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NextStep Portal TCS: In general, there are two job categories for technical specialists at Tata Consultancy Services (TCS): IT services and Business Processing Services. Anyone with a science or technological background is welcome to use IT services. Business Processing Services are also in great demand for those with similar credentials. On-campus students or off-campus applicants in service may be interested in applying for IT or BPS services.

IT/BPS Job Openings: App for TCS NextStep Portal Login & Registration

TCS NextStep has released the registration link for the December 2022 recruitment campaign in December 2021. It will also establish a shortlist of candidates and inform them of the exam dates. The processes should also be followed, if relevant. Before diving into the intricacies of service recruitment in IT and BPS, it’s crucial to understand what these professions involve for job seekers. In addition, IT and BPS procedures cover a wide range of business tasks. This page covers the eligibility standards, the job screening process, and the registration procedures.

1. Tata Consultancy Services (TCS) employs a global network delivery method to meet a wide range of functional requirements. Tata Consultancy’s IT services include application development, maintenance, modernization, system integration, and performance engineering. TCS provides clients with a consulting-led, comprehensive spectrum of IT and IP-enabled services (ITeS).

Nextstep portal TCS
NextStep Portal TCS

2. Banking, insurance, drug research and safety, retail, manufacturing, and knowledge are among the industries served by TCS’ Business Processing Services. Horizontal services include finance and accounting, human resources, procurement, and analytics.

3. TCS begins the next phase of operations by recruiting off-campus or on-campus staff as a result of its rapidly expanding corporate activities. For gaining a spot on the candidate shortlist, the organization has set procedures and standards. The organisation has developed procedures and guidelines for securing a seat on the applicant shortlist. The next paragraphs, on the other hand, will go into the qualifying requirements and the application submission process in detail.

NextStep Portal TCS (Important Links)

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Eligibility for Recruitment:

1. Only Indian demographics are eligible for the TCS Next Step programme.

2. Individuals who are Indian citizens are only eligible to apply. The applicant must have obtained at least 60% of the marks from tenth grade through UG or PG.

3. Beginning in tenth grade, the candidate may have a hiatus in any period of his or her study of up to 24 months.

4. Applicants for the TCS recruitment campaign are invited from both on and off campus.

5. A person is only allowed to apply for one type of employment at a time. It might be for IT or BPS support.

6. The candidate must fill out the application form completely and accurately.

7. If an applicant registers in the wrong category, they must go through the entire application procedure again.

8. Applicants can have any of the following educational backgrounds. One can originate from any of the following locations:

• BE / B.Tech / ME / M.Tech / M.Sc (OR).

• MCA with BCA/B.Com/BA/B.Sc (with Math/Statistics background) (OR).

• You must have a master’s degree in computer science or information technology.

Required Qualification(BE / B.Tech / ME / M.Tech (OR)
(MCA with BCA/B.Com/BA/B.Sc with Math/Statistics Background OR M.Sc in Computer Science / Information Technology)
Designation/Position/Job Function(Associate System Engineer or Service Desk Engineer)
Required Percentage(60 percent or above in X, XII, UG, and PG courses )
Backlogs Conndition(There are no active or pending backlogs)
Break/Gap allowed:(up to 24 months if there is a good valid reason)
Experience allowed(up to 3 Years)
Location of the JobThroughout India

TCS NextStep will have a job opening for an Associate system engineer or service desk engineer.

10. At the time of applying for the post, there must be no continuing or present backlogs.

11. Off-campus candidates can have up to three years of experience.

12. Candidates who are picked in any of the categories may be placed in PAN India.

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Material for TCS NextStep Drive Preparation:

1. The NextStep evaluation may be thoroughly prepared for by candidates. In addition, the information in the subscripts below may aid candidates in their preparation.

2. TCS Placement Papers, Aptitude Questions, Reasoning Questions, English Questions, Email Writing Sample Papers, and Coding Questions are all worth looking into.

TCS NextStep 2022 registration is currently available.

Step 1 : The candidate must first visit the official website, which is located at

Second Step: The applicant must click the Register Now button to begin a new registration. The applicant must log in if he or she has previously registered.

Nextstep portal-Register Now
NextStep portal-Register Now

3rd Step: The candidate must select one of two streams: IT or BPS.

Nextstep portal-stream either IT or BPS
NextStep portal-stream either IT or BPS

4th step: After successfully completing the selection, the candidate is routed to the registration page, depending on the option.

Nextstep portal-sign up page
NextStep portal-sign up page

Step 5: The candidate must next submit personal information such as his or her name, date of birth, gender, email address, qualifications, and phone number in the fifth step.

Nextstep portal-sign up page
NextStep portal-sign up page

6th Step: Double-check all of the information before clicking the submit button. The confirmation of registration will be provided through the online portal.



  1. IT : (Information Technology for Software Engineer Trainee Vacancies.)
  2. BPS : (Business Process Service e.g. BPO, Call Center, Voice Support, Mail, and Chat Support).

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TCS NextStep Portal Login

The process for logging into the TCS NextStep Portal is as follows.

