TS E Challan Online Payment & Discount [Telangana Traffic E Challan]

TS e Challan Pay Online [తెలంగాణ – ఇ చలాన్]: Police have come up with a humanitarian gesture towards e-challan defaulters, keeping in mind the exigency of the economic slump and the terrible consequences of the Pandemic. The citizens of Hyderabad who live in three Commissionerates received a notice from the police. The police seek to assist residents in completing their outstanding e-challans. A plan was put in place to provide traffic offenders a 75 percent reduction on their pending challans.

TS E Challan Online @ 75% Discount

According to data, the two-wheeler/auto owner sector accounts for 85 percent of the pending challans. The middle/lower middle/lower income category is represented by these traffic offenders. As a result, the government has reduced the e-challan burden to benefit a wider range of traffic offenders. The amount of the TS e challan payment decrease is determined by the type of vehicle they use for transportation.

1. Two-wheelers must pay 25% of the e-challan fee, after which the government will waive the remaining 75% of the challan amount.

2. Remittance of 20% of the e-challan payment is required for pushcarts. The remaining 80% of the e-challan payment will not be charged.

3. The government would waive 70% of the fee for petty merchants, with a 30% repayment required.

4. The government would waive half of the e-challan fee for automobiles, light motor vehicles, jeeps, and heavy trucks. The remaining 50% must be sent immediately.

Type of VehiclePercentage of payment that must be made out of a total of 100Discount Applicable
(Two & Three Wheeler)25 Percentage75 Percentage
(RTC Vehicle)30 Percentage70 Percentage
(Four & heavy Vehicle)50 Percentage50 Percentage

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Make sure you go through all the information below before making any TS e challan payment.

ts e challan
ts e challan

TS e Challan Online Payment

How can I make an online payment for a TS e-challan?

First, TS State citizens should go to the TS Police e-challan Public View site, which is located at https://echallan.tspolice.gov.in/publicview/, to pay the pending challan fee online.

Second Step: Citizens should input their vehicle number, engine/chassis number, and captcha code, then choose Go.

ts e challan portal online
ts e challan portal online

3rd Step: Citizens will later see a list of pending challans on a display with discounts.

ts e challan portal online Payment
ts e challan portal online Payment

4th Step: Review the infraction information and select ‘Select All’ from the left-hand menu. Then select Net Banking from the drop-down menu.

5th Step: From the drop-down menu, choose Payment Bank and click Next.

ts e challan payment page
ts e challan payment page

6th Step: Complete the Captcha and press the Pay Now button.

ts e challan portal online Payment Verification Page
ts e challan portal online Payment Verification Page

7th Step: Keep a record of the Transaction reference number in case there are any future issues.

Transaction reference number
Transaction reference number

8th Step: Make an online payment using a credit card, debit card, Paytm, or any UPI mode. Finally, enter your credit card or bank account information to complete the transaction.

Enter your card or bank details
Enter your card or bank details

9th Step: Save the receipt from the payment transaction.

ts e challan Transaction receipt
ts e challan Transaction receipt

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Offline payment of a Telangana traffic e-challan (TS e challan):

To pay an e-challan issued by the Telangana traffic police online, follow these steps:

1. Take a copy of your Telangana State e-challan to the nearest traffic police station.

2. Inform the authorized officer of any outstanding challan dues and request that they be paid in cash.

How to Use Paytm to Make Telangana Challan Payments Online?

Paytm ensures a smooth payment process. With Paytm, the whole challan payment procedure is simple and devoid of technological problems. Paytm allows you to pay your Telangana challan in a quick and easy manner. We add to the steps to help you comprehend them better.

1. Go To PayTM.com or Go directly from Here

Set the traffic authority to Telangana e-Challan.

2. Enter the vehicle’s license plate number.

3. Double-check your car and challan information.

4. Select your preferred payment option, such as Debit/Credit Card, Net Banking, or Paytm Wallet.

A digital invoice is created once the transaction is properly processed, and you are immediately notified by your registered email address and phone number. Paytm offers a free online Telangana challan payment service that is available 24 hours a day, 7 days a week. Paytm allows you to pay your challans in a timely and convenient manner. In addition, Paytm offers a variety of discount coupons and Cashback deals to help you save money on your Telangana challan payment.

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How can I check the status of a TS e Challan (Traffic challan in Telangana State)?

To check the status of your challan, go to the Parivahan website run by the Indian government:

1. Go to the e-challan page for Parivahan.

2. Type in your Challan number, car number, or driver’s license number.

3. You will see a list of your challans. Select the one for which you’d want to know the current status.

TS Pending Challan Payment (75% Discount applicable –if any)

• The state of Telangana has revealed a new approach to raise public awareness and increase government revenue.

• Telangana residents may save up to 75% on their outstanding challans right now with the TS Pending Challan Discount 2022.

• The next section contains thorough information on how to acquire a TS E Challan discount.

• Pay all of your challans as quickly as possible to avoid being pursued by the authorities.

• You may also check the status of your Telangana E Challan on the official website of the TS Police Department.

• Discounts for LMVs, HMVs, and any other vehicle type may vary.

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How do I get a discount on my TS E Challan?

How to Get a 75% Discount on TS E Challans Online at Echallan.tspolice.gov.in.

• Go to echallan.tspolice.gov.in on your mobile device.

• Enter your VIN (Vehicle Identification Number) or DMV (Driver’s License Number).

• After hitting the submit button, wait for the next page to load.

• You’ll be able to see all of your unanswered challans once you’re finished.

• After you’ve finished the payment procedure, you’ll see a discounted pricing.

