ISL Match Today – Latest Update [Fixtures, Schedule, Points Table, Teams & Channel for ISL Match]

ISL Match Today Fixtures, Schedule, Points Table, Teams, and Channel:  The ISL, sometimes referred to as the Indian Super League, has already begun. The ISL season has been eagerly anticipated by everyone who enjoys playing football. The matches have now officially begun, and watchers have been eagerly awaiting both the impending schedules and the matches themselves.

ISL Match Today & Schedule 2022

The Indian Super League’s adventure began in the year 2014, many years ago. The eighth season of ISL 2022 has officially begun, and the long-awaited matches have finally begun.

Hero, Apollo Tyres, Byju’s, Pari Match News, Nivia, Dream11, Terra Virtua, Arena, All India Football Federation, Reliance, Star, and Premier League are just a few of the major brands that have associated with ISL 2022.

ISL today match-ISL Fixtures
ISL today match-ISL Fixtures

ISL Schedule Calendar 2022.

ISL Season 8 games have already begun as of November 19, 2021. The matches are scheduled in various cities around the nation and will go until January 9th, 2022. ISL Fixtures 2021–22 contains a complete list of all the games, their start times, and their locations.

The matches will take place at various locations around Goa, and the list of ISL 2021–22 sites is as follows:.

• Fatorda’s JLN Stadium

• Vasco da Gama’s Tilak Maidan Stadium.

• Bambolim’s Athletic Stadium.

• Fatorda’s PJN Stadium

The games between the two teams will occur on the dates set out in the schedule shown in the table. All of the bouts will begin at 7:30 PM in the evening.

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The ISL standings.

ISL Match Standings
ISL Match Standings

When every Club has completed all of its League Matches, the clubs are ranked in this order in the league table:

A). The most points scored across all league games.

B). If two or more Clubs are equal based on the aforementioned factors, their position will be decided as follows:

• The most points earned in league matches involving the two clubs in question

• A higher goal differential as a consequence of league games between the two clubs.

• The most goals scored in league games between the two clubs in question.

• A higher goal differential over all league games.

• The most goals scored over all league games.

• Best fair play score.

• Lotteries conducted by league.

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ISL Fixtures 2022.

Here is a list of all the ISL Season 2022 fixtures.

