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If you are looking for e mudra loan application form SBI or others, than you have come to the right place. A step by step guide to fill mudra application form and complete information on How to fill mudra application form online and offline.

Mudra Loan Application Form Purpose

Sufficient money are necessary for continued growth and expansion in order to run a profitable firm. The Indian government created the Pradhan Mantri Mudra Yojana to address this issue (PMMY). Public and private sector banks, NBFCs, small banks, rural banks, scheduled banks, and cooperative societies registered under the PMMY system approve and distribute the Mudra Yojana loan.

The PMMY system has established three products: ‘Shishu,’ ‘Kishore,’ and ‘Tarun,’ which represent the level of development and financial requirements by serving as a benchmark for the next phase of graduation/growth. Most banks that are officially authorized to offer MUDRA loans have the Pradhan Mantri Mudra Yojana application form on their official websites.

mudra loan application form
mudra loan application form

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Download Mudra Loan Application PDF

In PDF format, download the Pradhan Mantri Mudra Yojana Loan Application Form (PMMY).

Download Forms
Download Mudra Loan Application Form Sishu
Mudra Loan Application Form for Kishore
Mudra Loan Application Form For Tarun

Mudra Loan Application Form SBI

Mudra loan application steps
Mudra loan application steps

How to fill up SBI e mudra loan application form?

Existing SBI clients with a Savings Account or a Current Account (Individual) can apply for an e-MUDRA loan of up to Rs. 1,00,000 by visiting the SBI e-mudra portal and following the instructions:.

Step 1: From the drop-down state bank of India portal menu option, choose Pradhan Mantri Mudra Yojana Application Form (PMMY).

Step 2: Go to the link of (PMMY) https://emudra.sbi.co.in:8044/emudra on the SBI official website and click ‘Proceed.’

mudra loan application form sbi
mudra loan application form sbi

Step 3: Provide the essential information to UIDAI for e-KYC purposes, such as the applicant’s Aadhar card, since e-KYC and e-sign must be done using OTP authentication for loan processing and payout.

mudra loan application form sbi online
mudra loan application form sbi online

Step 4: Once the SBI formalities and loan procedure are finished, the applicant will receive an SMS instructing them to return to the e-MUDRA site to continue the process.

Step 5: You must finish this step within 30 days of getting the loan approval SMS.

Note: The document must be sent in JPEG, PDF, or PNG format, with a maximum file size of 2MB.

SBI Bank E Mudra Loan Application Form 2022 (sbi.co.in.) direct links

The direct link to the SBI Bank E Mudra Loan Apply Online Form is as follows:-.

  • https://sbi.co.in/web/business/sme/sme-loans/pm-mudra-yojana or 
  • https://emudra.sbi.co.in:8044/emudra
  • https://sbi.co.in/web/business/sme/lead-generation

Interest Rates, Subsidies, and Features of SBI Bank’s E Mudra Loan

The following are the key characteristics and benefits of the SBI Bank E Mudra Loan:

Type of FacilityWorking capital and a term loan are two types of financing.
Purpose of LoanBusiness goals, capacity growth, and modernisation are all on the table.
The Target Audience.Manufacturing, trading, and services businesses, as well as related agricultural industries.
Amount of loan (Min / Max)The maximum loan amount is Rs. ten lakhs.
Shishu LoansSHISHU refers to loans of up to Rs.50,000.
Kishore LoansKISHORE loans are those ranging from Rs. 50,001 to Rs. 500,000.
Tarun LoansTARUN is a category that includes amounts ranging from Rs. 500,001 to Rs. 10,00,000.
Margin (percent)Up to Rs. 50,000, there is no interest, and from Rs. 50,001 to Rs. 10 lacs, there is a 10% interest rate.
RatesPricing that is competitive It's connected to MCLR.
Period of RepaymentWC/TL will be reviewed every three to five years, with a six-month moratorium depending on the activity/income generated.
Processing FeeShishu and Kishore to MSE Units: nothing; Tarun: 0.50 percent of loan amount (plus relevant tax).

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How to fill up Common Mudra Loan Application Form Offline?

Simple instructions for filling out the PMMY application form are provided below.

Step 1: To apply for a Mudra loan, go to the official website of the financial institution where you want to get the loan and download the application form (Shishu, Kishore, Tarun).

