New ATM Card Issue Application SBI : Apply ATM/Debit Card Online

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SBI has released new updates for new card application in issuing ATM cards.

New ATM Card Issue Application SBI

If you have an online SBI account, you can use the online service to apply for a new SBI ATM/Debit Card without having to visit a bank. To apply for a new SBI ATM Card online, all you need is your login credentials and SBI profile password. Your cellphone number is required in order to upgrade your ATM debit card online.

New ATM Card Issue Application SBI-Misplaced

Also, if you lose or have your SBI ATM debit Card stolen, you may easily replace it and register for a new SBI ATM card online.

Your old card will become inactive when you generate the ATM Pin, and you will be able to use your new SBI ATM card. The new SBI ATM Debit Card applied may now be activated at SBI online.

This step-by-step instruction will show you how to activate your SBI Debit Card (ATM Card) online and generate your ATM Pin. Let’s take a look at how to replace your SBI debit card or get a new one(SBI ATM Card Online Registration).

new atm card issue application sbi
new atm card issue application sbi

Process to Apply for a new SBI ATM/Debit card

To apply for a new SBI ATM/Debit card using an online internet banking account at onlinesbi website, follow the procedures below.

You can download and submit the SBI ATM Card application form to your local bank if you don’t have an SBI online account.

1. Log in to your SBI Online Banking account (Internet Banking Account).

2. From the e-Services menu, choose ‘ATM Card Services.’

3. From the drop-down box, choose Request ATM/Debit Card.

4. Select your primary account, enter your name on the card, and select the sort of card you wish to apply for.

5. Click Next after selecting the Validation Mode.


SBI ATM Card Status : Check Online Yono / Net Banking / India Post

Yes Bank Credit Card Application Status | Online

Detailed Steps

Let’s have a look at the process step by step using screenshots. If you have any questions or require assistance, please leave a remark below.


  • Log in to in step one.
  • User Name and Password for SBI Internet Banking are required.

Note: Your SBI Internet Banking User Name, Password, ATM Card Number, or CVV Number should never be shared with anybody.

Image-1-new atm card issue application sbi
new atm card issue application sbi

Step 2: Select ‘e-Services,’ then ‘ATM Card Services’ from the top menu.


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There are numerous SBI ATM Card Services options available in the menu as below.

  • Do not use your ATM card.
  • Limits, channels, and usage of ATM cards have changed.
  • ATM PIN generation is a service that generates PINs for ATMs.
  • A new ATM card is activated.
  • You can get a debit or ATM card by requesting one.

3rd step:

  • From the drop-down box, choose ‘Request ATM/Debit Card.’
new atm card issue application sbi-Step-3

Step 4: From the drop-down menu, select your principal SBI account.

  • You’ll be asked to enter your Primary SBI Account Number, then the “Name on the Card” (SBI ATM Card).
  • The Card type may also be selected from a drop-down menu.

SBI Debit/ATM Cards options will be available in the list as follows.

• SBI International Debit Card SBI Global International Debit Card SBI Global International Debit Card SBI (Master Card).

• SBI PayPass Debit Card (International) (Master Card).

• SBI International Debit Card SBI Global International Debit Card SBI Global International Debit Card SBI (Visa).

• SBI PayWave International Debit Card (SBI PayWave International Debit Card) (Visa).

• SBI Calssic Debit Card for Domestic Use (Visa).

• SBI Domestic Debit Card (Classic) (Master Card).

• SBI Classic (Domestic Debit-Card (Rupay).

After you’ve chosen your ATM card type, check the box that says “I accept the terms and conditions” and then click the “Submit” button.

Step 5:

  • For your new SBI ATM card application, you will now have the opportunity to select the manner of validation.
  • Using a One-Time Password or Using a Profile Password are the two sorts of Validation Modes accessible.
  • You are free to select any solution that suits your needs.

How to Apply Online for a New SBI ATM Card Using an OTP (One Time Password Method).

