Union Bank Mudra Loan-(2021) How to apply Online | Interest Rate

Union Bank of India Mudra Loan Details 2021

Union Bank MUDRA Loan, ‘MUDRA’ which represents Micro Unit Development & Refinance Agency Ltd is actually a bank that is being established through the Government of India for the growth and refinancing of mini or micro-system companies. It was declared by the Honorable Minister of Finance while showing the Union Budget for the fiscal year 2016.

The MUDRA loan is to provide support to the non-corporate small business sector through numerous last-mile financial institutions such as banks, NBFC, and MFI. And also, all kinds of activities of the production, trade, and services industry can receive financing from MUDRA. 

The loans are actually classified according to the growth in Shishu, Kishor and also Tarun. These elements have been developed to serve customers operating at the narrow end of the business spectrum.

MUDRA already has its first products / schemes of PMMY. To indicate the stage of the micro-unit / entrepreneur and the funding requirements, the interventions were named “Shishu”, “Kishor” and “Tarun”. This also serves as a benchmark to indicate the growth/development of business and the financing needs of the beneficiary small unit/entrepreneur and offer a reference aspect the next phase of graduation/growth to anticipate.

Union Bank Mudra Loan-How to Apply

Union Bank of India Loans are covered by these schemes:

CatagoriesScheme NameMaximum Loan Amount receivableDetails of the Mudra Scheme
Type-1ShishuMAXIMUM AMOUNT covering financing up to Rs. 50,000.The loans are roughly an optimal INR 50,000 along with an
interest rate that is actually 1% every month or even 12% every year. Duration of the monthly payment around five years.
Type-2KishoreMAXIMUM AMOUNT, from Rs. 50,000 and roughly up to Rs. 5,00,000. The interest rate will depend on the financial institution, in accordance with the plan's guidelines, however will also refer to applicant's credit history. Payment term decided at the discretion of the bank.
Type-3TarunMAXIMUM AMOUNT covering funds over Rs. 5,00,000 to around Rs. 10,00,000.Mudra Loans exceeding INR 50,000 up to INR 5 lakhs. The interest rate will depend on the financial institution, in accordance with the plan's guidelines, however will also refer to applicant's credit history. Payment term decided at the discretion of the bank.

Pradhan Mantri Mudra Loan Yojana at UNION BANK OF INDIA

The Pradhan Mantri Mudra Yojana program is just one of the most ideal programs of the central government. A fantastic project to motivate both micro and small entrepreneurs. Indians are people who depend on effort and also on skill. An ideal possibility for those who appear to shape their concepts is obtaining a maximum of 10 lakhs of Mudra financing. No security is needed for MUDRA loans. The PMMY plan refers to the non-farm finance sector. Banking companies can lend to members who provide loans to (MUDRA) Micro Units Development and Refinance Agency Limited.

That said, the PMMY plan mentions rates under which financial institutions can easily make loans based on income production.

Shishu Loans – Up to 50,000 / -.

Kishor Loans – From 50,000 / – up to 5 lakh / -.

Tarun Loans – From 5 lakh to 10 lakh / -.

Actually, this is really a benefit for those who wish to target low-cost investing options. As usual, small entrepreneurs typically try to find unorganized field financing for faster processing, making them pay much higher interest rates.

All registered financial institutions, both public and exclusive banking companies, are entitled to offer their NPAs, no more than 3%, and must also have a 3-year continuous income report.

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How to approach UNION BANK OF INDIA for a MUDRA loan

Measures involved in applying for MUDRA financing:

  • Apply online or even can find an Union Bank of India branch nearby. Complete all necessary fields.
  • Show all needed papers properly to speed up the process
  • Obtain a letter of approval for your business loan
  • Receive directly the volume of financing disbursed in your account.
  • Get an acknowledgment from the banking company for all the files that you put together while applying for the Loan.

 Apply online for the MUDRA PMMY loan.

