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If you’re not sure what Modicare is, keep reading. Then this post is solely for you. In this essay, we will go over all of the information concerning the Modicare Company. We’ll learn about Modicare Products, Modicare Income Plan, how to join Modicare, Modicare perks, and how to earn money with Modicare in this post.

Modicare News Update.

27th Nov 2021.

Mr. Modi stated, “They currently have a base of 53 lakh consultants, with two lakh new consultants joining every month.” He went on to say that men and women made up half of the consultant base, with 30% of the consultants being between the ages of 21 and 29, 50% being between the ages of 30-49, and the rest being above 50. Mr. Modi went on to say that the firm has been expanding at a CAGR of 65 percent and that revenues will be at Rs 2,100 crore this year.


About Modicare

Modicare is a Direct Selling, Network Marketing, or MLM company in India. Modicare’s full name is Modicare private limited. The Modicare Company holds the honor of being India’s first direct selling company. Mr. Samir Modi founded the company in 1996. Modicare Corporate is MCA-registered. Modicare has been in operation for the past 25 years with great success. Modi Care is one of the world’s most successful direct selling companies.

Modicare is ranked 96th among the world’s Top 500 Direct Selling Companies. Modicare Marketing is a certified ISO 9001:2015 organization. This validates the company’s legitimacy. IDSA: Indian Direct Selling Association is proud to have Modi Care as a member. Modicare has also been named Asia’s Best Workplace for 2021.

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Starting with a single office in Delhi in 1996, the organization has grown to include over 10,000 DP Centers and Store Rooms. Modi Care currently has over 50 lakh distributors and is rapidly expanding. Modicare has over 7.5 lakh such distributors who are making money in some way. Modicare has a total of 178 high achievers.

Product BrandModicare
Modicare Company NameModicare Marketing Private Limited
Modicare PAN numberAABCM9425F
AGE OF Modicare Company25 Years
COMPANY TYPEPublic Limited Company
Modicare OWNER Sameer Modi
Modicare BRAND AMBASSADORShivani Modi
Modicare TIN Number07AABCM9425F1ZI
CIN NUMBER ModicareU72200DL1973PLC110617
Modicare Business GST NUMBER07AABCM9425F1ZI
Modicare HEAD OFFICE Address5, Community Center, Ashok Vihar, New Friends Colony, New Delhi, Delhi 110025

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Modicare’s Advantages

Modicare offers all of the advantages that come with running a network marketing business. Why Modicare’s goods are superior than those found in traditional markets.

• Modicare allows you to start your own business.

• Modicare Products are beneficial to one’s health.

• Modicare can help you live a more secure life.

• Has a high level of social regard.

• Having more free time It is possible to find time freedom.

• Financial Independence Money freedom can be found.

Highlights of the Samir Modicare Azadi Plan include:

There are eight different sources of income:

1. Savings on usage of up to 20%.

2. Up to 20% profit margin in retail.

3. Bonus based on cumulative performance: 7% to 22%.

4. Bonus for the Director: 14 percent of the POOL*

5. 15 percent POOL* Leadership Productivity Bonus

6. 3 percent POOL* Outbound Travel Fund

7. Fund for Dream Vehicles: 5% POOL*

8. 3 percent POOL* Dream Home Fund

Make your own hours, be your own boss, and fill your life with amazing experiences.

There are three straightforward ways to make money:

1. Product margins – the profit margins on the items you sell.

2. Performance-based monthly bonus.

3. Incentives for growth.

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Modicare Products.

Modicare is a brand of health and beauty products.

a direct selling firm Modicare offers almost 400 different items. Modicare offers a diverse selection of FMCG, health supplements, watches, jewelry, cosmetics, agri goods, and other high-quality items.

modicare products
modicare products

List of Modicare Product Categories.


2. Personal Hygiene.

3. Personal Hygiene

4. In-home care

5. Take care of the laundry.

6. Food and beverages are number six on the list.

7. Color cosmetics are number seven.

8. Agriculture Products (number 8)

9. Automobile Maintenance.

10. SM Watches is number ten.

11. Tech. No. 11

12. Literature is number twelve.

13. Jewelry

14. The divine.

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How to Become a Modicare Consultant and How to Join Modicare?

There are several advantages to becoming a Modicare consultant, including the opportunity to have fun, earn money, and look beautiful because Modicare goods are the greatest direct selling items available online. Modicare gives you the chance to realize your aspirations and achieve your own goals. At Modicare, we will provide you with the training and materials you require to enhance your talents and personality.

If you wish to work as a Modicare consultant, you’ll need the following scanned documents:

* Personal Identification Number (PAN) Card (optional).

* Photo ID or proof of address; * A valid email address; and * a mobile phone number.

To register, go to the link below.

To find a consultant near you, go to website (Consultant Locator).

Modicare Free Joining:

This is a business that can be started by anyone with no money down. Those interested in joining can do so by clicking here. Put an MCA No. reference on Sponsor MCA No:, Then complete the form and submit it. After that, provide your photo id and proof of address. You will receive your MCA number and password on your mobile phone within 8 hours.

Joining Modicare is completely free follow the steps below.

Step 1: To register with Modicare, go to link (Sponsor MCA No. XXXXXXXXXXXX required)

• Step 2: Fill in all of your Aadhar Card information.

