SDMS PX IndianOil [Login, Registration, Partner Business for Indian Oil – IOCL]

SDMS PX IndianOil: To specifically fulfill the needs of their stakeholders, the Ministry of Petroleum and Natural Gas develops an online portal. Distributors, companies, and other stakeholders can log in to the petroleum ministry portal using unique login credentials. The Indian Oil Corporation Limited, which was founded in 1964, has a goal of being digital. The digital methods are easy to utilize and instantly bring a large database to the user’s attention.

SDMS Indian Oil

(Dealership RO/KSK)
(Distributors of LPG)
(COCO Service Provider for Divestment)
(DCAs for petrochemicals and polymers)
(Servo stockiest, among others)

In the beginning, agencies and business parties used the SDMS site. The site now makes services like gas refilling available to citizens. The government-owned business offers a wide range of services. Using login information, business partners, distributors, and residents may quickly access the SDMS portal. The SDMS portal is a great tool for conducting business with the Indian Oil Corporation online and for making payments.

sdms px indianoil in
sdms px indianoil in

Features of the SDMS website –

• The Indian Oil Corporation sells a variety of goods, including gas, oil, polymers, and others. Users may now quickly access items thanks to this.

• The site supports online business management for distributors and business partners.

• The user interface and functionality of the SDMS site are appealing.

• The portal may be used by a business partner to learn more about the companies.

• It is a comprehensive platform that serves the needs of the government, residents, and commercial partners.

• From the SDMS site, users may look up the status of their payments.

• The site offers information about past payments, sales, analysis, and other financial specifics.

• The cash memo can be downloaded online by the delivery person.

• Connecting mobile apps and portals is simple and makes access easier.

• The complete list of customer contacts is available online. [HPCL]

Indian Oil Business Login Information, SDMS PX Partner:

The Indian Oil Company portal’s functionality allows for the transparent, rapid, easy, and seamless delivery of their services. Customers and business partners may communicate with the Indian Oil Company online and submit concerns at any time, from any location. By using this site, stakeholders may cut back on trips to the service centers and save time.

Indian Oil Portal Registration and Sign Up:

To use the benefits offered on the portal, distributors, business partners, and clients must register on the site. Here are the procedures to comprehend them.

1. Launch the browser, type into the address bar, and press the search button.

2. The applicant must fill out the registration form as soon as it appears on the webpage.

sdms px indianoil Registration Page
sdms px indianoil Registration Page

3. Personal information is required on the website form, and when those facts have been double-checked, the applicant can submit the form.

4. An OTP must be sent via the online site to the applicant’s mailing address and cellphone number. To finish registering, enter the OTP on the screen for verification and press submit.

Please take note that the online site will mail the applicant’s mailing address the login information. These login credentials may be used for login purposes.

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SDMS PX indianoil Login

How can I access the SDMS portal?

Indian Oil Login Information

With the login information, a user may access the Indian Oil online site. For Indian Oil, the processes are as follows: Login information.

  • The first step is to go to the website,, which will direct the visitor to the login page.
  • Second Step: After entering their user name and password and pressing the “Proceed” button, users must input their login information on the portal.
sdms px indianoil Login
sdms px indianoil Login

How do I change my online SDMS login password?

Each user needs a login ID and password to access different services. The procedures listed below can be used to retrieve forgotten login information for sdms px indianoil.

The user must next follow the steps below in order to recover a lost password.

• Launch the SDMMS.PX.INDIANOIL.IN/EDELER ENU site for Indian Oil Corporation.

• Click the “forgot password” link on the login page.

sdms px indianoil password reset
sdms px indianoil password reset

• Enter the user ID and choose “proceed” from the menu.

• For the authentication procedure, the system will send an OTP code to the registered cellphone number.

• The website will enable a fresh password reset process after verification.

• To finish the procedure, you may now create a new password and confirm.

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How can I use the official website to verify the availability of Sales Orders?

