Tamil Nadu iFHRMS Employee & Pensioners Pay Slip (Karuvoolam)

For leave, transfers, payroll, and ESS completion on login, Tamilnadu employees and pensioners can now log in to the Karuvoolam iFHRMS website.

For its employees, the Tamil Nadu State Government has introduced the IFHRMS login. The Karuvoolam iFHRMS is a portal created for accessing online services for government employees. It does utilise the services of the state government of Tamilnadu’s Payslip Generation Unit, Leaves Planning Unit, Financial Activities Unit, Pension of Retired Employees Unit, and other various services. IFHRMS definition

Employees of the Tamil Nadu State government can access the integrated Finance and Human Resource Management System through a portal that operates under the direction of the Finance Department of State.

Each service on the IFHRMS portal is overseen and kept up to par by the Department of Treasury and Accounts of Tamil Nadu.

The website is frequently maintained, and each employee is given a login credential to the IFHRMS, ensuring that they can access their employee information and services whenever they like.


  • The first step is to go to the IFHRMS login site and then enter your login information to access the TNTA OAM at karuvoolam.tn.gov.in.
  • The next action is to choose the open button that is located next to the IFHRMS.
  • The third step is to open ebsprd.karuvoolam.tn.gov.in and select Finance from the list provided.
  • The payroll option is the fourth step. Click on it, followed by results. The IFHRMS dashboard will then provide open payroll results.
  • Choosing the bill type and period name is the final and fifth step. Finally, click the download link and select the payslip download option in pdf format.

Login process for Tamil Nadu IFHRMS.

If you’re a current or former employee of a department within the Tamil Nadu State Government, you can log in using the instructions provided below.

1. Open up your browser and navigate to the IFHRMS Karuvoolam official website.

2. Next, select Login from the Home menu.

3. Submit your credentials and watch while the information is checked.

4. Once your IFHRMS login credentials have been confirmed, you will be able to visit this portal page and utilize all employee services from your own employee page.

Resetting the IFHRMS Login Password

We all forget our passwords occasionally, but that is not a problem because there is a simple procedure to get your IFHRMS password reset through the official website.

1. Use your favorite browser to visit the IFHRMS Karuvoolam official website.

2. After that, tap the Forgot Password link on the login screen.

3. Enter your user ID and registered mobile number for the IFHRMS portal.

4. Select next and enter the security code that was texted to your mobile device.

5. Select Verify, and allow your records to review the information.

6. Type in your new password two more times to confirm it.

The IFHRMS login password has been reset with the aforementioned procedure, and you can use the same new password to login to the IFHRMS site immediately after to check your employee data.

Pensioner Login for IFHRMS.

If you were a retired state employee of Tamil Nadu, you wouldn’t be concerned about finding out information regarding your pension. The actions you must take to obtain the information are listed below.

1. Access the official IFHRMS website and click the Login option.

2. Choose the Pensioner Type and enter your information.

3. To validate, enter your PPO number, User ID, and password.

4. After clicking the Login button, wait for the website to load.

Once information has been verified, the IFHRMS portal will open with your pension account and provide you with all of your personal information.

Managed Departments by Karuvoolam iFHRMS.

The state of Tamil Nadu has added the departments listed below to the IFHRMS, allowing their employees to access employee services whenever they choose from this official portal.

  1. Department of Employee Pensions
  • The Department of Treasury and Accounts.
  • Division of Small Savings Accounts.
  • Joint auditing.
  • The Local Fund Audit Division.
  • The Statutory Board’s State Chief Auditor.

The IFHRMS portal is used by both the government and its employees. On the one hand, the administrator logs in to fill out employment-related information, and on the other, the employee retrieves their information to learn about the data they have registered.

How do I get Salary slip from IFHRMS?

The main goal of the portal’s creation was to eliminate long lines in the account department by allowing employees access their payslips from IFHRMS online.

1. Launch the Tamilnadu iFHRMS webportal, then use the karuvoolam.gov.in link to access the iFHRMS Karuvoolam website.

2. Choose the User Type, either Employee or Pensioner.

3. Add user information. Put your user name and password in the box provided.

4. Sign in: After confirming your identity, click Sign in to access your employee’s IFHRMS page.

5. Select Finance and Payroll: From the menu, select Finance, and then select the Payroll option.

6. Choose the necessary Payslip: Next, choose the TN Payslip’s details based on your preferences and touch to provide results.

That’s all, the employee’s required payslip has been generated on the screen. You can choose any option to download or print something for later use.

Today, every department has its own website, which makes it simpler for staff to check their information and gives them comfort.

Similar to this, the IFHRMS login is nicely built with all the functionality and minimises manual intervention during pay disbursement. Through HRMS, the manual work and lengthy lines for salary slips in the department were also minimised.

Often Asked Questions on Tamil Nadu IFHRMS

Q) Can I see my payslip from previous year through IFHRMS login?

A: Since it was created, the IFHRMS site has been connected with all of an employee’s data. Employees can log in to the site and retrieve their last three years’ worth of paystub information. Employees must choose the proper information from the internet and have their payslip printed for the month they have chosen.

Q) Can I apply for a loan using my IFHRMS payslip?

A: Employees can use their payslip from the IFHRMS portal as proof of their wage if they are applying for a loan from a private bank or financial institution. The bank typically requests an account department stamp as proof that your printed payslip through the IFHRMS portal is authentic.

Q) Do I need to register in order to use the IFHRMS login service?

A: Yes, during the IFHRMS registration procedure, employees must supply their personal information. You must have an active cellphone number to register with the IFHRMS portal. You will receive a user ID and password after registering, which you can use at any time to access the IFHRMS portal.

Q) Can I update my personnel information using IFHRMS?

A: A few details, such as the communication address and others, can be modified at any time by logging into the IFHRMS using your employee credentials. Any further information, including bank account information or personal data, must be processed through the IFHRMS admin, who serves as your department’s DDO office.

Q) Is IFHRMS accessible to all?

A: Only a small number of the listed departments are authorised to access the IFHRMS portal. This department’s employees will be able to view employment information via the IFHRMS portal.

Q) How may users on the IFHRMS portal be reset?

A: Go to the official website and click on the Login button if you can’t remember your user ID for the IFHRMS portal. In order to receive an OTP for verification, you must select a forgotten user ID and provide your mobile number. Your user id will be given by message to your registered mobile number after it has been validated.

Q) How can I give an employee a festival advance in IFHRMS?

A: Only the DDO officer from the employee’s department may take this step. With their login information, the DDO officer will access the IFHRMS and enter the festival advance information that the employee has requested on the portal. The same will be recorded in the salary at the generation of the salary slip, which will then be transferred to your account on the Crediton date of the salary.

Q) How can I view my pay stub from Karuvoolam?

A: Please follow the instructions below to download the payslip: The first step is to go to the IFHRMS login site and then enter your credentials to log into the TNTA OAM at karuvoolam.tn.gov.in. The open button that is located next to the IFHRMS must be chosen in the second stage.

Q) What does Ifhrms' full name mean?

A: Government of Tamil Nadu Lock & Key Management Integrated Financial and Human Resource Management System (IFHRMS).

Q) What is the location of my Karuvoolam user ID?

A: You can click on the Forgot user id or Forgot password links that are located immediately below the Sign-In option if you cannot remember your username or password. You need to have the phone number you registered with the portal in order to retrieve your user id.

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