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Rupeek Gold Loan Scheme

If you are looking for Gold Loan , Rupeek Gold loan is one scheme you can choose from. Know all the details before applying so that you know all the terms and don’t make any mistake. A step by step guide and information-“must read“.

Rupeek Gold Loan is offered by Rupeek, an online gold lending firm that offers a variety of gold loan programs with interest rates starting at 0.79 percent per month or (9.69 percent p.a.). It has made gold loans more accessible by offering doorstep service and loan disbursement within 30 minutes. Rupeek has also worked with prominent gold loan lenders such as Federal Bank and Karur Vysya Bank to provide a wide range of gold loan programmes to meet the various demands of individuals. Everything you need to know about Rupeek Gold Loan Interest Rates, Schemes, Eligibility, and Repayment is right here.

Rupeek Gold Loan Highlights

  • Gold Loan at Door Step
  • New India Assurance provides 100 percent door-to-door insurance.
  • There is no need to gather at a branch with other people.
  • The entire procedure is carried out in front of you, and any inquiries are answered on the spot.
  • Gold is kept safe in trustworthy partner bank vaults close to you.
Rupeek Gold Loan

Rupeek Gold Loan

Rupeek Gold Loan 
Gold Loan SchemesThere are two schemes: regular rebate and no tension.
Loan AmountRanging from less than Rs. 2 lakh to more than Rs. 20 lakh
Loan Term6 (Six) months
Gold ornaments acceptedGold jewellery have been tested for quality and quantity (Only Jewellery of 18 carats and above is accepted)
Age CriteriaMinimum age of 18 years
Rate of Interest 0.79 percent (9.69 percent p.a.) and up

Rupeek Gold Loan Benefits

The following are the advantages and distinguishing characteristics of Rupeek Loan:

  • Quick Disbursal- The loan money is disbursed immediately.
  • You can expect guaranteed doorstep delivery in 30 minutes.
  • Low Interest Rates- Rupeek offers low interest rates on gold loans beginning at 0.71 percent per month.
  • Minimal Documentation- Only KYC paperwork are required to be provided.
  • Safety- Gold is held in bank vaults near you.
  • You can make an interest payment, a closing payment, or a partial payment.
  • Door to Door Insurance- Get free 100% door to door insurance.

Schemes for Rupeek Gold Loans

Rupeek provides two distinct gold loan schemes: Regular Rebate and No Tension. The following is a thorough description of the gold loan schemes:

FeaturesREBATE ON A REGULAR BASIS (Non-Fixed Interest)NO TENSION(Fixed Interest)
Beginning InterestEvery month, 0.79 percent9.69 percent each year
Sub-Schemes1. High monetary worth (0.71 percent onward)
2. Maximum Value (1.19 percent onward)
3. Maximum Value+ (1.19 percent onwards)
1. Maximum Value (1.39 percent onward)
Repayment ScheduleOnce a month (Rebate applied only on timely payments)
(There will be no worries regarding paying till the conclusion of the time.)
Interest SlabNon-Fixed (Rate varies if payment is missed)Fixed (interest rate that remains constant during the term)
Loan Term6 (six) months6 (six) months
Best Suitability ForCustomers with a steady income who desire to get interest refunds by making full and on-time monthly paymentsCustomers with unpredictable cash flow who desire repayment flexibility and wish to avoid the burden of regular payments

Note: It is advisable to choose “No Tension” Solutions so that you do not have to worry about recurrent interest payments and can take advantage of fixed interest rates throughout the term.

How to Get a Rupeek Gold Loan?

To get a low-interest gold loan from Rupeek, just fill out a request on the Rupeek app after determining the value of your gold with our gold loan calculator.

Following that, a gold loan specialists will visit you at your home and evaluate the gold in front of you. They will also review your KYC documentation and upload it for verification.

Once your documents have been confirmed, the loan money will be instantly sent to your account, and our loan employees will depart your location with the gold jewellery, which will be securely stored in our partner bank’s vault closest to you.