(1(ATK vs Kerala)(1/19/2021)(7:30:00 PM)(Fatorda)
2(Bengaluru vs NorthEast United)(1/20/2021)(7:30:00 PM)(Bambolim)
3(Bengal vs Jamshedpur)(1/21/2021)(7:30:00 PM)(Vasco da Gama)
4(Mumbai City vs Goa)(1/22/2021)(7:30:00 PM)(Fatorda)
5(Hyderabad vs Chennaiyin)(1/23/2021)(7:30:00 PM)(Bambolim)
6(Odisha vs Bengaluru)(1/24/2021)(7:30:00 PM)(Vasco da Gama)
7(NorthEast United vs Kerala)(1/25/2021)(7:30:00 PM)(Fatorda)
8(Goa vs Jamshedpur)(1/26/2021)(7:30:00 PM)(Bambolim)
9(Bengal vs ATK)(1/27/2021)(7:30:00 PM)(Vasco da Gama)
(10(Mumbai vs Hyderabad)(1/27/2021)(9:30:00 PM)(Fatorda)
(1(1(Bengaluru vs Kerala)(1/28/2021)(7:30:00 PM)(Bambolim)
(12(NorthEast United vs Chennaiyin)(1/29/2021)(7:30:00 PM)(Fatorda)
(13(Odisha vs Bengal)(1/30/2021)(7:30:00 PM)(Vasco da Gama)
(14(ATK vs Mumbai)(1(2/1/2021)(7:30:00 PM)(Fatorda)
(15(Jamshedpur vs Hyderabad)(12/2/2021)(7:30:00 PM)(Bambolim)
(16(Chennaiyin vs Bengal)(12/3/2021)(7:30:00 PM)(Vasco da Gama)
(17(NorthEast United vs Goa)(12/4/2021)(7:30:00 PM)(Fatorda)
(18(Bengaluru vs Mumbai)(12/4/2021)9:30:00 PM)(Bambolim)
(19(Kerala FC vs Odisha)(12/5/2021)(7:30:00 PM)(Vasco da Gama)
20(Jamshedpur vs ATK)(12/6/2021)(7:30:00 PM)(Bambolim)
2(1)(Bengal vs Goa)(12/7/2021)(7:30:00 PM)(Vasco da Gama)
22)(Hyderabad vs Bengaluru)(12/8/2021)(7:30:00 PM)(Bambolim)
23(Mumbai vs Jamshedpur)(12/9/2021)(7:30:00 PM)(Fatorda)
24(Odisha vs NorthEast United)(12/10/2021)(7:30:00 PM)(Vasco da Gama)
25(ATK vs Chennaiyin)(12/1(1/2021)(7:30:00 PM)(Fatorda)
26(Goa vs Bengaluru)(12/1(1/2021)9:30:00 PM)(Bambolim)
27(Bengal vs Kerala)(12/12/2021)(7:30:00 PM)(Vasco da Gama)
28(Hyderabad vs NorthEast United)(12/13/2021)(7:30:00 PM)(Bambolim)
29(Odisha vs Jamshedpur)(1/14/2021)(7:30:00 PM)(Vasco da Gama)
30(Mumbai vs Chennaiyin)(1/15/2021)(7:30:00 PM)(Fatorda
3(1(Bengaluru vs ATK)(1/16/2021)(7:30:00 PM)(Bambolim)
32(NorthEast United vs Bengal)(1/17/2021)(7:30:00 PM)(Fatorda
33(Chennaiyin vs Odisha)(1/18/2021)(7:30:00 PM)(Vasco da Gama)
34(Goa vs Hyderabad)(1/18/2021)1970-01-01 21:30:00(Bambolim)
35(Mumbai vs Kerala)(1/19/2021)(7:30:00 PM)(Fatorda
36(Jamshedpur vs Bengaluru)(12/20/2021)(7:30:00 PM)(Bambolim)
37(NorthEast United vs ATK)(12/21/2021)(7:30:00 PM)(Fatorda
38(Chennaiyin vs Kerala)(12/22/2021)(7:30:00 PM)(Vasco da Gama)
39(Hyderabad vs Bengal)(12/23/2021)(7:30:00 PM)(Bambolim)
40(Odisha vs Goa)(12/24/2021)(7:30:00 PM)(Vasco da Gama)
4(1(Kerala vs Jameshedpur)(12/26/2021)(7:30:00 PM)(Vasco da Gama)
42(NorthEast United vs Mumbai)(12/27/2021)(7:30:00 PM)(Fatorda
43(Hyderabad vs Odisha)(12/28/2021)(7:30:00 PM)(Bambolim)
44(ATK vs Goa)(12/29/2021)(7:30:00 PM)(Fatorda
45(Chennaiyin vs Bengaluru)(12/30/2021)(7:30:00 PM)(Vasco da Gama)
46(Kerala vs Goa)(1/2/2022)(7:30:00 PM)(Vasco da Gama)
47(Jamshedpur vs Chennaiyin)(1/2/2022)1970-01-01 21:30:00(Bambolim)
48(Odisha vs Mumbai)(1/3/2022)(7:30:00 PM)(Vasco da Gama)
49(Bengaluru vs Bengal)(1/4/2022)(7:30:00 PM)(Bambolim)
50(ATK vs Hyderabad)(1/5/2022)(7:30:00 PM)(Fatorda
5(1(Jamshedpur vs NorthEast United)(1/6/2022)(7:30:00 PM)(Bambolim)
52(Bengal vs Mumbai)(1/7/2022)(7:30:00 PM)(Vasco da Gama)
53(ATK vs Odisha)(1/8/2022)(7:30:00 PM)(Fatorda
54(Goa vs Chennaiyin)(1/8/2022)1970-01-01 21:30:00(Bambolim)
55(Kerala vs Hyderabad)(1/9/2022)(7:30:00 PM)(Vasco da Gama)