• Step 3: Complete your KYC using your Aadhar Card or another form of address verification.

Step 4: Apply for NEFT using your *Cancel Check or Bank Passbook.

• Step 5: Obtain your MCA number

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How to earn money with Modicare (Modicare Se Paise Kaise Kamaye in 2022)

In Modicare, there are two methods to make money.

1. The first is direct selling.

Money is made by purchasing Modicare items at DP and selling them at MRP. Only up to 20% may be gained in this game. For example, if you bought a Modicare product for 1000 rupees (DP) and sold it for 1200 rupees (MRP), you made a profit of 200 rupees.

2. Affiliate marketing.

We’ll have to form our own squad for this. And whatever the company’s business is, it’s handled by our team. According to the rules, some of the money from that business is distributed among the team. This may be used to make an unlimited amount of money. The larger our group, the more money we can make. Modicare rewards us with nine different types of bonuses when we participate in network marketing.

Modicare Income Plan

Company Modi’s Generation Plan is in the works. Modicare is a multi-level marketing firm. We must form our own team in this organization. When we join Modicare, we are referred to as Modicare distributors. Modicare pays its distributors nine different forms of commissions. Each commission has its own set of criteria.

1. Retail Profits or Consumption Savings- 10% to 20%

2. Performance Bonus (Accumulative) Performance Bonus (Accumulative) Performance Bonus (Accumulative) Performance Bonus (Ac (7 percent to 16 percent ).

3. The Director Bonus Pool is a 4% bonus pool for directors.

4. Bonus Pool for Team Building Bonus Pool for Team Building – 14%.

5. Leadership Productivity Performance Bonus – 15% Leadership Productivity Performance Bonus

6. Bonus Pool for Dream Travel 3 percent bonus pool for dream travel.

7. Bonus Pool for Dream Cars Bonus Pool for Dream Cars – 5%

8. Bonus Pool in the Dream House Bonus Pool for Dream House – 3%

9. Bonus Pool for Unbreakable Bonds 2 percent bonus pool for Atoot Bandhan.

What is Modicare Turnover, and how does it work? Turnover at Modicare

• 2000 crores for the fiscal year 2019-20

How to Become a Modicare Member. (Modicare Participate in Kaise Kare)

Modicare can be joined in two ways.

1. Anyone who is already a Modicare participant. You may reach him by sending him an email.

2. Modicare’s website is where you may sign up. For this, the individual doing your Modicare must provide his Modicare ID. To join the website, click the link. Modicare Company Information


You’ve learned a lot about Modicare now. The manner in which Modicare expands each year. Its distributor appears to have a bright future. As a result, Modicare may be done part-time as a side hustle. Modi Care requires any and all skills, degrees, experience, and financial resources. Money may be made in Modicare without any form of prejudice based on wealth, caste, or religion. Thank you for taking the time to read this blog. Please provide your helpful comments.

Often asked questions on Modicare

Q) What does Modi Care imply?

Ans: Modicare is a top Direct Selling, Network Marketing, or MLM company in India. Modicare’s full name is Modicare private limited.

Q) What is the name of the company that owns Modi Care?

Ans: Sameer Modi is the owner of Modi Care.

Q) When did the Modi Care Company get its start?

Ans: Mr. By Samir Modi founded the Modi Care Company in 1996.

Q) How does Modi Care assist you?


1. Modicare’s products are far superior to those found in traditional markets.

2. Modicare allows you to start your own business.

3. Modicare Products are beneficial to one’s health.

4. Modicare can help you live a more secure life.

5. There is a high level of social deference.

6. Time Freedom It is possible to find time freedom.

7. Financial Independence Money freedom can be found.

Q) What is the name of the company Modicare?

Ans: Modicare Limited was established on July 12, 1973 as a non-profit company. It is a public unlisted company that is classified as a’company limited by shares.’ The company’s authorized capital is Rs 2400.0 lakhs, with Rs 738.3 lakhs, or 30.7626 percent, paid-up capital.

Q) Is Modicare a brand of Indian products?

Ans: Modicare is a direct selling company based in India. They use network marketing to promote their products. Modicare began direct selling in India in 1996 and continues to do so today. Modicare began with one location, seven items, and about 400 consultants.

Q) Is Modicare considered illegal in India?

Ans: Although not directly, the government has put certain regulations on these businesses. Direct selling firms like as Oriflame, Amway, Tupperware, and Modicare, among others, have been forbidden from pyramid and money circulation schemes under the new guidelines, which were announced by the Norwegian Consumer Affairs Ministry.

Q) Who is the owner of Modicare?

Ans: K.K. Modi and Bina Modi’s younger son, Samir Modi (born 15 December 1969), is an Indian businessman. His grandfather, Gujarmal Modi, started Modi Enterprises in 1933, and he is an executive director there.

Q) What is the maximum amount of money we can make in Modicare?

Ans: Based on 8 profiles, some believe that Modicare employees make an average of 24 lakhs, with the majority of salaries ranging from 14 lakhs to 49 lakhs. However, we believe that this is unrealistic, as it is entirely dependent on sales generated by your downline structure. In truth, the vast majority of people who participate in direct marketing earn nothing. If you have a lot of sales, you can undoubtedly make a lot of money.


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