Apply Rupeek Gold Loan

How to Apply for a Rupeek Gold Loan on the Rupeek Website

  • Step 1: Go to the Rupeek Gold Loan website and confirm your location.
  • Step 2: You may apply using their mobile app or by filling out a form with your information. Now select the ‘Apply’ option.
  • Step 3: After submitting your application, the professional loan managers will arrive at your location on time.
  • Step 4: They will appraise the diamonds in front of you and do the necessary paperwork.

Continue with the application and fill out the form. You will now receive a call from a Rupeek professional, who will ask you to schedule a doorstep evaluation and collection of your gold jewellery.

You will get the loan amount within 30 minutes once your jewellery has been appraised and all documentation has been reviewed.

Alternatively, you can search Rupeek’s network of Regional offices and Bank branches to discover the one closest to you.

Note: If you wish to transfer an existing loan from your current gold loan business to Rupeek, you simply need to arrange the renewal money, and the firm will do the rest.

Interest Rate on Rupeek Gold Loan

Rupeek gold loan interest payment:

Gold Loan Rate of InterestInterest Starting From
Regular Pay0.79 Percent
Annually9.69 Percent

The interest rate varies depending on the lending arrangement. Furthermore, the rate varies depending on the chosen city and loan institution.

Rupeek Gold Loan

Transfer of Gold Loan

What exactly is a Gold Loan Transfer?

You may now simply transfer your loan outstanding and save extra with a gold loan transfer, just like you can with a house loan or personal loan.

A gold loan transfer is a service that allows borrowers to transfer current debts from one business to another. This is typically done to obtain additional benefits such as reduced interest rates, larger loan amounts, flexible repayment plans, and greater security coverage.

Transfer of Past Gold Loan to Rupeek Gold Loan

Rupeek’s gold loan transfer allows you to save more money by offering reduced interest rates beginning at 0.89 percent. The loan transfer may be completed in as little as 30 minutes at your home. This allows you to get more out of your gold with a single click. The loan manager will assist you in completing all documents required for the gold loan takeover, making the loan transfer as simple as possible. Rupeek Gold Loan also provide quite a reasonable per-gram pricing for your gold in the market, allowing you to obtain more value from your gold.

At Rupeek, they make this process as straightforward as possible in order to make your loan transfer as painless as possible. They take care of the majority of the procedure by simplifying it.

Gold prices fluctuate, giving you the chance to apply for Rupeek’s gold loan takeover while rates are high, allowing you to gain even more value for your gold. This manner, we can ensure that you will obtain the greatest loan value for your gold, which is validated by trained specialists during the assessment.

After you apply and distribute your pledge card, you will receive a savings report. If you want to transfer your gold loan, your takeover loan will be completed with simple documentation, fast outstanding loan amount transfer, and loan disbursement, all with no processing fees.

How to Transfer Existing Gold loan to Rupeek Gold Loan?

  • Step 1: Submit an application for a Gold Loan Takeover. To obtain a savings report, go to the website, app, or phone and share your existing loan receipt/pledge card.
  • Step 2: Transfer and Release your gold Rupeek sends the outstanding sum to the lender’s account in order to release your gold.
  • Step 3: Have your gold appraised. Gold is assessed and sent to the vault of your choice.
  • Step 4: Simple Payments Simply use the Rupeek Mobile App to make interest payments based on the scheme/tenure.

Eligibility & Documentation for Rupeek Gold Loan

Criteria for Eligibility-

AgeTo those over the age of 18
Accepted Gold TypeOnly gold jewellery (Gold coins and bars cannot be pledged to avail gold loan)
Accepted Gold PurityThe purity of the jewellery should be greater than 18 Karats
CitizenshipFor Indians
ProfessionSalaried, Self-Employed, Businessman, Students, Pensioners, Housewives etc.

