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Proveda India Company Details

Brand nameProveda India
Address of Proveda IndiaPlot No. 464, Udyog Vihar,
Phase 5, Sector-19,
Gurugram 122015, Haryana
Customer Care No.18001030214
Proveda Registration Number80503
Class of CompanyPrivate
Foundation Date2019-05-23 00:00:00
Registerar of CompanyRoC-Delhi
Proveda India Website

What does the term “Proveda India” mean?

Proveda India is a network marketing and direct selling company. The official name of the organization is Proveda India Marketing Pvt Ltd. Proveda India is the fastest-growing direct-selling firm in India. On the 18th of May, 2019, Mr. Aseem Sood launched Proveda India. Proveda India is a corporation that is registered with the Ministry of Commerce and Industry (MCA) (Ministry of Corporate Affairs).

Proveda is a global company with operations in 14 countries, including India. Proveda in India The company has grown from humble beginnings in Gurugram to over 20000 retail units across the country and beyond. The company employs thousands of distributors. Whose population is quickly increasing.

Owner of Proveda India:

Mr. Aseem Sood is the owner of Proveda India or Proveda Marketing Limited.

proveda india details
proveda india details

What is Proveda’s significance?

The organization believes that “quality occurs when you care enough to do your best.” With the purpose of supporting life and well-being, the company has swiftly expanded to become India’s top integrated cosmeceutical organization.

Skin care, body care, hair care, personal care, baby care, soaps, handmade soaps, home care, laundry care products, oral and dental care products, and manufacturing, marketing, and exporting cosmeceutical products and services to clients all over the world are all provided under one roof by the company.


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Aim of Proveda India

The mission of Proved India is to be a worldwide force for good by providing individuals with attractive entrepreneurial opportunities, innovative goods, and a lively, uplifting culture.

Proveda India’s vision

Our purpose is to motivate people all around the world to reach their best potential by giving opportunity, enrichment, celebration, and, most importantly, inspirational connections.

India’s Proveda Values

The first is the Code of Ethics.

Whatever policy the company does not develop, it follows to the letter. They are very uncompromising in their policies. And the company wants all of its distributors to follow the company’s guidelines to the letter.

2. Dependability

The company creates high-quality products. The company’s name, Proveda Herbals Pvt Ltd, already sells to 14 countries. Before entering the network marketing industry, several MLM companies in India used to give away their products.

3. Ingenuity

The company is committed to improving product quality and providing high-quality merchandise to its customers. As a result, the company continues to create new items.

Number four is accountability.

The company ensures that all of its policies are completely transparent. The company pays on time. Until recently, there has never been a late payment from a distributor.

5. It has a clear mission.

The company creates a goal and works diligently to attain it.


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  • Assocham membership certificate
  • Certificate of compliance
  • Certificate of conformity
  • Certificate of incorporation
  • ISO 9001 2015
  • Chemexcil certificate
  • FIED certificate
  • UK Global Halal Certificate
  • Pan Card
  • Tan Card
  • Performance credit rating by NSIC
  • Certificate of recognition
proveda legal certificates
proveda legal certificates

Proveda India Value Proposition

(a). Proveda India Firm is an Indian company.

Traditional marketing was already being done by Proveda Herbals Pvt Ltd, a subsidiary of Proveda Marketing Pvt Ltd. They used to offer their wares to a number of Indian MLM companies. Furthermore, the firm exports its products to 14 different countries. In India, the company’s products are sold in around 6500 salons. The company’s manufacturing plant is in Haridwar. The management of Proveda India believes that the Direct Selling Business has a lot of clout across the world. As a consequence, Proveda Marketing Pvt Ltd, a Direct Selling Company, was formed.

(b)Products from Proveda

Products of various grades and high-quality international brands. Yes, the company’s products are accessible in 14 countries and 6500+ salons, as previously reported. The company’s products are of exceptional quality.

(c). Proveda India Proven business

Proveda India has a two-lag generation approach, which means that in this business, just two lags must be maintained. We will be able to make more money while working less as a result of this. We can also accomplish our objectives. The Proveda Business Plan is set up in such a way that you will automatically expand if you aid your downline. The Proveda Business Plan is a very important plan.

D. Proveda-based education.

Any Direct Selling distributor’s success hinges on their ability to educate themselves. Proveda India created the EDUVEDA Strong Education System for the goal of giving education. With this, all distributors may boost their abilities. According to the organization, education improves business and leadership.

Proveda, E. Leadership is a style of management that has been shown to be effective.

In the Direct Selling sector, leadership is critical. Proveda India offers customized support to all leaders in order to help them establish a new leader inside their organization.

What is Edu-Veda, exactly?

Prove a business possibility in direct selling in your own way of instruction. In your Veda, education is referred to as EDU-VEDA, which means “knowing in your own language.” Face-to-face live training offers a good experience and a learning atmosphere that is favorable to success. Proveda offers an offline training technique in PAN India depending on the business system’s requirements and demands.