Candidates should go to page to log in to the page. as the initial step from the drop-down box, choose Login.

NextStep Portal Login TCS
NextStep Portal Login TCS

Second step: By entering their email address or reference number, setting a password, and signing in, the applicant may easily use the web site.

NextStep Portal Login page TCS
NextStep Portal Login page TCS

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Nextstep Portal Forgot Password-TCS

You can change your password at

1. Go to the login page and click “unlock Account & Reset Password” to reset your password.

NextStep Portal login -unlock Account and Reset Password
Unlock Account and Reset Password

2. The candidate will be prompted to input the reference number and submit the form in a new dialogue box. Candidates must follow the instructions on the online portal.

NextStep Portal login - enter reference ID
Enter reference ID

How do I know if I’ve enrolled successfully on the TCS NextStep Portal?

Log in to dashboard in step one.

Step 2: Click “Track my Application,” and if the status says “received successfully,” you’ve successfully finished the registration procedure.

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TCS NextStep Registration information may be found at

TCS NextStep Registration Login is only available for candidates who graduated within the previous two to three years. In addition, the TCS NextStep Portal was created specifically for Fresher candidates to give registration and login information. Tata Consultancy Services officials created the TCS NextStep platform and oversaw the TCS Recruitment Drives. Many of the candidates have not yet completed the TCS NextStep registration process. TCS NextStep Registration Login Link may be found in this post for those who are about to register. Attend the On-Campus and Off-Campus TCS Recruitment 2022 activities as well.

Company NameTCS (Tata Consultancy Services)
Required QualificationDeserving UG, PG
Position/Post(Next Level Engineers)
Experience Required(Freshers)
Industry Category(IT Industry)
Work LocationPAN India
Official Website
NextStep Portal

Freshers’ TCS NextStep Registration Login Details

According to recent reports, Tata Consultancy Services is offering a large number of employment opportunities through TCS NextStep this year. Aspirants for TCS NextStep Portal jobs from all around India are urged to apply. Below is a direct link to the TCS NextStep Registration Login. Candidates can simply change their information as well as the status of an application form after finishing the registration procedure.

In the section above, we’ve included a link to the most current TCS Recruitment 2022. As a result, anyone who is interested can go to the URL and look at the available positions. You may also use the TCS NextStep Registration Login Link to check for newly available notifications. Visit on a daily basis as well.

The TCS NextStep Registration Procedure is easy and uncomplicated for all candidates. In this post, we’ve covered all you need to know about the TCS NextStep Registration Login Link. Every year, a considerable number of Graduate and Post Graduate hopefuls apply to work for TCS. Similarly, many Fresher candidates plan to attend this year’s drives. The current essay is a fantastic resource for all of those folks.

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What Is The Best Way To Prepare For The TCS NextStep Drive?

The materials mentioned below can help you prepare.

TCS NextStep Study Material
(TCS Placement Papers)
(TCS Aptitude Questions)
(TCS Reasoning Questions)
(TCS English Questions)
(TCS E-mail Writing Sample Papers)
(TCS Coding Questions)

Students with a strong desire to contribute to the company’s growth via their passion and abilities in coding, programming, and other areas were recruited in a highly visible manner by Tata Consultancy Services. We are optimistic that the TCS NextStep Registration procedure will be straightforward for users. As a consequence, to receive quick and simple login information, follow the procedures mentioned below.

TCS NextStep Exam Pattern.

Subject RequiredQuestions AllotedTime Duration
(Aptitude)(20 Questions)(40 Mins)
(VerbalAbility)(10 Questions)(10 Mins)
(Programming)(10 Questions)(20 Mins)
(Coding)(1 Question)(20 Mins)

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TCS Nextstep exams Schedule date 2022-2023.

The candidate’s location and application post define the TCS NextStep exam dates. The TCS recruitment team will determine the exam date if you’ve applied for a certain role.

• Post-Wise is a term that refers to a situation after it has occurred

• Be aware of your surroundings.

• The number of slots available in each region, as well as the number of positions available.

The following considerations are critical when scheduling the needed resources exam date; if you have been allocated to an exam slot, there is no reason to postpone taking the TCS NextStep exam.

Tata Consultancy Services is a consulting firm based in Mumbai, India. TCS Next Step Registration Process: Tata Consultancy Services (TCS) uses the TCS Online Platform “NEXT STEP” to recruit Off-Campus and On-Campus candidates. According to TCS and College administration directions, all students/candidates can register for the TCS Online Platform for the next phase recruiting process.

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Job Openings at TCS NextStep:

TCS NextStep Candidates makes the majority of prospective job vacancies available. The following is a list of them:

(Freshers)(Lavastorm Developer)(Process Associate)
(Trainee Engineers)(Full Stack Java Developer)(Service Desk Agent)
(Associate Software Developers)(Java Developer)(Helpdesk Quality Lead)
(Fresh Engineers)(Data Warehouse Developer)(L3 Linux admin)
(Analyst)(QTP/ UFT Testing)(Campaign Management
(Associate)(SOAP UI)Groovy)
(Trade Doc Checking)(QA Analyst)(Control System Engineer)
(SAP MM/ WM Consultant)(Oracle DBA)(JDA SCPO)
(Salesforce Professionals)(Filenet Developer)(Angular JS Developer)
(Underwriter & Location Management.)