6th Step:

  • If you chose to use a One-Time Password (OTP), an OTP will be sent to your SBI registered mobile number.
  • If you have not yet registered your mobile number with SBI, you can do so by visiting any SBI ATM.
  • You may modify your already-registered Phone (Mobile) Number at SBI online if you want to.
  • If you haven’t registered your phone number or if your SBI phone number has gone lost or is inaccessible, don’t panic.
  • You may get a new atm card issue from sbi, by going into your SBI Internet Banking with the Profile Password,  
  • For validation mode, simply choose ‘Using Profile Password.’

Step 7:

  • Enter the OTP that was provided to your registered mobile number if you choose the OTP option; otherwise, enter your profile password and click the “Submit” button.
  • Double-check the information on the following screen before clicking the “Submit” button.
  • “Congratulations!” Your request for a New “ATM Debit card has been received.” should now appear in your Success message.
  • Your debit card will arrive at your chosen address in 7-8 business days.’

Your SBI registered mobile number will be confirmed with a text message, i.e. you shall get an SMS confirming about the new atm card application at sbi.

After receiving your new SBI ATM card request, SBI will process your application and deliver the new ATM card to your SBI registered postal address.

State Bank of India will send a SMS text message to your registered mobile number with the shipping AWB number.

You can track the delivery Status of your SBI ATM card in real time with the Courier AWB Tracking Number.

The SBI ATM Card Application Form for new atm card issue application at sbi is available online.

Directly from the SBI Portal, you may get a copy of the SBI ATM card application form. You can fill out and return this ATM/debit card application form to your local branch.

What is the procedure for completing the SBI ATM Card Application Form?

To complete the ATM/Debit Card application form, follow the instructions below.

Step 1: Download the PDF version of the SBI ATM Application Form.

Step 2: In capital Block letters, type in your Full name, Permanent address, city, state, pin code, mobile phone number, bank branch, account number, and other required information.

Step 3: Make sure one word from another should have a one-box space between them.

Step 4: Fill out the complete new atm card issue application sbi form and submit it.

(You must complete out two application forms if you have a joint account.)

The SBI will offer a replacement ATM card upon written request.

Customers can obtain a new debit card by sending a written request to the SBI customer service email address.

If the above method fails, the user can request a New ATM Card Issue Application SBI from the bank’s 24-hour customer care department.

Cover Letter for New ATM Card Issue Application at SBI

Some branch may ask you to provide an application with the ATM card application form. So, for that you may use the below mentioned letter.

Sample Letter for New ATM Card Issue


The Branch Manager,

State Bank of India

[Branch Name]

[Date: – DD-MM-YYYY]

Sub: – Application for issuing new ATM card

Respectfully, sir/madam,

My account number is [Account number] and I am a customer of this bank. I request that you issue a replacement ATM card for my account as soon as possible, and I have included all essential documentation to my letter.

Please do the needful at your earliest.

Thanking You


Name & Signature

Account Number:


Tel Phone Number:

SBI Card International ATM Debit Card Uses.

  • For booking cinema tickets, bill payments, travel, and other online purchases and payments at more than 6 lakh merchant outlets in India and more than 30 million internationally.
  • For cash withdrawals from SBI ATMs and other ATMs in India and throughout the world (ATMs bearing the MasterCard/Maestro/Visa logo).

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Withdrawal Limits & Fees with the new SBI ATM Card

Free withdrawals for the first four withdrawals in a month.

This appears to be the case for ATM withdrawals as well.

When all four withdrawals have been completed below are the charges

  • Home Bank ATMs charge Rs.10 + GST per transaction; Other Bank ATMs charge Rs.20 + GST every transaction.
    • Every transaction at the branch costs Rs.50 plus GST.
    • For each transaction, a cash withdrawal from the SBI Buddy Wallet Balance via ATM costs Rs.25.

Issuing of ATM cards.

The RuPay Classic card is the only one that is completely free.

SBI ATM Debit Card Types & Features

SBI Debit Cards are available in a wide range of features and services.

State Bank of India’s-classic debit card.

