Is Facebook, Instagram, & WhatsApp Banned in India Today News after New IT Rules

Is Facebook, Instagram, Twitter and WhatsApp banned in India

India bans Facebook, Twitter, and Instagram Twitter, Facebook, and WhatsApp have all been reported to have been blocked in India recently. These social media juggernauts were given a deadline by the Indian government to comply with the new IT regulations or face expulsion from the nation. After the deadline, the Indian government will impose stringent measures to outlaw these sites.

But it appears that the situation will take unexpected turns. According to a further update, although Facebook has agreed to the requirement to follow the new IT regulations, Whatsapp has petitioned the Delhi court for assistance and has begun legal action against the Indian government.

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Is Facebook, Instagram, Twitter and WhatsApp banned in India
Is Facebook, Instagram, Twitter and WhatsApp banned in India

New IT Rules

India has introduced new IT regulations that social media networks operating in India must comply by, even though each social media site already has its own set of rules and standards that users must obey.

Here are a few of the new IT regulations’ key principles.

• Social media sites are required to remove any content that promotes hatred, is insulting, or undermines national sovereignty.

• The social media platforms are required to identify the author of a popular post that falls into one of the aforementioned categories.

• The platforms must also remove any content that poses a threat to the nation in no more than 36 hours.

• The social media sites must also establish a method for handling complaints that are made specifically about posts in India.

• The platforms are need to name an officer who would be stationed only in India for this complaint redressal system.

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Is Facebook banned in India | Is Instagram banned in India | Is Twitter, WhatsApp banned in India

The Indian government’s ban on social media sites.

The Government of India announced these new regulations in the month of February of this year and gave all social media sites operating in India three months to comply. In this aspect, only the Koo platform, which is Twitter’s equivalent in India, met these requirements. Other platforms either reported that taking such a significant measure will be challenging as they have to wait for orders from their headquarters, which are located in the USA, or requested an extension of six months to comply with the new requirements.

However, even after 3 months had passed and the social media platforms had still not taken any action to comply with the new regulations, the Indian Government issued a notification prohibiting these sites beginning on May 26, 2021, which is precisely 3 months after the rolling date of the new laws.

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Google and Facebook are prepared to follow the new rules.

Google and Facebook, a major player in social media, have decided to continue adhering to the new IT rules established by the Indian government. But in doing so, they have requested a delay in the deadline in order to make the required adjustments and simultaneously get headquarters clearance. In order to implement these improvements in their system, these platforms also anticipate speaking with the Indian government.

Both Google and Facebook have stated that they are constantly prepared to update their products and services in order to comply with local laws. However, they have also stated that they need some time to talk further about this with the government and make the necessary modifications.

However, the Indian government has not yet provided a comment in this regard. Anyone who violates the freshly introduced restrictions would be subject to criminal prosecution, the Indian government has already stated. It is yet unclear if the government will extend the use of these platforms or whether further action is likely to be taken.

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The Indian Government is being sued by Whatsapp.

Whatsapp is not likely to proceed in the same manner as Google and Facebook in regards to adhering to the new rules established by the Indian Government.

Whatsapp sued the Indian government in Delhi and requested that the new legislation be blocked because it would jeopardize their commitment to user privacy. The messaging app stated before the Delhi High Court that it is against the social media platform’s privacy policy to require the first poster of a post to reveal their identify. The platform has made it clear that this regulation would also violate the privacy rights previously outlined in the Indian Constitution.

Whatsapp also said that every message is end-to-end encrypted. As a result, it is difficult to identify the true sender of a communication. It was claimed that many more communication senders and receivers may become public throughout this procedure, which would result in another invasion of privacy. The defendant has responded by saying that WhatsApp should figure out a means to identify the true author of the message or post.

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The outcome.

It would be fascinating to observe how the current case between the Indian government and texting service Whatsapp turns out. Different experts are making varying predictions, but because the case is now in court, the court will ultimately decide on the final result. Whether the Indian government decides to prohibit the use of social media in India, however, is entirely up to it.

Of course, it’s still unclear if users will be able to continue using these services or whether there will be a total ban due to the ongoing Whatsapp litigation and Facebook’s request for an extension. Even while many news websites on the internet have already declared that these platforms are here to stay, it is still early to tell what the results will be.