Documentation is required for Rupeek Gold Loan

Proof of IdentityAadhaar Card, PAN Card, Voter ID, Passport, Driving License
Accepted Address ProofAadhaar Card, Voter ID, Passport, Driving License, Utility Bill / Lease Agreement of local address (Phone / Gas / Electricity / Water / Broadband etc)

Rupeek Gold Loan Repayment

How Do I Pay Off My Rupeek Gold Loan?

Rupeek gold loan payment has different options .The following are some options for repaying your gold loan:

  1. Interest payment, which is calculated on your principal amount every month;
  2. Closing repayment or bullet payback, in which you must pay the principal plus interest accumulated; and
  3. Part payment, in which you make a portion of the principal payment and interest is calculated on the remainder.
rupeek gold loan payment

The following are the methods for repaying your gold loan online:

  • Step 1: Go to the login page by clicking here and entering your registered cellphone number.
  • Step 2: Enter the OTP you received and click the ‘Login’ button.
  • Step 3: On the following page, you will see the loan amount, gold weight, pledge date, interest payable, and closing amount.
  • Here’s an example:
  • Step 4: Repay your gold loan via online banking, debit cards, UPI, or RTGS/IMPS.

Rupeek Gold Loan Calculator

you may use the loan calculator on our website by changing the interest value as per the rates mentioned above. Alternately you may go to Rupeek website for a Gold loan calculation.

Rupeek Gold Loan Frequently Asked Questions (FAQ’s)

What exactly is a Rupeek gold loan?

A gold loan is a loan in which the borrower gives a particular amount of gold in exchange for a loan amount (known as loan-to-value or LTV) for a set length of time. This operates similarly to a traditional secured loan, with the gold serving as collateral or asset.

Rupeek is a new-age gold loan solution approved by the RBI that is backed by technological innovation. Rupeek is the quickest and most secure method to have a gold loan delivered directly to your home. To learn more, go to Rupeek website.

Is it possible to transfer a gold loan from my current lender?

Yes, you may move a loan from your current lender to Rupeek. Since part of the Takeover (Loan Transfer) Process, a Transfer Loan (pre-approved, pre-evaluated) will be issued, as the actual loan recorded with the bank may differ based on the gold’s appraisal/valuation done by the lender bank.

Can I apply for more than one loan at the same time?

Yes, you can apply for more than one loan at the same time.

Is it possible to promise something other than gold?

No. Rupeek will only take gold jewellery. Coins and bars of gold are not accepted.

How does a Rupeek Gold loan get approved?

Following the initial conversation with the staff, you will be scheduled to meet with a loan manager at your house. He will complete the KYC and gold assessment, as well as create fresh pledge cards for you. As soon as this process is done, your loan will be issued.

How does Rupeek Gold Loan KYC work at my house?

The loan manager will request your KYC papers, photograph them, and submit them to his system for verification by our approval team. This generally happens in a matter of minutes, and your KYC is done.

How is gold appraised at my house by Rupeek?

Each of your gold goods will be measured by the loan manager and the price/weight data will be entered into his system. He will also use industry standard tests to ensure the purity of your gold. These details are forwarded to our staff for approval, which occurs within minutes. This brings the gold appraisal procedure to a close.

What are the advantages of obtaining a Rupeek gold loan?

When opposed to other forms of loans, a Rupeek gold loan has several advantages. Gold loan advantages include shorter processing time, a greater loan-to-value ratio, cheaper interest rates, the ease of collateral availability, speedier loan disbursement, and simplified qualifying restrictions. Other perks, such as a remission of the processing cost and insurance coverage, may be available depending on the plan.

What should you bear in mind while taking out a gold loan?