56( Mumbai vs Bengaluru)(1/10/2022)(7:30:00 PM)(Fatorda
57( Jamshedpur vs Bengal)(1/11/2022)(7:30:00 PM)(Bambolim)
58(Odisha vs Kerala)(1/12/2022)(7:30:00 PM)(Vasco da Gama)
59(Chennaiyin vs Hyderabad)(1/13/2022)(7:30:00 PM)(Fatorda
60(Goa vs NorthEast United)(1/14/2022)(7:30:00 PM)(Bambolim)
6(1(ATK vs Bengaluru)(1/15/2022)(7:30:00 PM)(Fatorda
62(Kerala vs Mumbai)(1/16/2022)(7:30:00 PM)(Vasco da Gama)
63(Hyderabad vs Jamshedpur)(1/17/2022)(7:30:00 PM)(Bambolim)
64(NorthEast United vs Odisha)(1/18/2022)(7:30:00 PM)(Fatorda
65(Goa vs Bengal)(1/19/2022)(7:30:00 PM)(Bambolim)
66(Kerala vs ATK)(1/20/2022)(7:30:00 PM)(Vasco da Gama)
67(Jamshedpur vs Mumbai)(1/21/2022)(7:30:00 PM)(Bambolim)
68(Chennaiyin vs NorthEast United)(1/22)/2022)(7:30:00 PM)(Fatorda
69(Bengaluru vs Goa)(1/23/2022)(7:30:00 PM)(Bambolim)
70(Bengal vs Hyderabad)(1/24/2022)(7:30:00 PM)(Vasco da Gama)
7(1(Mumbai vs NorthEast United)(1/25/2022)(7:30:00 PM)(Fatorda
72(Bengaluru vs Chennaiyin)(1/26/2022)(7:30:00 PM)(Bambolim)
73(Odisha vs Hyderabad)(1/27/2022)(7:30:00 PM)(Vasco da Gama)
74(Jamshedpur vs Goa)(1/28/2022)(7:30:00 PM)(Bambolim)
75(ATK vs Bengal)(1/29/2022)(7:30:00 PM)(Fatorda
76(Kerala vs Bengaluru)(1/30/2022)(7:30:00 PM)(Vasco da Gama)
77(NorthEast United vs Hyderabad)(1/31/2022)(7:30:00 PM)(Fatorda
78(Goa vs Odisha)(2/1/2022)(7:30:00 PM)(Bambolim)
79(Bengal vs Chennaiyin)(2/2/2022)(7:30:00 PM)(Vasco da Gama)
80(Mumbai vs ATK)(2/3/2022)(7:30:00 PM)(Fatorda
8(1(Kerala vs NorthEast United)(2/4/2022)(7:30:00 PM)(Vasco da Gama)
82(Bengaluru vs Jamshedpur)(2/5/2022)(7:30:00 PM)(Bambolim)
83(Chennaiyin vs Mumbai)(2/6/2022)(7:30:00 PM)(Fatorda
84(Bengal vs Odisha)(2/7/2022)(7:30:00 PM)(Vasco da Gama)
85(Hyderabad vs ATK)(2/8/2022)(7:30:00 PM)(Bambolim)
86(NorthEast United vs Bengaluru)(2/9/2022)(7:30:00 PM)(Fatorda
87(Chennaiyin vs Goa)(2/10/2022)(7:30:00 PM)(Vasco da Gama)
88(Jamshedpur vs Kerala)(2/11/2022)(7:30:00 PM)(Bambolim)
89(Mumbai vs Bengal)(2/12/2022)(7:30:00 PM)(Fatorda
90(Odisha vs ATK)(2/13/2022)(7:30:00 PM)(Vasco da Gama)
9(1(Hyderabad vs Goa)(2/14/2022)(7:30:00 PM)(Bambolim)
92(Kerala vs Chennaiyin)(2/15/2022)(7:30:00 PM)(Vasco da Gama)
93(ATK vs Jamshedpur)(2/16/2022)(7:30:00 PM)(Fatorda
94(Bengaluru vs Odisha)(2/17/2022)(7:30:00 PM)(Bambolim)
95(Bengal vs NorthEast United)(2/18/2022)(7:30:00 PM)(Vasco da Gama)
96(Hyderabad vs Kerala)(2/19/2022)(7:30:00 PM)(Fatorda
97(Goa vs Mumbai)(2/20/2022)(7:30:00 PM)(Bambolim)
98(Chennaiyin vs ATK)(2/21/2022)(7:30:00 PM)(Vasco da Gama)
99(Jamshedpur vs Odisha)(2/22)/2022)(7:30:00 PM)(Bambolim)
(100(Bengal vs Bengaluru)(2/23/2022)(7:30:00 PM)(Vasco da Gama)
(10(1(Hyderabad vs Mumbai)(2/24/2022)(7:30:00 PM)(Fatorda
(102(Goa vs ATK)(2/25/2022)(7:30:00 PM)(Bambolim)
(103(Odisha vs Chennaiyin)(2/26/2022)(7:30:00 PM)(Vasco da Gama)
(104(NorthEast United vs Jamshedpur)(2/27/2022)(7:30:00 PM)(Fatorda
(105(Kerala vs Bengal)(2/28/2022)(7:30:00 PM)(Vasco da Gama)
(106(Bengaluru vs Hyderabad)(3/(1/2022)(7:30:00 PM)(Bambolim)
(107(Mumbai vs Odisha)(3/2/2022)(7:30:00 PM)(Fatorda
(108(Chennaiyin vs Jamshedpur)(3/3/2022)(7:30:00 PM)(Vasco da Gama)
(109(ATK vs NorthEast United)(3/4/2022)(7:30:00 PM)(Fatorda
(1(10(Goa vs Kerala)(3/5/2022)(7:30:00 PM)(Bambolim)