The following methods may be used to check an order’s sold or supplied status for the day utilizing the SDMS platform.

1. Visit the page for Indian Oil Corporation (IOC)

2. Your user ID and password must be entered on the login screen that appears.

3. Select “Sales order” from the menu of services on the dashboard of the website.

4. Then, select the search option.

5. Select “delivery from date and delivery till date” from the menu that now appears.

6. After that, press the “GO” button.

7. The screen will display all sales occurring during the given period.

8. Click “record count” under the Setting page to find out how many sales there were.

9. The number of records will be displayed on the screen by the system.

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How Can I Online Check Payment Sales Order Details?

The site offers data on online purchases made by various clients and their payments.

1. Visit the IOC SDMS site for Indian Oil at

2. Go to the login page and fill up your login information.

3. Click “Sales Order” > “Bulk Generate Invoice” on the dashboard.

4. A list of sales orders will appear on the screen; click the search option to view the online paid orders.

5. Check the box labeled “Digital payment option.”

6. To obtain the orders, press the “Go” button now.

The account statement for IOCL.

1. Go to the login page of the official website and click it

2. Enter the password and user ID to proceed.

3. The specifics of the current balance will appear; click the “for more details click here” tab.

4. Select the date using the six-month interval as a guide, then select the “display transactions” option.

5. After the report is shown, click the “export” option to export it to Excel.

6. You must twice choose the date range in order to receive an annual report (six months).

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How can a new worker be added to the SDMS portal?

1. Go to and click the link.

2. Enter the login information to launch the portal.

3. From the menu on the dashboard, choose “service request” >partner sites.

4. Next, click “site name” to help the names of the employees appear under the tab.

5. After that, click the plus sign (+) to add a new employee.

6. Fill up a new form with the necessary information for the employee, including their names, social security number, bank account information, and training information.

7. Double-check the data and press the submit button.

How to check the status of a subsidy report?

• To log in, open the website page and enter your user name and password

• Select “relationships” from the menu; then, input your customer number and relationship ID.

• The page will display the customer’s sales order report.

• Choose “report name” > “subsidy status report” next.

• Next, select the “Subsidy Status” link under the “My Reports” page.

• Continue by selecting the “download” option.

• A PDF of the report will be available for download.

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New LPG connection method added by SDMS.

1. Go to the page of the Indian Oil SDMS website.

2. To log in, enter your user ID and password.

3. To continue, select the “contacts” option on the dashboard.

4. After that, click the plus sign (+) and a form will appear on the screen.

5. Type in the necessary information, including your name, personal address, BPL status, identification, gender, birthdate, district, and more.

6. Press “contact dedup” > “general connection summary” > “click + icon” to continue.

7. Select the needed information in the tab relationship area, including the address.

8. Click relationship ID after that to get the consumer ID.

9. Save the consumer ID together with the product category, scheme type, service area, etc. in the KYC document.

10. Select “OMC dedup” from the menu.

11. The KYC procedure will take a couple of days to complete. Next, send in the necessary paperwork and information.

12. The registration procedure will go off without a hitch.

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How may the name on the IOC legal heir be changed?

1. Go to, the SDMS site.

2. Enter the user ID and password for the login.

3. Next, choose “relationships” from the dashboard menu, then “customer number” and “relationship ID.”

4. Click the Add symbol on the “document” tab.

5. After that, choose “TV” and write “name change legal” in the order type field.

6. Next, click “contacts” after selecting the document number in the column.

7. Continue by clicking the + symbol to add a new contact.

8. Enter the customer’s information, including name, gender, birthdate, postal address, identification, and BPL.

9. After saving the data, click “general connection summary.”

10. Select the add icon and input the IDSC code, name, bank account number, bank name, branch account type, etc. to add a new payment profile.