Before choosing a lender for a gold loan, a borrower should examine the following factors:

  1. LTV (Loan-to-Value): The loan amount for the gold might vary depending on the lender. A borrower should make certain that they are obtaining the greatest LTV for their gold.
    1. Interest rate: The interest rate defines how much a borrower will pay for the loan, thus the lower the interest rate, the better.
    1. Gold safety: There may be dangers to consider if there is no insurance coverage or secure transportation of the collateral, which can result in significant losses.
    1. Extra fees and charges: These can significantly raise the cost of a loan, therefore it’s critical to find a lender who charges the bare minimum for services rendered.
    1. Repayment plans: To avoid defaults, a borrower must be able to repay the loan amount depending on their monthly budget and financial situation. Borrowers should seek for repayment arrangements that are flexible to ensure this is achievable.

Is it necessary to have a CIBIL score to get a gold loan?

A CIBIL score is not necessary to obtain a gold loan. A credit score or any other type of credit check is not necessary for a gold loan; just the KYC papers required for a gold loan must be supplied.

What papers should I need to submit?

Before a gold loan can be approved and issued, you must provide KYC papers for verification. This comprises identification and proof of address, which might be a driver’s licence, Aadhar card, voter ID, PAN card, or passport. A utility bill or leasing agreement must also be given.

How to Calculate Your Savings from a Gold Loan Transfer

The Gold Loan Transfer procedure, also known as Gold Loan Takeover, was designed to assist consumers in selecting the best gold loan alternative available in the market. The savings report is an important element of this procedure. Before deciding on a gold loan transfer, you may obtain a savings report by entering your gold loan information, which can be found on the pledge card. These information is needed to compute and compare your existing gold loan to Rupeek’s online gold loan options.

This savings report assists you in making an educated decision about your loan transfer. Simply click on apply now to receive your savings report and see how much you may save with Rupeek’s Gold Loan Takeover.

What is the procedure for transferring a gold loan from one bank to another?

Your gold is securely held in bank vaults with our reputable financial partners. This covers both nationalized institutions like Federal Bank and well-known private banks like ICICI.

The procedure of transferring a gold loan from one bank to another entails first clearing your existing gold loan with your present bank and then pledging your gold with one of Rupeek’s partner banks. The loan manager will assist you throughout the process, including the re-appraisal and revaluation of your gold.

Is the Rupeek Gold Loan Safe?

Rupeek has ISO 9011:2015 certification and has executed over 25,000 loans with the highest care and safety. Your gold is also completely insured at Rupeek against theft or accident during transit from and to your door. To ensure the greatest safety, your gold is held under bank-grade security and observation.

Who is the owner of Rupeek gold loan?

Rupeek Gold Loan founder is Sumit Maniyar.

Who are the Rupeek shareholders?

Bertelsmann BV and Gemini Investments, both existing investors, have contributed $4.6 million (Rs 33.05 crore) and $1 million (Rs 7.34 crore), respectively. GGV also took part in Rupeek’s Series D round. In the current Series E round, the business is anticipated to seek further money.

How old is the Rupeek Gold Loan Company?

Rupeek was founded in 2015 with the goal of providing borrowers with low-interest gold loans.

Rupeek Gold Loan Address

Rupeek Gold Loans,

1st Floor,

Building No 1010 , 7th A main,

1st Block Koramangala,

Bangalore Karnataka: 560034

Rupeek Gold Loan Email

Rupeek Gold Loan Customer Care Number

CityTel No.
Ahmedabad079 64808182
Bangalore080 68186888
Bhopal1860 419 8000
Chennai044 6480 8182
Coimbatore042 2648 0818
Delhi011 64808182
Faridabad011 6480 8182
Ghaziabad011 6480 8182
Gurgaon011 6480 8182
Hyderabad040 6480 8182
Indore1860 419 8000
Jaipur0141 6480818
Jalandhar1860 419 8000
Karimnagar1860 419 8000
Kolkata033 6480 8182
Lucknow1860 419 8000
Ludhiana0161 6480818
Mumbai022 64808182
Noida011 6480 8182
Pune020 6480 8182
Surat0261 6480 818
Vadodara0265 6480818
Vizayawada0866 6480818
Vishakapatnam/Vizag0891 6480818

Download The Rupeek Gold Customer Care List Click Here

Rupeek Gold Loan Review

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