Instagram, Twitter, and Facebook Ban News

Below is the gist of the news that sparked rumors about the Instagram, Twitter, and Facebook ban.

In India, popular social media sites like Facebook, Twitter, and Instagram might be restricted. If they do not abide by the new intermediary guidelines as of May 26.

WhatsApp, Facebook, and Twitter have not complied with the Modi government’s rules as of today, May 25, the deadline for doing so.

The only platform that complied with the new rules before the deadline of May 25 was Koo App. Koo, a relatively new app, was created in Bangalore in 2020 and won the Atmanirbhar App Innovation Challenge sponsored by the Government of India in August of the same year.

The aforementioned social media networks were given a three-month grace period by the ministry of electronics and information technology in February to abide with the new regulations.

The US-based company requested a six-month extension while they awaited word from its US headquarters.

A government official said in a statement that “it is a vital time for the social media businesses because if they do not comply with the new standards by May 25, they will lose their position and protections as intermediaries and criminal action can be taken against them according to the laws of India.”

In the meanwhile, Facebook has indicated that they are working on the “operational process” in order to adhere to the new IT regulations of the Government of India. We strive to comply with the terms of the IT laws and continue to explore a few of the topics which need greater interaction with the government, a corporate representative for Facebook said in a statement when asked whether the firm will follow the rules or not. We are trying to adopt operational procedures and boost efficiency in accordance with the IT regulations. Facebook is still dedicated to allowing users to express themselves on our platform in safety and without restriction.

The social media sites must hire Indian compliance officers in accordance with the new regulations. This officer will keep an eye on the content, handle complaints, and take down any offensive material.

Even OTT platforms will be required to designate a redressal person in India who would monitor complaints regarding the material and respond to them within ten days.

Above News Reference

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Social Media Ban in India

You must now be wondering why India might outlaw Twitter, Facebook, and Instagram. We now know the solution. India strengthened its regulations for popular social media sites like Twitter, Facebook, Whatsapp, and Instagram on February 25, 2021. The government requested that social media companies take down any content that has been reported to them by law enforcement and designate a local officer to head up a system for handling complaints.

The Indian government gave the social media companies three months to adhere to the new rules because it was not an easy task to complete. Social media platforms have not yet complied with the new policies, which will take effect on May 26, 2021. Therefore, big companies in India may be prohibited from using social media.

India Bans Facebook – Latest News.

Is Facebook banned in India
Is Facebook banned in India

Facebook is in serious trouble because it hasn’t abided by the new rules. Facebook may lose the protection and status of the intermediary if it does not comply by May 26. In accordance with Indian law and order, the government may also pursue criminal charges. The United States of America-based businesses like Facebook have requested a six-month extension.

Facebook’s spokesperson explained to the media that their goal is to adhere to the new IT regulations of India and that they require more assistance and collaboration from the Indian Government. Facebook will be blocked in India if this doesn’t happen until it complies with the new rules.

Twitter Ban News India

Is twitter banned in India
Is twitter banned in India

Celebrities, athletes, politicians, and other influential members of society primarily use Twitter. Twitter was also urged to comply with the new policy, along with Facebook and Instagram. According to the reports, Twitter has not revealed any information regarding its compliance with the new IT policies. This may be the cause of the impending Twitter ban in India.

Not just celebrities or other people, but even government agencies use their social media handles to share news on Twitter. People tweet about their issues, and other people retweet them so the authors can see them. The social media news-sharing platforms will undergo a significant change if Twitter is outlawed in India.

India Instagram ban news

Is Instagram banned in India
Is Instagram banned in India

Some readers wonder whether Instagram will be outlawed in India. Tell us to be clear right away that Facebook also owns Instagram, and that neither Facebook nor Instagram has demonstrated compliance with the new rules. Therefore, it is certain that this will lead to the government of India banning Instagram.

We hope that these social media companies improve their compliance status with the government so that it does not come to that. The social and economic systems of India will suffer if anything led to the banning of social media.


The fact is that we are still using Instagram, Facebook, WhatsApp and Twitter after the deadline that was 25th May, 2021. It is true there were some speculations on banning these four popular platforms, but that was not directly said by the government. It was speculated due to new policy changes on IT rules.

Hope you are now confirm on the what the banning news was all about. If you like the article please share it with your friends and family and for any queries write on the comment section below.


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