Cashless transactions, quick account access, bill payment options, a rewards redemption program, and purchases at numerous merchant outlets across India are all available with a State Bank Classic debit card. The State Bank Classic debit card can be used to withdraw money from any SBI or other Indian bank’s ATM. The daily cash withdrawal limit at any ATM is fixed between Rs 100/- and Rs 40000/-. Customers can use their State Bank Classic debit cards to make purchases up to Rs 50,000/- at point-of-sale terminals.

Silver International Debit Card from State Bank.

With a State Bank Silver International Debit Card, you may access your bank account from anywhere in the world, make purchases at over 30 million locations globally, make payments, and withdraw cash without any difficulties.

Three consecutive purchase transactions on your State Bank Silver International Debit Card in a quarter will double your rewards points.

The State Bank Global International Debit Card is an international debit card issued by State Bank.

Because it has an inbuilt EMV chip, the State Bank Global International Debit Card provides comprehensive protection against fraudulent transactions.

Enjoy cashless shopping anywhere in the globe and earn limitless Freedom Rewardz points on all debit card purchases.

Customers can double their reward points earned in a quarter by making three consecutive purchases.

Gold International Debit Card from State Bank.

The State Bank Gold International Debit Card offers greatest freedom while making Point of Sale and online transactions, with a buy transaction limit of Rs.2 lakh. The primary debit card holder receives complimentary life insurance coverage of up to Rs 2 lakhs. The card also comes with purchase protection insurance for up to Rs 5000/- in theft or damage for a period of 90 days from the date of purchase.

SBI Platinum International Debit Card

Is a ATM Card issued by SBI. Purchase items, book tickets, pay bills, and conduct online transactions with your State Bank Platinum International Debit Card as a Platinum member of SBI.

Three consecutive purchase transactions on a State Bank Platinum International Debit Card will triple your reward points collected in a quarter. Members of the Platinum debit card are entitled to complimentary life insurance coverage of up to Rs 5 lakhs, as well as purchase protection insurance of up to Rs 50,000/-, both valid for 90 days from the date of purchase.

Mumbai Metro Combo Card from SBI.

The State Bank Mumbai Metro Combo Card, which doubles as a payment and access card with a slew of benefits, has made commuting on the Mumbai Metro a whole lot easier. The card saves commuters time by removing the need to queue for tickets at Mumbai Metro Stations. The card can also be used as a shopping card to make online purchases, payments, and cash withdrawals in India and around the world.

sbiINTOUCH Tap & Go Debit Card

The sbiINTOUCH Tap & Go Debit Card, introduced as a chip-based contactless card, is a one-of-a-kind card from SBI that allows customers to make speedy purchases by just touching their debit cards at over 10 lakh merchant locations that accept contactless payments.

This card may be used to make online payments, shop, and withdraw cash in India and throughout the world, allowing users to transact more quickly.

Business Debit Cards from SBI.

The State Bank Business debit card is a business owner’s closest friend, and it was created to satisfy the needs of SBI’s commercial banking clients. Customers can use their EMV chip-based business debit cards to keep track of their business costs, make payments, book business trip tickets, pay business utility bills, and buy business supplies.

SBI Pride Card is a card issued by SBI.

The State Bank Pride debit card is a business card that offers high cash withdrawal limits of up to Rs 100,000/- per day and buy transaction limitations of up to Rs 200,000/- per day to self-employed individuals. Cardholders can also deposit cash at an SBI cash deposit machine, which has a daily limit of Rs 49,900/-.

SBI Premium Debit Card

Is a debit card issued by SBI. SBI users with premium cards have daily cash limits of up to Rs. 2,00,000 and daily e-commerce transaction limitations of up to Rs. 5,00,000. For the principal cardholder, the card also has life insurance coverage of up to Rs 5 lakhs and purchase protection insurance of up to Rs 50,000/-.

SBI ATM Debit Card Benefits

The advantages of having a State Bank of India debit card are numerous.

  • State Bank customers may easily access their accounts and conduct transactions at no cost thanks to a huge network of 43,000+ ATMs spread across India.

