TSBPass: Instant Online-Self-Certification Building Permission Application (Telangana)

TSbPass Application

TS-bpass పూర్తి భవనం అనుమతి మరియు నమోదు పూర్తి వివరాలు

TSbPass application: In February 2021, the Greater Hyderabad Municipal Corporation (GHMC) launched the TSbPass single-window clearance system as a set of building permission standards in Telangana. The three TSbPass approval types are instant registration, instant approval, and the single window phase. The TSbPass may be used to register residential constructions with a land area of up to 75 square yards and a building height of up to 7 metres.

The applicant can register with a Rs.1 token. Residential projects with a site size of 75 to 600 square yards and a building height of up to 10 metres are also approved quickly. All residential constructions with a land area of more than 500 square metres and a building height of less than 10 metres are subject to the single window approval phase. The Single Window System phase is an online facility for processing layout and building applications and granting permissions by streamlining the various processes and approvals as well as required certificates (NOCs) and acting as a single point of contact for service requests after the application and fees have been submitted.


Notable Features of TS-bPass

SUBMIT AN APPLICATION EASILY ONLINECitizens can fill up and submit their applications, as well as the required paperwork, online.
THE COMPLETE PROCEDURE IS SIMPLIFIEDCitizens can obtain NOC from all line departments using a single Common Application Form.
THE PROCESS IS PARTICULARLY DIVIDED INTO THREE STEPSPermits may be applied for, uploaded, and paid for in three easy steps.
SAFETY AND SECURITYAll transactions on the website are encrypted and hence secure.
READY TO RESPOND TO MOBILE DEMANDCitizens with an active internet connection can use a PC, tablet, or mobile device to access services.

Self Certification Apply OnlineTS bPASS Portal Building Permissions

KTR Garu, the TS IT minister, stated following the launch of the TS bPASS website that the whole building permit process, as well as layout approval, will be handled through this portal. People don’t go anywhere to get a building permit, and they don’t pay money to the GHMC and municipal governments for expedited approvals, he alleges.

Government clearance is not required for structures less than 75 square yards. People with land sizes ranging from 75 to 600 SY can get Municipal or GHMC permission from the state government right away. The TS BPASS 2020-2021 legislation will make it easier for people to get building licenses.

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jagananna amma vodi ap gov in – జగనన్న అమ్మ వొడి

The following are the most prominent characteristics of the TSbpass act:

1. In both rural and urban areas, no GHMC or municipal approval is required to build a new house on a residential plot of up to 75 square yards, or to construct Ground & Ground Plus.

2. For residential plots with an area of 75 SY to 500 SY and a construction height of 10 metres, the GHMC or municipal authorization is required. Citizens should fill out the Single Window System (SWS) common application form on the TS BPASS website to get quick clearance for construction permits.

3. GHMC NOCs are required for residential and non-residential sites bigger than 500 square yards, as well as structures taller than 10 metres. To get numerous NOCs, citizens should complete the Common Registration Form and submit it to the TSbpass Portal.

4. The provisional layout approval and occupancy certifications will be completed via the Self Certification Portal.

TS-bpass rules and regulations in telugu (తెలుగు)

తెలుగులో TS-bpass నియమాలు మరియు నిబంధనలు

1. గ్రామీణ మరియు పట్టణ ప్రాంతాల్లో, 75 చదరపు గజాల వరకు నివసించే స్థలంలో కొత్త ఇంటిని నిర్మించడానికి లేదా గ్రౌండ్ & గ్రౌండ్ ప్లస్‌ని నిర్మించడానికి GHMC లేదా మునిసిపల్ అనుమతి అవసరం లేదు.

2. 75 SY నుండి 500 SY వైశాల్యం మరియు 10 మీటర్ల నిర్మాణ ఎత్తు కలిగిన నివాస ప్లాట్‌ల కోసం, GHMC లేదా పురపాలక ఆమోదం అవసరం. భవన నిర్మాణ అనుమతుల కోసం త్వరిత క్లియరెన్స్ కోసం పౌరులు TS BPASS వెబ్‌సైట్‌లో సింగిల్ విండో సిస్టమ్ (SWS) సాధారణ దరఖాస్తు ఫారమ్‌ను పూరించాలి.