Proveda’s Advantages

  • Develop a long-term visionary strategy. – Create a plan that will benefit you for the rest of your life.
  • A strategy that complies to international standards.
  • One of the quickest-growing revenue streams.
  • Up to 78 percent of the industry’s highest compensation bonuses are distributed.
  • Overall Effectiveness

Proveda Products.

proveda products
proveda products

Proveda India started with just 25 products and has already expanded to over 150. Proveda India has a wide range of high-quality items from across the world. Proveda India has a wide range of products. FMCG, Health Care, Personal Care, Agri Products, Home Care, Baby Care, Color Cosmetics, and Oral Care are among Proveda India’s product categories.

Proveda India’s Product Categories

  • HOME

Proveda’s turnover.

Although Proveda India Firm has only been in existence for two years, the company has already crossed the 100 crore mark. Proveda India is the world’s fastest-growing Indian direct-sales enterprise. The company’s sales target for 2025 is 500 crores.

Also look at:-

Proveda India’s Marketing/Income Plan

Proveda India uses a two-lag generation plan that incorporates the Binary Plan with the Company Generation Plan. This method will assist leaders at all levels. Proveda India pays 10 distinct types of commissions to its CEO.

1. The Retail Industry’s Profit Retailers might make up to 40% profit.

(Repurchase Club)

3. Bonus for New Businesses The Startup Bonus is a bonus of 24% for new firms.

4. The Travel Fund’s Bonus The Travel Fund will provide you a 10% bonus.

5. Bonus for the Automobile Fund Bonus of 10% for the automobile fund

6. Bonus Points A 12-percentage-point bonus is known as the Star Bonus.

7. Bonuses for a Healthy Lifestyle Lifestyle bonuses account for 8% of your annual compensation. Mentorship Bonus No.

8 As a mentorship bonus, you’ll get 8% of your earnings.

9. Lifetime Royalty Bonus Lifetime Royalty Bonus of 1%

10. Bonus for Royalty (Annual) Annual royalty bonus of 1.5 percent

Proveda India’s Rank and Levels

  • The rankings under Proveda business Plan are mentioned below.

1. Distributor

2. Star Executive

3. Star Gold

4. Divine Star

5. Eagle Star

6. Ruby Star

7. Emerald Star

8. Diamond Executive

9. Blue Diamond

10. Crown Executive

11. Crown Ambassador

12. President Club Member

13. Freedom Club Member

14. www Club Member

Benefits of Proveda India for Businesses

Whatever the advantages of Direct Selling and Network Marketing are, doing business with Proveda India provides them all. It was almost as though.

Why The Proveda India Business’s products are considerably superior than those on the traditional market. Which, in addition to bringing you excellent health, may also bring you wealth.

• With Proveda India Business, you may start a business at a very little cost.

• Proveda India products help you live a healthier life.

• Proveda in India Doing business can assist you in leading a secure and safe life.

• Is held in great respect by others.

• Having more free time It is possible to achieve time independence.

• Financial Stability It is possible to achieve financial independence.

How To Profit From The Proveda India Company In 2022? – How can you profit from the Proveda India business in 2022?

There are two methods to generate money in the Proveda India business.

1. By using direct sales

Purchasing Proveda India things at DP pricing and then selling them at MRP makes money. In this game, you can only win up to 40% of the time.

You made a profit of 200 rupees if you bought a Proveda India product for 1000 rupees (DP) and sold it for 1200 rupees (MRP).

2. Taking part in network marketing

For this, we’ll have to establish our own team. And whatever the company’s business is, our staff takes care of it. According to the rules, a portion of the profits from such a venture is distributed among the team. This may be used to generate an infinite quantity of cash. The more people we have in our organization, the more money we can make. When we participate in network marketing with Proveda India, we may earn 10 various types of commissions and bonuses.

Often Asked Questions Proveda India

The following are some of the most frequently asked questions (FAQs):

Q) Who is Proveda India’s Managing Director? Who is the Managing Director of Proveda India Marketing Pvt Ltd?

Ans: Mr. Asim Sood is the MD of Proveda. Mr. Aseem Sood is the Managing Director of Proveda Marketing Pvt Ltd.

Q) When did Proveda India first start?

Ans: Proveda India was launched on May 23, 2019.

Q) Is Proveda India a reliable company?

Ans: Yes, absolutely.

Q) How to Join Proveda India as a Member.

Ans: You may enroll on Proveda India’s official website. In order to do so, you must offer a reference to the proveda distributor. You may also do Proveda India John by contacting the Proveda India distributor.

Proveda Contact:

Proveda Marketing India Pvt. Ltd.

  • The company’s headquarters are located at Plot No. 464, 2nd Floor, Udyog Vihar, Phase 5, Gurugram, Haryana 122016 (India).
  • Manufacturing Unit, Plot No. 42 & 43, Sector 2, Sidcul, IIE, BHEL, Ranipur, Haridwar -249403, Uttarakhand (India)
  • Tel Number: +91 124 4067388 / +91 124 4269205 /

The toll-free number is 1800-103-0214.

Official Websites:

Proveda India Website–

Proveda Products Website:


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