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RCH NHM Gov in Data Entry: The Ministry of Health and Family Welfare has launched an innovative web-based application called Mother & Child Tracking System (MCTS) with the following goals in mind:

(i) Facilitate delivery including all services for pregnant mothers and children in a timely manner.

(ii) Strengthen the delivery system for health care services.

(iii) Enhance service delivery footprint.

(iv) Mechanisms for monitoring at all levels.

MCTS has been deployed nationwide, and at present, all States/UTs are frequently reporting on the MCTS site.

Due to the changing data needs of National Reproductive and Child Health (RCH) programmers, the Department has designed an RCH portal through which Eligible Couples, Pregnant Women, and Children will be monitored for the delivery of health care services to them. The RCH portal would pass via the MCTS gateway in phases.

The RCH site will strengthen the health care delivery system, increase service coverage, and enhance the monitoring mechanism. Utilizing this information for early detection and treatment of basic complications encountered during pregnancy, childbirth, and the postpartum period on the ground will aid in the reduction of maternal, neonatal, and infant higher mortality and contribute to the achievement of Millennium Development Goals (MDGs) four and five.

rch nhm gov in data entry
rch nhm gov in data entry

RCH Portal Data Entry Quick Links

RCH Portal Data Entry Cumulative progress 

Reproductive & Child HealthRCH Data Entry Number
Eligible Couple (EC) Registered23,36,26,712
Pregnant Women (PW) Registered21,64,25,674
Children Registered18,70,40,905

RCH NHM Gov in Data Entry

Beneficiary Identification is the first step.

• The information gathered via household surveys and routine identification should be included into the integrated Reproductive Child Health (RCH) registry version 1.1.

• These data should then be sent to the data entry point for input into the RCH portal.

Beneficiary Registration Procedure is the second step.

• Following identification.

• The ANM will instantly record every beneficiary in version 1.1 of her integrated RCH registry.

• These beneficiaries will include individuals identified through household surveys, through frequent identification by the ASHA between household surveys, and any new beneficiaries presenting themselves directly at the Village Health and Nutrition Day (VHND) site.

• The ANM will not give the recipient with an identification number.

• After being recorded in the register, these details will be forwarded to the Data Entry Operator’s (DoE) RCH portal. Once input, the RCH portal will produce a unique identifier for each recipient, which will then be recorded in the RCH register.

Step 3: Recording Instrument: Version 1.1 of the Integrated RCH register.

The ANM should utilize the Integrated RCH register for register beneficiaries and update the services delivered to each one. The national RCH site is modified based on the variables included in this registry. States utilizing a state-specific name-based tracking system should make the appropriate modifications to their portal in accordance with the requirements of this register and the national level RCH site. There is a distinct registry for each village, thus if the ANM is responsible for five villages, she will create five unique records.

A state may, if required, include state-specific variables into the state site, but all national-level indicators must be included.

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RCH Portal rch.nhm.gov.in Data Entry Login & Registration

PICME Login TN @ picme tn gov in Registration

This registry includes the following sections:

Village-specific details (Profile Entry).

• (Section 1): Monitoring of Eligible Couples and contraceptive utilization.

• (Section 2): Pregnant Women Tracking

• (Section 3): Child Monitoring.

(Section 4): Annexures.

  • Ready Reckoner Calendar for Estimating Due Date (EDD) from Last Menstrual Period (LMP).
  • National Immunization Schedule for Children, Pregnant Women, and Infants
  • Documentation of each vaccination session (Sample summary tables for ANM for monthly reporting).
  • Abbreviations.

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Duties of a RCH data entry operator.

• Ensure timely receipt of data from all ANMs.

• Ensure timely data input into the RCH portal for all enrolled beneficiaries in version 1.1 of the integrated RCH register.

• Ensure that the system has produced unique identifiers for all beneficiaries and distribute the resulting list to ANMs.

• Provide ANMs with comments on information that is missing, confusing, or illegible.

RCH Data Entry Process Flow Chart
RCH Data Entry Process Flow Chart

Login to the RCH Data Entry System.

Reproductive & Child Health’s URL is http://rch.nhm.gov.in. The RCH application’s principal screen appears as follows:

Select “Data Entry”

RCH Data Entry Login
RCH Data Entry Login

Enter RCH credentials
Enter RCH credentials

The display appears as follows:

Before beginning data entering, the user must configure the data entry hierarchy by clicking the ‘Set’ button.

Set RCH Data entry hierarchy
Set RCH Data entry hierarchy

After configuring the data entry hierarchy, the main menu opens. The main menu appears as follows:

Home, Data Entry, and Content upload may be accessed through the Main Menu’s Menu Bar.

Verification, Administration, Entry Master, and Logout.