3. 500 చదరపు గజాల కంటే పెద్ద నివాస మరియు నాన్-రెసిడెన్షియల్ సైట్‌లకు, అలాగే 10 మీటర్ల కంటే ఎక్కువ ఎత్తు ఉన్న నిర్మాణాలకు GHMC NOCలు అవసరం. బహుళ NOCలను పొందేందుకు, పౌరులు తప్పనిసరిగా కామన్ రిజిస్ట్రేషన్ ఫారమ్‌ను పూర్తి చేసి TSbpass పోర్టల్‌కు సమర్పించాలి.

4. తాత్కాలిక లేఅవుట్ ఆమోదం మరియు ఆక్యుపెన్సీ సర్టిఫికేషన్ స్వీయ-ధృవీకరణ పోర్టల్ ద్వారా పూర్తవుతాయి.


TSbpass Benefits

The following are the benefits of the scheme:

1. The granting of a building permit is quick and simple.

2. Quick Permits for Construction.

TSbPass Updates

TSbpass Important Divisions.

The TS BPASS is divided into many sections.

• A building permit is required.

• The layout must be approved.

• A Certificate of Occupancy is required.

• Land Use Certificate

• Changes in land use.

• Petrol Bunk’s Certificate of No-Ownership

• Enforce-ability.

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TSPASS Portal Building permits Application (Registration)

Step-1: Citizens can first visit the TSbpass website at https://tsbpass.telangana.gov.in/html/en/index.html.

Step 2: Go to the TS Bpss Home page and click the Apply Now option. When you click the Apply now button, the seven options will show on the screen.

tsbpass application

Step 3: Choose the first option, which is Building Permission.


Step 4: Applicants will then see three parts on the page: Instant Registration, Instant Approval, and All Other Categories.


5th Step: People can use the Instant Registration link to fill out an application form with information on the applicant, the plot, and the building, among other things.


6th Step: After completing the Instant Registration Form, applicants will receive acceptance letters instantly through email. Citizens can get a copy of the Building Approval Letter and get started on their project right now.

Note: After obtaining the Building Permit Application Form through the TSBPASS portal, the GHMC and local authorities will verify the facts. If you provide inaccurate information, officials will promptly cancel your authorization letter. As a consequence, in the layout and building, only true facts should be entered.

TS-bPass Login

  • Go to Official Website of Tsbpass https://tsbpass.telangana.gov.in/
  • On the right side top menu click on login
tsbpass login
tsbpass login
  • A new login window shall open up
  • Fill in the credential which you furnished while applying registration as mentioned above
  • Now you shall find loged in to the TS Bpass Dashboard and perform the required action.

TSbPass Prerequisites

The following are the prerequisites for the ‘Self-Certification’ system:

• A Self-Declaration specifying the property size, number of floors, ownership certificates, and a copy of the Encumbrance Certificate in PDF format, together with an online application.

• A statement of accountability must be given together with the self-certification, accepting responsibility for any false statements made.

• If there is a violation on the property, it must be reported to the authorities; otherwise, it may be demolished.

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Documents Required for TSbPass

If you’re applying for a building permit through Telangana’s official website, here’s a list of everything you’ll need:

• Take a photo of the building.

• A remark stating that the structure is complete.

• A PDF drawing of the building’s construction.

• A certificate of land valuation.

• A copy of the plan that the board of directors has authorised.

How to Monitor the Progress of Your TSbPass Application?

• Go to the official TSbPass website.

• Select ‘Track Application’ from the homepage.

• Complete the required fields, then select Show Status from the drop-down option.

• Here you may check the status of your TS building permissions in your TSbPass application.

TS-bpass building permission rules

Find the PDF documents in the below link for ts-bpass building permission rules on layout.

Click Here to Download the Rules

TSbPass Guidelines

Based on the recommendations of the TS-iPass of 2015 and the Telangana Municipalities Act 2019, the TSbPass is being implemented in Telangana for all residential constructions. The government will also apply this system of non-residential buildings. The TSbPass certificate is authorised according to a complicated set of standards, therefore speaking with a legal professional to learn about the most recent laws and processes is a smart idea. Request a free legal consultation with NoBroker and a legal expert will answer all of your property-related inquiries. If you have any property-related legal issues, leave a comment and we’ll respond.

tsbpass features
tsbpass features

TS bPASS Portal

On November 16, 2020, Telangana IT Minister Kalvakuntla Taraka Rama Rao Garu launched the TS bPASS portal for giving building and approved layouts authorisation. The Telangana BPASS Portal is a computerised platform for getting building permits in the GHMC and municipal areas of Telangana.