• If you pay with one of the payment ways provided, you will receive the TS E Challan Discount 2022.

TS e Challan Overview

TS e Challan ParticularsDetails
Applicable StateTelangana State
Authority(Telangana Traffic Police Department)
(Scheme)(TS E Challan Discount)
Starting Year2022
(TS E Challan Discount for LMV)Upto 75%
TS Challan - Pending ( Discount)Upto 5%
Maximum Limit of Challan ApplicableThere is No Limit
Official Website Portalwww.echallan.tspolice.gov.in

TS e Challan Updates

Since 2014, there have been pending dues totaling INR 600 crore:

Telangana’s administration intended to put a stop to the e-challan problem once and for all. The cops took the initiative in this case and offered a one-time discount. This effort should be able to attract as many traffic violators as possible in order to qualify for the one-time discount. From March 1, 2022, until March 31, 2022, the police will establish a payment window. The administration wants to get rid of the 1.7 crore outstanding challans that have been accumulating for seven years.

As a result, the government encourages traffic offenders to exclusively pay their fines online. A link will be provided on the Telangana e-challan website for people who wish to make online payments. From March 1, 2022, forward, people will be able to pay their outstanding invoices. The joint commissioner, AV Ranganath, indicated in a news conference that many fines had been compoundable for a long time. It’s also past time for law enforcement and traffic offenders to come to an agreement.

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Telangana Case of a Traffic Violator (ఉల్లంఘనలు మరియు జరిమానాలు)

More recently, Hyderabad police seized a bike that had accumulated 92 outstanding challans over the course of seven years. The penalty amounted to INR 25,250.00 in total. The event occurred during a routine car inspection.

Auctioning the Abandoned Vehicles is a major development.

The abandoned and confiscated automobiles that sat idle in police stations across the three commissionerates were auctioned off by Hyderabad police. CV Anand, the City Police Commissioner, has asked law enforcement and traffic officers to remove automobiles parked at police stations. At the Goshamahal police grounds, 601 automobiles were auctioned off. 550 persons from Andhra Pradesh and Telangana participated in the auction. On February 22, 2022, the government earned INR 51.7 lakh from the auctioning of confiscated automobiles.

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The Issue of User Fees Has Spiraled in Communities, but the Government Has Taken No Action:

According to Sri Vijay Gopal, the Parivahan team portal does not collect any other fees aside from the traffic infringement costs in the e-challan. Sri Gopal further claims that the Telangana Police Department is collecting e-challan fines through unlawful websites. He’s a social activist who tweeted about the problem, identifying the traffic cops and the DGP. The subject of collecting user fees on e-challans has recently resurfaced in the headlines.

When a citizen is charged with a traffic infringement, he or she must also pay INR 35.00 in user fees. Every day, three lakh challans are issued in this manner, and this practice has persisted since 2007. For their operations and maintenance, the user costs are allocated through numerous channels.

1. For example, INR 5.00 will be sent to the eSeva centre and the appropriate payment channels.

2. The postal department receives INR 15.00 in its exchequer in exchange for the services it offers to traffic violators.

3. The Telangana State Government receives INR 10.00 from the Police Department and distributes INR 5.00 to the Telangana State Technology Services.

Telangana Police Opinion: Cyberabad DCP Traffic MS Vijay Kumar remarked, “The e-challan system has been tried and proven.” Portals like Parivahan, which do not charge any fees to users, are being investigated. Furthermore, citizens are in favour of user fees.”

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In Telangana, check TS e-challan Pending Fine:

1. The offender must visit the Paytm website and go to the ‘Challan Bill Payment’ tab.

2. The traffic offender must choose ‘Traffic Authority’ and fill in the required information, such as challan ID/Number, car number, and so on.

3. To view the pending fine amount, the violation must click on the ‘proceed’ button.

The Telangana Traffic Police Department has adopted a 12-point system:

Telangana’s government has implemented a severe penalty point system in response to an increase in traffic rule infractions. The following are the terms and conditions.

1. If a person receives more than 12 penalty points in two consecutive years, his or her driver’s license is suspended for a year.

2. If a traffic infringement is noticed in a violator on a regular basis, the police are given authority. It has the authority to suspend or revoke a driver’s license for a period of two years.

3. Only when a learner license holder satisfies a criterion will the RTO award a permanent license. Such individuals may have accrued 5 or less penalty points in the previous two years.

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TS E Challan Frequently Asked Questions

What is the Telangana Traffic Police’s 12 Point System?

Ans: The 12 point system was developed by the Telangana Traffic Police to deter frequent defaulters by terminating their license if they received 12 points in less than 24 months. Driving without a helmet, driving an uninsured car, over-speeding, taking the incorrect route, and other offenses were all given a point. A defaulter would receive 1 point for not wearing a helmet, 2 points for operating an uninsured car, and 5 points for chain snatching while driving, for example. A person’s license will be suspended if he receives 12 points in less than 24 months.

What happens if TS e-challan is not paid in Telangana?

Ans: If a person fails to pay the Telangana Challan, a Traffic Police Officer may come to their home to collect the challan payment. The offender will be called to court if the challan money is not collected at the offender’s home address. If they do not appear in court, their license may be suspended.

Is it possible to get a discount on a light motor vehicle using the TS E Challan?

Ans: LMV customers can get a 75 percent discount on their Pending Challans from the TS State Government.

How much money can you save on heavy vehicles?

Ans: Heavy trucks can get a 50% discount on their pending challans under this scheme.

What is the official TS E Challan payment website?

Ans: You can pay for any outstanding challans at Echallan.tspolice.gov.in.


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