Additionally, there is a search bar at the top of the page that may be used for a quick search/Update. If Eligible Couple/Pregnant Woman/Child ID is provided, proceed directly to the data entry screen without entering location information:

RCH Data Entry Search Eligible-couple-mother-child
RCH Data Entry Search Eligible-couple-mother-child

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RCH Portal Data Entry

Select the Data Entry tab from the Main Menu.

rch portal data entry
rch portal data entry

Clicking upon this Data Entry option of the Main Menu will bring you the following screen:

Select data entry type
Select data entry type

How do I select the Data Entry Type?

• Population Growth (This is the first required step for new village registration on the RCH Portal for Data Entry.)

• Eligible Couples

• If a woman’s pregnancy status is verified (Registered Eligible Couple), the section will immediately change to pregnant ladies.

• Pregnant Women • Entry for Children

• Entry for Health Providers/ASHA • Direct Data Entry

Population Data Entry

The Population Entry form will contain information on the estimated number of ECs, pregnant women, and infants, as well as the Health Provider’s information, and will be recorded for the current fiscal year only.

RCH Data Population entry
RCH Data Population entry

RCH Data Population Profile entry
RCH Data Population Profile entry

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For Population Entry, the following fields are required:

  • Population of the Town.
  • Total number of couples who qualify.
  • Annual Estimated Number of Pregnant Women.
  • Estimated Number of Infants Born Each Year
  • Health care provider names

Complete the form, click Save, and a confirmation message will display; then click OK.

Save and a confirmation message
Save and a confirmation message

Monitoring & Tracking pregnant women:

After saving the record in EC Registration, the page is routed to Tracking of Eligible Couples (EC) and Usage of Contraceptives (EC-2) in Section-I (Index).

Tracking of Pregnant women RCH entry
Tracking of Pregnant women RCH entry

If the user picks the ‘Positive’ pregnancy test option and clicks the ‘Save’ button, a following screen will display; click OK. You may view records at the bottom of the table. After saving the records and clicking the “Continue” button, the website will automatically change to the Tracking of Pregnant Women, General Information (PG-1) page.

Tracking of Pregnant women general information entry
Tracking of Pregnant women general information entry

Pregnant Women Registration Data Entry Requirements

For Pregnant Women Registration, the following information is required (*).

  • Serial No. of RCH (As per Register).
  • Health Care Provider.
  • ASHA Name.
  • The registration date must precede the visit date.
  • Fiscal Year (‘Year’ is deactivated and shown based on ‘Registration Date’).
  • Name of Expectant Mothers.
  • Address.
  • Mobile number. Age. Weight in PW (Kg).

Once the user clicks the ‘Save’ button, the following message will show on the screen.

save-general info1
save-general info1

General Information Regarding the Tracking of Pregnant Women (PG-2) page:

Tracking of Pregnant women general information 2 entry
Tracking of Pregnant women general information 2 entry

Following information is required (*) for Pregnant Women Tracking

  • Name of the Health Provider
  • ASHA Name

Select the relevant option from the drop-down menu if you have suffered from any general ailment during your pregnancy.

If there is a history of several general illnesses, select the multiple option from the dropdown menu. If there is no history of any disease, select the “None” option.

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Child Data Entry.

This page is accessible in two ways:

(1) Navigate to the Data Entry Page and pick Child entry based on the specified Hierarchy. Select the Data Entry tab from the Main Menu.

RCH Child data entry
RCH Child data entry

The very next screen will show if you click the Submit button:

Child Entry
Child Entry

Child Tracking Information Entry

The Child Entry Tracking Form offers information regarding Immunization services to Registered Infants and children.

The required Tracking of Child data input fields are as follows:

  • Choose ANM/ASHA.
  • Immunization.
  • Immunization Date.
  • Immunization Details contain two link buttons.

o Edit Link Button – Child Data Entry Update

o Select – Forward to Child Medical Tracking (In case Measles-1)

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Update Entry for Children.

Update Child Data Entry
Update Child Data Entry

After finishing Child Information After clicking the Save button, a confirmation box will display; then, click OK. It is possible to see records at the bottom of the screen.

Update Child confirmation message
Update Child confirmation message

Child Health Monitoring Entry.

When child immunization information is input, the page is forwarded to the child medical tracking page.

  • Should Measles-1

For the Child Medical Tracking Form, please include the following information:

  • Date of Visit.
  • Child’s Weight.
  • Diarrhea.
  • Pneumonia.

RCH Child Medical Tracking
RCH Child Medical Tracking

After finishing Child Tracking particulars After clicking the Save button, a confirmation box will display; then, click OK. It is possible to see records at the bottom of the screen.

Save RCH Child Medical Tracking
Save RCH Child Medical Tracking

Through the Infant Details page when the Infant Registration Number link is clicked.

Infant Details page -SAve
Infant Details page -SAve

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