TCS Campus Commune:

1. The TCS campus commune encourages students to mingle with their peers and TCS employees.

2. The firm keeps job seekers updated about the organisation throughout these sessions. It also hosts talks on a variety of issues.

Smart Hiring at TCS:

TCS Smart Hiring is for individuals who finished in 2020, 2021, or are about to finish in 2022.

Job seekers who do extraordinarily well in the TCS smart hiring selection have an opportunity. Such applicants will be permitted to participate in the TCS ignite programme. It teaches cutting-edge technology and opens the path to a global IT career. BCA, B. Sc (Maths, Statistics, Physics, Chemistry, Electronics, Biochemistry, Computer Science, IT), B. Voc in Computer Science/IT.

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Often Asked Questions (FAQs) for TCS NextStep Portal.

Q) What is the procedure for registering for TCS Next Step?

Ans: You may register on the official site at or via Com’s link.

Q) What information is needed for TCS NextStep Login?

Ans: TCS NextStep Login requires the following information: Email/Reference ID, and Password.

Q) What is TCS Next Step Portal, and how does it work?

Ans: Nextstep is a TCS online recruitment tool developed for students interested in working for the company.

Q) Who is eligible to participate in TCS NextStep?

Ans: Any graduate or post-graduate student (Without Backlogs) BE/ B.Tech/ ME/ M.Tech (OR) MCA with BCA/ B.Com/ BA/ B.Sc (with Math/ Statistics Background) (OR) M.Sc in Computer Science/ Information Technology, Operations, Finance, Marketing, IT & Systems, HR (OR) MCA with BCA/ B.Com/ BA/ B.Sc (with Math/ Statistics Background).

Q) What job opportunities are accessible through TCS NextStep?

Ans: Freshers, Trainee Engineers, Fresh Engineers, Lavastrom Developer, Full Stack Java Developer, Java Developer, Data Warehouse Developer, QTP/ UFT Testing, QA Analyst, SOAP UI, Groovy, Control System Engineer, Salesforce Professionals, L3 Linux admin, Campaign Management, Analyst, Associate, Trade Doc Checking, Process Associate, Service Desk Agent, Helpdesk Quality Lead, Oracle DBA, SAP MM/ WM Consultant, JDA SCPO, Filenet Developer, Ang

Q) What is TCS Campus Commune, and how does it work?

Ans: TCS Campus Commune is a gathering area for students to engage with their peers and TCS employees. It also allows students to keep updated about the organisation and engage in conversations about a variety of issues.

Q) What if I lose track of my TCS Nextstep reference ID and password?

Ans: Don’t worry, TCS will send you an email with your reference ID and password when you register; simply check your email for the login credentials.

Q) What is the procedure for applying for TCS nextstep drive-in?

Ans: The method for submitting the nextstep online application form has been broken down into steps.

Q) What is the next stage for TCS?

Ans: TCS’s common platform for online application registration for all off-campus and on-campus recruiting drives.

Q) What is TCS’s Next Step?

Ans: Candidates can register online for both off-campus and on-campus recruiting drives.

Q) How can I get rid of my TCS next step account?

Ans: Don’t worry about your TCS Nextstep account getting deactivated after 180/365 days of inactivity.

Q) What is the next stage in the TCS registration process?

Ans: Follow the directions on the screen and provide the correct and Scan copies of the documents.

Q) What’s the next step in getting TCS unlocked?

Ans: You may recover your password using your registered email address if you forget it.

Q) How can I register for the next phase in the TCS?

Ans: Follow the instructions on the nextstep TCS official website screen.

Q) How do I get the TCS next step app?

Ans: Search for the TCS next step official app in the Google Play search bar and download it.

Q) How can I get my TCS next step account unlocked?

Ans: Use the Email lost password / Username feature to regain your password and, if necessary, change your other data.

Q) How Do I Reset My TCS Nextstep Password?

Ans: Choose Forgot password and follow the on-screen steps to reset your TCS NextStep password.

Q) Why isn’t TCS NextStep launching?

Ans: TCS NextStep is occasionally scheduled for maintenance; at this time, NextStep will not work or reply.

Q) How can I apply for a TCS NextStep job?

Ans: Choose IT or Non-IT vacancies on the TCS NextStep portal, then fill out the online application form.

Q) In 2022, when will TCS nextstep registration be closed?

Ans: TCS online application deadlines vary depending on the type of off-campus job.

Q) When is the TCS nextstep registration deadline in 2022?

Ans: Check the last date for each domain (IT/BPO) before registering.

If any applicants have any doubts or queries about the TCS Tnextstep registration, they should use the below comment box to ask their issues, and a member of our staff will respond as soon as possible. They should also read the previous remark for some possible answers.


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