TS BPASS, a self-certification system, was developed by the state government. The TS BPASS website was created by Telangana’s IT department. It’s also a cutting-edge self-certification portal for Telangana locals. People between the ages of 75 and 600 who want to build their own house can use this website to get quick clearance from the state government.

tsbpass details
tsbpass details

TS bpass charges

Initial processing fees are determined by the kind of construction permit requested, which is determined when the application is uploaded.

The building of a ground or ground + 1 higher level on a parcel of land up to 75 sq. yds does not require any permit; nevertheless, the applicant must register online using the TSBPASS web portal, and the registration cost can be paid concurrently with the first property tax receipt.

The applicant must pay the fee within 15 days, and if the payment is not made within 15 days, the applicant must pay the charge plus ten percent interest within another 15 days.

TsbPass Full Form

The full form of TSbPass is Telangana State Building Permission Approval & Self Certification System.

TSbPass is explained in detail.

When the old Development Permission Management System was discontinued, the Greater Hyderabad Municipal Corporation (GHMC) installed the Telangana State Building Permission Approval and Self Certification System (TsbPass) (DPMS). Telangana bPass is an online system that processes and disposes of all layout and construction permissions that fall within Telangana’s jurisdiction. Using the TSbPass construction clearance, the state government wants to speed up the examination and approval procedure for all residential operations in Telangana.

The Telangana State Industrial Project Approval and Self-Certification System (TS-iPass), which was launched in July 2015 as a virtual self-certification-based model for granting online industrial building permissions, is part of a larger Telangana State Industrial Project Approval and Self-Certification System project (TS-iPass). Telangana’s state government has begun enforcing building licence requirements, according to the most current TSbPass news. Let’s take a closer look at the Telangana State Building Permit Approval and Self-Certification System.

Name of the SchemeTS-bPASS
Initiated byTelangana IT Minister KTR Gary
InceptionSince 16th November 2020
Official Website portalwww.tsbpass.telangana.gov.in
Registration OptionOnline
Permissions Authority (Building)Municipal and GHMC
GovernmentState government of Telangana

TsbPass Contact

Telephone Number:



640, AC Guards,

Opp: PTI Building, Hyderabad – 500004, Telangana.

Municipal Administration and Urban Development,

Often Asked Questions – TSbPass (FAQ)

Q) What does TSbPass stand for and what does it mean?

Ans: The abbreviation TSbPass stands for Telangana State Building Permission Approval and Self Certification System. It was introduced by the Greater Hyderabad Municipal Corporation (GHMC) to replace the Development Permission Management System (DPMS).

Q) What is the cost of the TSbPass and how do I pay it?

Ans: Is it true that a one-time registration fee of one dollar applies? Although no permits are required for the construction of a ground or ground + 1 upper level on a parcel of land up to 75 square yards, the applicant must register online using the TSBPASS web portal and pay the registration fee with the first property tax receipt.

Q) What is the TSbPass contact information?

Ans. To contact the TSbPass offices, dial 040-22 66 66 66.

Q) Is the Telangana DPMS still operational?

Ans: The DPMS is no longer used in Telangana. The Greater Hyderabad Municipal Corporation has replaced DPMS with TSbPass.

Q) How does the TSbPass application approval process work?

Ans: The TSbPass building permit clearing method comprises three stages: immediate registration, instant approval, and single window approval.

Q) Where is the headquarters of TSbPass?

Ans: 640, AC Guards, Opp: PTI Building, Hyderabad – 500004. Municipal Administration and Urban Development, Government of Telangana,

Q) How do you acquire a building permit in Telangana?

• Go to the official TSbPass website.

• From the homepage, select ‘Online Services.’

• From the Login menu, choose “Occupancy.”

• From the drop-down menu, choose “Building Completion” and fill in the spaces on the screen.

• Click the save button to save and submit your work.

• We’ll send your information to the phone number you supplied.


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