PISA CCT Login Portal [ 2022 CCT 8 Test Results Online Assessment]

PISA CCT: In September 2009, the OECD introduced the PISA CCT Login Portal. PISA CCT is a website in India that assists 15-year-old students in participating in the International School Assessment.

Pisa CCT Web site was created with primary and upper primary students in mind to help them enhance their skills and knowledge. The primary goal of developing this site is to assess the current educational system in the United States and throughout the world by assessing knowledge and skills.

The Programme for International Student Assessment, or PISA, is a well-known acronym. The PISA system began in the year 2000 in other countries. The PISA Program has had over 90 countries participating. Every three years, the PISA Management Board will assess pupils in key subjects such as math, science, and reading.

pisa cct
pisa cct

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PISA CCT Login Portal 2022 CCT Test Online

According to a recent poll, the PISA Portal was used by over 2000 schools. The major educational boards in India, such as CBSE, KVS, and NVS, also took part. Approximately 1.5 lakh pupils and 21,000 instructors have taken part in the PISA CCT Portal up to this point.

There are weekly practice exams in PISA:

The CBSE, KVS, and NVS Boards will administer weekly Create and Critical Thinking (CCT) examinations using the PISA platform. As a result, we are proposing that candidates from CBSE, KVS, NVS, and other Boards participate in the PISA test and have their knowledge assessed.

Whom does PISA CCT evaluates?

  • The PISA Test will be open to students between the ages of 15 and 3 months and 16 and 2 months.
  • The PISA will only be open to selected schools.
  • Only 5% of students from Selected Schools and Organizations will be able to participate in the PISA. If more than 5% of students are chosen, some may be removed from the list.

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Why doeas PISA evaluates 15-year-old students for a variety of reasons?

Because most OECD countries have young 15-year-old pupils approaching the conclusion of compulsory school, PISA evaluates only 15-year-old students. The OECD department has total control over the selection of schools and students.

International Assessments and Competency-Based Testing:

PISA primarily assesses a student’s ability, critical thinking, and capacity by seeing how they respond to questions. Students need rote-based technology, critical thinking, and creativity to succeed in every challenge.

A sample arithmetic question is provided below.

pisa sample assesment questions
pisa sample assesment questions

Students’ skills and cognitive capacity will increase as a result of these challenging questions. If pupils naturally solve this sort of question, they will think deeply about the subjects and understand them.

Another illustration:

pisa sample questions
pisa sample questions

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Answers from the students:

Almost 77% of students answered incorrectly. Only 9% of pupils chose the correct answer, which was 5 centimeters. We anticipate that students will have computed the numbers presented on the scale of one to six and will have responded with a value of six centimeters.

Those that checked the centimeters from 1-2, 2-3, 3-4, 4-5, and 5-6 chose 5 cm as their response. As a result, this form of question causes pupils to think about power.

A Quick Summary:

Name of the PortalProgramme for International Student Assessment (PISA)
Students EligibilityStudents those are 15 years or more old
PISA Websitewww.pisa.seshagun.gov.in,
Boards associatedCBSE, KVS, NVS
PISA Portal Launched byOECD (Organization For Economic Co-Operation and Development)
Mode of accessOnline
PISA CCT Login Direct URLhttp://pisa.seshagun.gov.in/cct/ or
Telephone Contact+91 011 2335 1532,
+91 011 2376 5618,
Email addresspisa.mhrd@gmail.com

Important PISA CCT Links

ParticularsLinks URLS
Sample Questions PISA CCThttps://www.oecd.org/pisa/pisaproducts/pisa-test-questions.htm
Test link for PISAhttps://www.oecd.org/pisa/test/
(Maths Questions for Teachers)https://www.oecd.org/publications/ten-questions-for-mathematics-teachers-and-how-pisa-can-help-answer-them-9789264265387-en.htm
(Test Results) PISA CCT 8http://pisa.seshagun.gov.in/Default.aspx?AspxAutoDetectCookieSupport=1


The PISA CCT Portal can be accessed in the following ways:

Step 1-Students and schools must first visit the Indian PISA portal, www.pisa.seshagun.gov.in, to be able to take part in the PISA CCT Assessments

Second Step: Scroll down to the Login Section on the PISA main page.

3rd Step: Once at the Login Section, students and schools must log in to the PISA using their User Name and Password.

pisa cct login
pisa cct login

4th Step: You can next take the PISA CCT Assessments Online to evaluate your skills and knowledge.

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CCT is a fun and engaging game that helps students improve their creative and critical thinking skills and prepares them to face the problems of the twenty-first century. The CBSE assigns students to attempt competency-based questions that are aligned with the curriculum and based on conceptual knowledge of real-life circumstances. The questions cover a wide range of topics, including math, science, and reading comprehension. Each of the three sections receives an average of 10 questions (Reading, Mathematics and Science). The paper can be taken in Hindi or English.

pisa cct test
pisa cct test

Key Takeaways from the PISA CCT Test 2022

Check all of the PISA CCT Test’s essential features:

• In the PISA CCT Test, only logical, problem-solving, and critical questions are asked.

• Math, Chemistry, and other subjects are the major focus of the PISA CCT Online Assessment.

• The PISA Online Assessment Portal has been registered by several boards, such as CBSE, KVS, and NVS.

Download the PDF answer key for the PISA CCT Online Assessment Test [PISA CCT Login].

The PISA CCT Login Portal was created by the Organization for Economic Cooperation and Development, and it was used by a large number of schools. This PISA Portal was created with the goal of increasing knowledge and competence.

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Often Asked Questions- PISA CCT

Q) What is the protocol for logging into the PISA CCT Portal?

Ans: Students and schools can use the PISA portal at www.pisa.seshagun.gov.in to quickly log in.

Q) Is the PISA Weekly Test based on multiple-choice or theory-based questions?

Ans: The PISA CCT Weekly Test has no theoretical questions, and all of the questions are multiple choice.

Q) Where did I need to enter my PISA CCT login information?

Ans: The PISA CCT is a login form for 15-year-old students taking the International School Assessment.

Q)  Why is the PISA student test just 15 years old?

Ans: Because only 15-year-old kids are eligible for the PISA grants.

Q) Is PISA a multiple-choice or a theory-based test?

Ans: PISA’s question is of the multiple-choice variety. Through the PISA CCT Portal, a 15-year-old student can engage in weekly test sessions.

Q) What is the CCT Portal, and what does it do?

Ans: Students can use the PISA CCT Portal to verify test results, exam dates, sheets, assignments, and other information.

Q) What is the PISA portal, and what is its purpose?

Ans: PISA CCT is a login form for 15-year-old pupils who are participating in the International School Assessment.

Q) PISA CCT Weekly Test: What Is It and How Does It Work?

Ans: The PISA program, which stands for “International Student Assessment Program,” is governed by the OECD.” A 15-year-old student can participate weekly test sessions through the PISA CCT Portal. Some questions regarding math and science, as well as aptitude, were posed in the PISA CCT.

Q) What Is the Purpose of PISA Testing 15-Year-Old Students?

Ans: PISA Aasses is restricted for students aged 15 and up. You may use your registration number and password to check in to the PISA CCT login. PISA organizes a weekly test called Create and Critical Thinking (CCT).


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