ISL Teams

ISL today match-ISL Teams
ISL today match-ISL Teams

The eighteenth season of the ISL features a total of 11 teams, including:

(ATK Mohun Bagan FC)
(Bengaluru FC)
(Chennaiyin FC)
(East Bengal)
(FC Goa)
(Hyderabad FC)
(Jamshedpur FC)
(Kerala Blaster)
(Mumbai City FC)
(NorthEast United FC)
(Odisha FC)

ISL Points Table (2022)

The Points table lists the points each team has earned based on which team has the winning edge. Now, the team’s points will fluctuate daily depending on how well the teams perform. Therefore, you must stick to the games and the points table to determine which team has earned how many points.

(Rank)Name of TeamTotal MatchesTotal WonTotal LostTotal Draw(PTS)
11(NorthEast United)(12)(2)(7)(3)(9)

You must now comprehend how the points table functions in order to know the points.

In total, 115 matches will be played in the 2021–22 season, according to the ISL Fixtures. The first 110 of these 115 games will be league games that all of the teams must participate in. Regardless of whether they win or lose, each team is required to play a total of 20 games. The clubs or the teams will receive the points listed below based on these league games.

  • 3 points for a win.
  • Draw: one point.
  • 0 point was lost.

The calculation of the points for each team will be finished once all 110 league games have been played. The top four teams with the most points will advance to the playoffs. These four teams will soon compete in the five playoff games, and the ISL League Winners Shield will go to the team with the most points earned.

In the event of a tie between two teams, the winning team will be determined using a variety of criteria, including the highest number of goals scored during league games, the highest number of points obtained between club head-to-head matches, and others.

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ISL Player Ratings for 2022

1(Greg Alexander James Stewart)(Jamshedpur FC)(Forward)(8.47)
2(Jorge Ortiz Mendoza)(Goa)(Forward)(8.29)
3(Bartholomew Owogbalor Ogbeche)(Hyderabad)(Forward)(7.95)
4(Adrian Nicolas Luna Retamar)(Kerala Blasters)(Midfielder)(7.71)
5(Ahmed Jahouh)(Mumbai City)(Midfielder)(7.64)
6(Alberto Noguera Ripoll)(Goa)(Midfielder)(7.63)
7(Cleiton Augusto Oliveira Silva)(Bengaluru)(Forward)(7.45)
8(Liston Colaco)(ATK Mohun Bagan)(Forward)(7.41)
9(Francisco Javier Hernandez Gonzalez)(Odisha)(Midfielder)(7.26)
10(Hugo Adnan Boumous)(ATK Mohun Bagan)(Forward)(7.22)
11(Joao Victor de Albuquerque Bruno)(Hyderabad)(Midfielder)(7.16)
12(Roshan Singh Naorem)(Bengaluru)(Defender)(7.12)
13(Manvir Singh)(ATK Mohun Bagan)(Forward)(7.08)
14(Alvaro Vazquez Garcia)(Kerala Blasters)(Forward)(7.07)
15(Daniel Chima Chukwu)(Jamshedpur FC)(Forward)(7.06)

ISL Player Ratings through the years.