Step 2: Fill out the Mudra loan application form with your personal information, such as your name, date of birth, residential/business address, and educational credentials.

How to Fill Mudra Loan Application Form-Part 1
How to Fill Mudra Loan Application Form-Part 1

Step 3: Fill in your Voters ID Number, Aadhar Card Number, Driving License Number, and other information in the KYC papers area. You must also provide confirmation of identity and proof of address.

Step 4: Enter your contact information and email address. If you own a business, you must provide information such as the type of business, the purpose of the firm, and other pertinent details.

Fill Mudra Loan Application Form-Part 2
Fill Mudra Loan Application Form-Part 2

Step 5: Next, you must specify the loan amount and term that you want. Fill in the details of your current bank account. Carefully read and comprehend the above declaration. Finally, sign the application form after filling in the date and location.

How to Fill Mudra Loan Application Form-Part 3
How to Fill Mudra Loan Application Form-Part 3

Step 6: After you’ve completed the previous procedures, your application will be reviewed by the financial institution. You will receive a MUDRA card after your loan application has been accepted, which you may use to withdraw the cash and utilize for your business.

mudra loan card
mudra loan card

Towards the conclusion of the application form, there is a list of the needed papers for the Mudra loan. Before submitting the form, applicants must include these papers.

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Important Sections of the Pradhan Mantri MUDRA Yojana Application Form

The MUDRA loan application form has various sections, which are as follows:

The following information is required for official use:.

• The full name of the company.

• The application’s serial number.

• The branch’s name.

Shishu, Kishor, or Tarun Loan are the three Mudra Loan Yojana categories.

Information about the company:

• The full name of the company.

• Whether the firm is a single proprietorship, a partnership, a private limited company, a limited liability company, or anything else.

• Proof of business address (containing state and PIN code).

• Specify if the business location is owned or rented.

• Information about how to contact you.

• The applicant’s email address.

• Current and prospective commercial activities

• The approximate start date of the business in DD/MM/YEAR

• The unit’s registration information.

The following information is required for a registered business:

• A unique identification number.

• The registration statute under which it is made.

• The office’s registered address.

• Social category for a backward applicant, such as Scheduled Caste or Tribe.

• Classes or any other group of people from a minority group.

The Proprietor/Partners/Directors’ Background Information

• Personal information such as name, serial number, sex, date of birth, and other similar information.

• Contact information, such as an email address, a phone number, and a registered household address

• Academic and professional degrees of the highest level.

• Any kind of identification or proof of residence that is valid.

• A photocopy of your PAN card

• A unique number assigned to each director.

• The overall amount of experience you have in your present field of business.

• Relationships with other officials/directors, and so forth.

Details on the Associate Concerns and the Relationship between them.

• The Associate Concerns’ titles.

• Contact information for Associate Concerns.

• Your current bank account information.

• Concerns about the association’s nature

• Your involvement as a proprietor, partner, director, or investor in an associate concern.

Existing Banking/Credit Facilities (In Rs.).

• Types of Savings Bank Accounts, Current Accounts, and Cash Credit Accounts, as well as Term Loans, Letters of Credit, and Bank Guarantees.

• Your current bank account information.

• The entire loan limit that has previously been used.

• As of today’s date, the total amount owed.

• The amount of security that has been put up.

• The status of your asset categorization.

• If you have a current account with the bank, you must enter your Customer ID.

• A statement stating that the applicant has applied for a loan with no other bank or financial organization.

Proposed Total Credit Facilities: (In Rs.).

• Different types of financing options, such as cash, credit, term loans, and even letters of credit or bank guarantees.

• The entire amount of the loan.

• Specify the loan’s purpose.

• Details of the principal security offered (with an approximate value) for working capital: Based on the Cash Credit Limit: (In Rs.).

• Sales in the previous two years.

• The sales, revenue, inventory, working cycles, creditors and debtors, promoter’s contribution, total limits, and other financial statements.

The following information is required for a term loan:

• Machine or equipment types.

• The supplier’s name.

• The machine’s entire price.

• The amount of money invested by the promoters in INR.

• The entire amount of money that needs to be borrowed.

• For Past Performance/ Future Estimates, the payback period with a moratorium period has been requested: (In Rs.).

• Gross sales.

• Profit after taxes.

