guarantee Bonds, Power of Attorney for NRI Home Loans, and so on are subject to stamping fees.Actual, subject to state laws—must be obtained directly by the borrower.
Retrieval of original property papers for a specific activity, such as production at an SRO or a Development Authority (on borrower request).5000/- rupees.
Admin Fee for Data.650/- rupees (incl GST).
Fees for stamping the loan agreement.Actual, according to state laws-where fixed charges regardless of loan amount: provided by IB-where ad-valorem charges as a function of loan amount: to be obtained directly by borrower
Other legal papers such as Indemnity Bonds, Legal Undertakings, Legal Affidavits, Personal Guarantee Bonds, Power of Attorney for NRI Home Loans, and so on are subject to stamping fees.At Actual, subject to state laws—must be obtained directly by the borrower.
Retrieval of original property papers for a specific activity, such as production at an SRO or a Development Authority (on borrower request).5000/- rupees.
Fee for database administration.650/- rupees (inclusive of service tax).

Note: The rate of interest is calculated based on the risk profile of the applicant (s).

Fees and Charges for Dhani Unsecured Loans

Type of ChargeCharges
Fees for processing.3% onwards
Charges for foreclosing on a loan and prepaying it.>6 months: 5%
the rate of interest (per annum).13.99% onwards
Charges for bouncing.For Salaried: Rs. 400 per bounce
For Self Employed customers: Rs. 750 per bounce
Penalty for late payment.3% per month
Stamp duty is levied on loan documents.As per applicable laws
There is a duplicate NOC.Rs. 500 per request
Charges for repayment mandates and instrument changingRs. 500 per request
Charges for canceling a loan.Rs. 3000
Charges for rebooking a loanRs. 1500
Charges on the account statement.Rs. 500
Repayment Schedule DuplicateRs. 500

Note:*All costs are exclusive of GST and any other applicable taxes.

Indiabulls Dani Loan Value Added Services

With your Indiabulls Dhani Personal Loan, you may take advantage of value-added services.

  • Imagine collecting reward points for your personal loan account with Dhani Cash. Dhani loans Dhani Cash is a one-of-a-kind customer loyalty program for active personal loan borrowers.
  • By using the Dhani App, active Dhani Personal Loan clients may earn reward points in a variety of ways.
  • You may earn reward points by logging on to the app every day and making timely EMI payments. And there’s more!
  • Through the Dhani App, you may use your reward points to pay for cell recharges, bill payments, or gift certificates.
  • Spin The Wheel – ‘Dhani Fortune’ is similar to the ‘Wheel of Fortune’ game in that you can earn up to 100 Dhani Cash by spinning the wheel once a day.
  • EMI Calculator — On both the website and the app, the Dhani portal provides an EMI calculator. You may use this calculator to get a general approximation of the EMI amount.

This manner, you may pick the ideal loan term and quantity for your needs while also ensuring that your monthly cash flow is not overburdened.

Dhani Loan Payment

What are my options for repaying my Dhani loan?

On the PayTM or MobiKwik app, go to the ‘Recharge & Bill Payments’ area and select ‘EMI Payments.’

In the ‘Select Lender‘ box, choose ‘DHANI LOANS AND SERVICES LIMITED’ and input the Loan Agreement number.
If prompted, add your registered mobile number as well.

dhani loan payment
dhani loan payment

To see the EMI details, click ‘Get Payable Amount

Then click Pay Now to complete the transaction.

Dhani Loan Review

Dhani Loan Ratings Average: 4.5 Star

Here are a few reasons why Indiabulls Dhani Personal Loans are a good choice.

  • Within minutes, you’ll have fast approvals and disbursements.
  • To meet your demands, we provide a variety of loan terms ranging from 3 months to 36 months.
  • For a smooth application procedure, simple and hassle-free documentation is required.
  • To protect data security, use a safe and secure online approach.
  • Instantly receive huge loan amounts of up to Rs.3 lakhs deposited to your bank account.
  • Enjoy a hassle-free, paperless application procedure.
  • There is no requirement for any kind of collateral or security.
  • Get the lowest interest rates available, beginning at only 13.99 percent.