(Hugo Adnan Boumous)(Mumbai City)(Midfielder)(2020-21)(7.86)
(Manuel Onwu Villafranca)(Odisha)(Forward)(2019-20)(8.65)
(Ferran Corominas Telechea)(Goa)(Forward)(2018-19)(8.25)
(Kalu Uche)(Odisha)(Forward)(2017-18)(8.64)
(Marcelo Leite Pereira)(Odisha)(Forward)(2016-17)(8.55)

Download ILS Todays Match Fixtures PDF.

For a PDF of the ILS Todays Match Fixtures, click on the link below.

Live Streaming Channels for ISL.

ISL 2021–22 is being broadcast live by Star. As a result, interested parties can view the matches on Star Sports. To watch the games of your favourite teams in your preferred languages, you can select the Star Sports channel for your area and native tongue, such as Star Sports Bangla, Star Sports Kannada, or others. Additionally, fans can watch the live games on Jio TV and Disney Hotstar.

Apps for ISL Live Streaming.

On the Disney Hotstar app, you have the option of watching matches that have already occurred in the past as well as live matches. You can download Disney Hotstar to your smartphone and watch all the games when it’s convenient for you.


India’s premier football league, the Hero Indian Super League (ISL), began play on October 12, 2014. ATK FC won the league’s first season, and Chennaiyin FC took first place in the second. ATK FC reclaimed the championship in the third season of the Hero ISL, their second victory in three years, while Chennaiyin did so in the fourth. In the 2018–19 season, Bengaluru FC won the championship. ATK FC made a successful comeback in the 2019–20 season and added a third trophy to their collection. Mumbai City FC triumphed in the 2020–21 season, which also included SC East Bengal and ATK Mohun Bagan.

Reliance, Star India, and the All India Football Federation all co-promote the competition (AIFF). The 11 franchises of the league, which are based in the following cities: Chennai, Bhubaneswar, Goa, Guwahati, Kochi, Kolkata, Mumbai, Hyderabad, Bengaluru, and Jamshedpur, have received significant investment from India’s leading industrialists, sports celebrities, and members of the Indian film industry.

The league is committed to funding stadium renovations at the 10 facilities that have been designated, as well as to a robust grassroots development initiative that will provide a platform for developing the nation’s football potential. The Hero ISL is positioned as a top-tier, dynamic competition that will raise Indian football to an international level with a goal of revolutionising the game.

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Goals for ISL.

• To host a domestic football competition of international calibre.

• To appeal to hundreds of millions of ardent and patriotic Indian football supporters.

• To motivate and assist the general public in beginning to play the sport.

• To create a sizable pool of gifted Indian athletes and “heroes” to represent their country at the international level.

• To establish new benchmarks for India’s marketing, governance, and sports administration.

• To drive demand for more investment by providing value to all of our partners and stakeholders.

ISL Contact

Official Website of ISL- (Click Here)

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Often Asked Questions on ISL Todays Match (FAQ)

Q) Which player in the ISL is the best?

Ans: With two points apiece, Hugo Boumous from ATK Mohun Bagan and Igor Angulo from Mumbai City FC are now the top players in the ISL.

Q) Which ISL team is the best?

Ans: Mumbai City, ATK Mohun Bagan, Bengaluru FC, and Chennaiyin FC are the top four clubs with three points apiece, according to the games that have already been played this season.

Q) Which ISL team has the largest fan base?

Ans: Not just in India but also in other areas of the Asian Continent, the Kerala Blaster have the most fans of any ISL team.

Q) Who is the ISL’s top goalkeeper?

Ans: TP Rehenesh, Subrata Paul, Amrinder Singh, Arindam Bhattacharya, and Gurpreet Singh Sandhu are the top five goalkeepers in the ISL.

Q) ISL, how many games?

Ans: There are 110 games in the league stage of the ISL schedule. The top four clubs advance to the playoffs after the conclusion of the league stage.

Q) Who is the ISL’s top coach?

Ans: With three titles each, Habas and Sergio Lobera are the most successful coaches in the Indian Super League. With three separate clubs under his management, Habas and Steve Coppell have overseen the most teams in the Indian Super League.


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