  • This service is available at all State Bank Group ATMs as well as associate banks (e.g.- State Bank of Bikaner & Jaipur, State Bank of Patiala, State Bank of Hyderabad, etc.).
  • Customers can withdraw cash, make payments, request credit instruments such as credit cards, and open term deposits using their SBI debit cards at any SBI ATM.
  • State Bank of India debit cards offer enhanced security for online transactions thanks to ‘3D Secure,’ a secure solution developed by the State Bank Group in partnership with Visa and MasterCard.

Useful Tips for using your State Bank ATM debit card

  • To avoid fraudulent activity, SBI customers should always sign on the back of their SBI debit cards, allowing merchants to validate the customer’s signature if necessary.
  • To avoid fraudulent activity, SBI customers should use the hot listing facility immediately in cases of theft or loss of debit cards.

How to Find Out When Your SBI Debit Card Expires?

Follow the procedures below to get the SBI Debit card Expiry Date:

  • Go to your SBI Internet Banking account and log in.
  • Select ‘e-Services,’ then ‘ATM Card Services,’ then ‘ATM Limit Change.’
  • Your SBI ATM Card Expiry Date can be found there.

Applying a new ATM debit card when Stolen.

When an SBI customer’s debit card is stolen or misplaced, the first step should be to disable the card. Following the successful blocking of the card, the consumer should request the issuing of a new card.

One of the four methods indicated above can be used to request a new card.

Within 7-8 working days, you will receive your SBI ATM/Debit Card at your registered address.


ATM Debit Cards from State Bank of India: Frequently Asked Questions

How can I fill out an application for an SBI debit card?

The application form for an SBI debit card is fairly straightforward to fill out. In capital characters, type your name, address, city, branch, account number, and other information. Sign and return the declaration form to the branch.

Is there a daily withdrawal limit for debit cards at SBI?

Yes, State Bank’s Classic Debit Cards have a daily withdrawal limit of Rs 40,000/-, whereas all other SBI debit cards have a maximum of Rs 1 lakh.

What are the different ATM services that my State Bank of India Debit Card can access?

Customers can use their State Bank of India debit cards to withdraw cash, change PINs, check account balances, get mini statements, pay bills, request cheque books, and open term deposits.

Is it possible to apply for an SBI ATM Card online?

If you have an active internet banking account, you can apply for an SBI ATM card without having to visit a branch. After logging in to your account, go to the e-Services menu and select ‘ATM Card Services,’ then to the Request ATM/Debit Card section.

At State Bank ATMs, what types of debit cards are accepted?

At State Bank ATMs, debit cards having the Maestro, Cirrus, Visa, MasterCard, and Visa Electron logos from any bank are accepted.

How can I get an SBI ATM card if I don’t have access to the internet?

You can apply for an ATM card in person at your local location. You can get the application form for a new ATM card or a replacement form, fill it out, and submit it to your local bank.

SBI protects online debit card transactions in what ways?

Using the Verified by Visa (VbV) and MasterCard SecureCode technologies, SBI provides a secure environment for online debit card transactions.

How does the State Bank of India ATM’s small statement function benefit customers?

Customers can use the mini statement feature to keep track of transactions made with their State Bank of India debit card. Customers can see their latest ten transactions on the statement.

SBI My Card International Debit-Personalize Card

The SBI My Card International Debit Card allows you to express your individuality and style. Simply select from our Gallery of bright and compelling photos to personalize your contactless Debit Card. Enjoy the ease of cashless shopping with SBI My Card International Debit Card while earning Freedom Rewardz points on your purchases. You may access your account anytime and wherever you wish with your SBI My Card International Debit Card. You can use it to make purchases at merchant businesses, make online payments, and withdraw cash in India and throughout the world.The EMV Chip on the SBI My Card International Debit Card adds to the card’s security.

  • To apply for your SBI My Card International Debit Card, go to Internet Banking >> e-Services >> ATM Card Services >> SBI My Card International Debit Card.
  • Request an ATM/Debit Card >> My Card, and then follow the prompts.


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