11. Next, pick “relationships” and input your consumer ID and customer number.

12. After that, select the “documents” tab and enter the document number.

13. Check the box next to the last name of the transferee contact.

14. Enter your first and last name, work title, contact status, phone number, address, and other information.

15. Select “OK” from the drop-down menu next to the document line items.

16. At last, press the submit button.

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On the SDMS Portal, how can I activate an AE activated connection?

1. Go to the website page and select the menu item “relationship.”

2. Next, enter the relationship ID and the customer number.

3. The deactivation status will be displayed on the website.

4. Continue by selecting the “service request” > add icon.

5. Select the LOB transaction type’s re-activation request under the de-activation sub-type.

6. Choose the SR number and give the justification for the reactivation.

7. Next, click the Plus symbol to add attachments.

8. Under identification type, Aadhaar UID, and other identity papers, choose POA-POI.

9. Next, input your identification number or Aadhaar number.

10. To reactivate, select the submit SR option.

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How can I delink Aadhaar from the portal’s IOC connection?

1. Open the SDMS website page first.

2. Log in using your login information to view the page.

3. After that, select the “relationships” option.

4. Enter the customer’s number and choose “relationship ID.”

5. Choose the last name to unlink the Aadhaar card.

6. Select “profile SR” from the arrows adjacent to the IDs.

7. Click the plus sign, then under transaction type, choose Aadhaar delink.

8. Then choose SR number, consumer’s Aadhaar number, and then submit SR.

9. The delinking procedure will begin immediately.

IOCL Global Position:

The Ministry of Petroleum and Natural Gas oversees the government-owned firm known as Indian Oil Corporation Limited, or IOCL. The largest public oil corporation in India is IOCL. In the fiscal year 2020–21, its assets are expected to be at INR 43,242 crore. On the Fortune India 500 list, it ranks second. In the 2020 Fortune Global 500 world ranking, it is at number 151.

Seven Significant Companies:

Seven significant business segments make up Indian Oil Limited (IOCL). They fall under the refineries and pipelines divisions. IOC Middle East, the UAE, Lanka IOC PLC, Sri Lanka, and Indian Oil Mauritius Limited are additional divisions. And ICO Sweden AB in Sweden

Listing and stock ownership:

The stock of the Indian Oil Company is listed on the Bombay Stock Exchange and is also tracked by the National Stock Exchange. In September 2018, the Indian government held 57 percent of the corporation, while 43 percent was distributed to other public-owned businesses.

About 14% of the stock portfolio is made up of ONGC.

• LIC is 5%.

• 6 percent of foreign portfolio investors.

• It is 5% Oil India Limited.

• 4% are Indian Mutual Funds.

Concerning SDMS PX Indian Oil:

The company is government-owned and provides a range of services. Using login credentials, business partners, distributors, and residents may quickly access the SDMS platform.

Making payments online and conducting business with the Indian Oil Corporation is a breeze thanks to the SDMS site. On this page, we provide details on the SDMS PX Indian oil website. Therefore, carefully study this page to learn more about the SDMS website.

An outline:

Company NameIndian Oil
Indian Oil Login
post's classificationCentral govt Scheme
Name of the Postsdms px indianoil

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About Sdms px indianoil in Website:

This website is owned by Indian Oil Corporation. For partners, distributors, and other interested parties, they developed this website. Partners may access all of their reports and other services through this site.

In order for Indian Oil to effortlessly provide its services across the nation, this site was established exclusively for business partners.

A special login ID and password will be provided to each distributor. Partners may handle online orders and make basic online payments on this SDMS PX Indian oil website.

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Often Asked Questions on sdms px indianoil

Q) When was the Indian Oil Corporation founded, for example?

Ans: After merging forces with Indian Oil Company and Indian Refineries Ltd., the company was founded in 1964.

Q) What are Indian Oil Corporation’s primary corporate social obligations?

Ans: The Company should provide access to clean drinking water, safeguard water resources, provide employment, maintain good sanitation, and promote health. They support rural regions’ empowerment and development.


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