• Funding (Net Worth in case of Companies).

Statutory Obligations: Current Situation:

The applicant must indicate whether each Statutory Obligation was met by choosing ‘Yes’/’No’ as appropriate for each one. If anything isn’t appropriate, say ‘N.A.’ In addition, any information on the applicable duty must be supplied in the ‘Remarks’ column of the application form. The following are the legal requirements:

• The Shops and Establishment Act requires registration.

• Provisional/Final registration under the MSME.

• A drug license is required.

• The most recent sales tax returns have been filed.

• Income Tax Returns that have been filed recently.

• Other unpaid obligations for the Statutory Requirement Declaration:

• Signature(s) of the Proprietor/Partners/Director on a declaration with passport-size pictures.

• Mention of the time and location.

• Acknowledgement Slip for PMMY Loan Application

Necessary Documents Required

Near the bottom of the form, you’ll find a list of the documents you’ll need. Depending on the type of loan and the type of company being applied for, applicants must provide the necessary documentation. These are some of them:

• Completed application form with passport-sized photos

• Proofs of identity, age, and residency.

• Identification as a member of the SC, ST, or OBC categories.

• Proof of a business’s address and identity.

• PAN card of the applicant as well as the PAN card of the business.

• Two-year balance sheet, as well as sales tax and/or income tax returns — This is required if the loan amount exceeds 2 lakh.

• Any additional documents that the lender requests.

MUDRA loans are available through Commercial Banks, Rural Regional Banks (RRBs), Small Financial Banks (SFBs), Cooperative Banks, Microfinance Institutions (MFIs), and other financial institutions under the PMMY program.

‘Shishu’ Mudra Loan Application Form

On the same website, there is a specific ‘MUDRA Loan Application Form’ for the ‘Shishu’ category. Because several parts do not apply at the start of a firm, when a ‘Shishu’ loan is accepted, this form is substantially shorter than the normal form. There is no processing charge or collateral need for a ‘Shishu’ loan. The repayment period might be extended to a maximum of five years.

Click Here to download Sishu Mudra loan Form

Sishu mudra loan aplication form
Sishu mudra loan aplication form

Click Here to download Kishore Mudra loan Form

Kishore mudra loan aplication form
Kishore mudra loan aplication form

Click Here to download Tarun Mudra loan Form

Tarun mudra loan aplication form
Tarun mudra loan aplication form


Loans are given to socioeconomically backward persons under the MUDRA Yojana plan in order to enhance their livelihood and the wider rural economy. At SBI, you may apply for a mudra loan and get loans up to Rs. 10 lakhs. SBI can help you get started with your start-ups, whether you’re searching for new infrastructure or a small or medium firm needing to replace gear. The online business loan application procedure is simple, with no collateral required and various loan repayment alternatives. The disbursement of the loan amount, as well as special loan offers, takes less than 3 minutes.

Pradhan Mantri’s MUDRA (Micro Units Development and Refinance Agency) Scheme MUDRA Yojana (PMMY) is a scheme that provides financial assistance to micro, small, and medium-sized businesses (MSMEs). Due to the absence of collateral required for a bank loan, MSMEs that operate as sole proprietorships or partnerships may encounter funding issues. Policy guidelines for funding MSMEs were developed under the PMMY plan, which can help the rural economy grow quicker while also helping India’s general economy.

Often Asked Questions-Mudra Loan Application Form

Q) Where can I get a copy of the Mudra loan application form?

Ans: To obtain a copy of the MUDRA loan application form, go to https://www.mudra.org.in/Home/PMMYBankersKit or go to the Pradhan Mantri Mudra Yojana’s official website (PMMY).

Q) Is it possible to submit a MUDRA loan application form online?

Ans: Yes, the MUDRA loan application form may be filed online at the official website of the qualified bank by filling out all of the relevant information as requested by the lender.

Q) Is it possible for college graduates to apply for a Mudra Loan?

Ans: Yes, college students can apply for a Mudra Loan if they satisfy the qualifying requirements and have a good business plan together with all required documentation.

Q) I’d want to buy a taxi for the purpose of transporting things. Is it possible for me to get a Mudra Loan?

Ans: Yes, a Mudra Loan can be used to acquire a taxi for the transportation of products. From July 1, 2017, banking services and goods will be subject to an 18% GST rate.


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