Dhani loan customer care number

Customer Service for Dhani Loans:

Dhani Loans may be reached at 0124-6165722.

022-67737800 Dhani Credit Line

Support can be reached at support@dhani.com.

Between the hours of 8:00 a.m. and 8:00 p.m., you can contact the Dhani Loan customer support center.

Dhani Loan customer Care number
Dhani Loan customer Care number


Offices for corporations.

Senapati Bapat Marg, Elphinstone Road, Mumbai – 400 013. One International Centre (Formerly IFC), Senapati Bapat Marg, Elphinstone Road, Mumbai – 400 013.

Plot No. 422 B, Udyog Vihar, Phase -4, Gurugram – 122 016. Concept Tech Park Building, Plot No. 422 B, Udyog Vihar, Phase -4, Gurugram – 122 016.

448-451, Udyog Vihar, Phase V, Gurugram – 122 016. Indiabulls House,

The address of the registered office is

M-62 & 63, Connaught Place, 1st Floor

Tel: 011-30252900, New Delhi, 110001

Dhani Loan Frequently Asked Questions

Q1): When will I be able to get a Dhani Personal Loan?

When you have a financial emergency, you can take out a personal loan. It could be a medical emergency, a car purchase, a pending wedding, or the pursuit of further education, among other things.

Q2): What sorts of documentation are required for a Dhani personal loan?

Personal information, a pan card, proof of address, and bank credentials should all be readily available.

Documents do not need to be physically present and can be uploaded or linked in a simple manner.

Q3): Is Dhani able to keep my information safe?

Yes, the information you provide is secure. Dhani claims to have a safe system in place to protect all of your information. They also say they do not share your information with anyone else.

Q4): I’d want to apply for a Dhani personal loan, but I’m not sure where to start.

The Dhani personal loan application is available for download from the Google Play Store or the Apple Store.

Q5): Is it possible to receive a personal loan with a fluctuating rate of interest?

No, Indiabulls Dhani personal loans are only available with a set interest rate.

Q6): How is the interest on my personal loan calculated?

Every month, your interest liability is computed using the declining balance technique. A 30-day month and a 360-day year are used to compute it.

Q7): What types of securities, collateral, and guarantors are allowed as collateral for a personal loan?

No security, collateral, or guarantors are required for your Indiabulls Dhani Personal loan.

Q8): How much money may I borrow?

You may get a loan for anything between Rs. 3000 to Rs. 3 lakhs.

Q9): What are the different EMI payment options?

A NACH mandate can be used to pay the EMI. Every month, there are two EMI due dates: the 2nd and 5th.

Indiabulls Dhani Loan Official Website

Dhani Loan- Click Here

Dhani Freedom Card – Click Here

Indiabulls Dhani Personal Loan Conclusion

Indiabulls Personal Financial is a one-of-a-kind loan product. It not only provides much-needed financial assistance at the right time, but it also provides various value added services to its loyal customers, such as a rewards program (first in the country for a loan product), Dhani Fortune (an everyday contest on the app that allows you to win Dhani cash), and many other exciting rewards. Borrow loans starting at Rs.3000 and going up to Rs.15 lakhs at cheap interest rates as low as 13.99%.

A personal loan is meant to cover an individual’s personal and emergency monetary requirements. It may be used for anything you choose, including further education, dream weddings, long-awaited vacations, much-needed home improvements, or other unexpected medical expenses. Personal loans from Indiabulls offer with a variety of customizable alternatives and low interest rates to help you get through a financial crisis.

The Dhani Personal Loans have been launched by Dhani Loans & Services Limited (previously known as Indiabulls Consumer Finance Limited). The Dhani site will walk you through the full process of getting a personal loan. The application procedure is entirely online, and you may use either the Dhani website or the Dhani App, which is accessible on both the Google Play Store and the Apple App Store.


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