  • Download the Mudra loan application form from the main website and fill out the form before going to the branch.
  • Receiving a business loan under the MUDRA plan is very simple as the lenders in India have to fulfill their goal set by the Central government of India.
  • The interest rate for each and every one of the classifications under the PMMY scheme or MUDRA loans:

Type of Mudra Loan options at Union Bank of India

Cash Credit – For fulfilling the Business Unit’s Working Capital Requirement

Term Loan – Various business objectives requiring a longer loan term

Mudra Loan offered by Union Bank of India with attractive interest rates. It ranges from Base Rate (currently 7.60%). The applicable interest rate to the units is in the range of MCLR + 0.40% to MCLR + 1.65%.

But this interest rate totally depends on Union Bank of India discretion and the profile and project of the Mudra Loan applicant.

Union Bank of India e Mudra Loan Detail Eligibility

  • The MUDRA loan candidate must be creating minimal income to be truly eligible for funding in any type of loan group. Under the pmmy scheme, all types of traders, manufacturers, and service sector entrepreneurs are eligible for a loan.
  • No special restriction to apply Mudra Loan at Union Bank of India
  • Anyone can apply for the MUDRA loan at Union Bank of India, be it a vegetable seller, a machine shop, a food service unit, a craftsman or a manufacturing unit.
  • Under the pmmy scheme, all types of entrepreneurs in the service, manufacturing and commerce sectors are eligible for loans.

Papers required for the MUDRA loan at Union Bank of India

Union Bank Mudra Loan requires a minimum of documentation and credentials. Mudra Loan at Union Bank of India provides Quick, fast and easy authorizations and disbursements of the money. The main objective of Mudra Loan is for the growth/development stage and the financing demands of the micro-units and the business owner.

Like any other personal loan in Banks, the MUDRA loan at Union Bank of India must also have KYC paperwork. Because it is a totally free financing guarantee, it is actually easier to decide to go with the Loan.

The following documents are required if applying for a working capital loan.

  • Proof of Residence
  • Aaadhar Card.
  • Pan card.
  • Photographs of candidates.
  • Proof of business identity and the establishment address
  • Six-month income Statement.
  • Vendor information, such as the title of the equipment
  • supplier, an estimate of the equipment needed to purchase it

If the Loan is actually being taken out to finance business capital, then the MUDRA loan candidate must present the following documents at that time.

  • Proof of Business establishments
  • Trade License.
  • Proof of active business
  • Income Tax return for last two years
  • Last twelve month Bank statements
  • Organization establishing year proof.

Problems experienced when looking for a MUDRA loan.

Due to the fact that, the pmmy plan argues that there is no collateral to be submitted to Union Bank of India for the MUDRA loan, banks can request various concerns and records to postpone the loan sanction procedure. You can deliver all requested documents as early as possible and avoid further delays.

Financial institutions do not have the right to reject an application if the documentation is full and meets the criteria. If the creditor is still not ready to approve you of a mudra loan, he can raise an objection against all of them in the consumer forum or can file an RTI.

Who can Apply & Purpose of the Union Bank of India Mudra loan

Below is a list of activities that may be covered by Union Bank MUDRA loans.:

Transport vehicle: Purchase of transport vehicles for the transport of goods and passengers, including automatic rickshaws, Light goods transport vehicles, 3-wheelers, electronic rickshaws, taxis, etc. Tractors/tractor carts/cultivators used simply for commercial purposes are also eligible for assistance under PMMY. Two-wheelers used for industrial purposes are also rated for protection under PMMY. 

Community, Social & Personal: Service Activities: Salons, beauty salon, gym, clothing stores, plug adapters, dry cleaners, bicycles and also motorcycle repairs, DTP as well as Photocopiers, Pharmacies, Courier Agents, etc.

Food products sector: Papad making, achaar making, jam/jelly making, farm produce preservation, nice shops, small business food stalls, as well as day-to-day canteens/caterers, vehicles of cold establishments, freezers, ice making units, gelato making devices, cookie making, bread, and buns, etc.

Textile products sector / activity:  Handloom, power loom, khadi activity, chikan work, zari and zardozi work, standard embroidery and also manual work, conventional dyeing and also editing, clothing design, weaving, cotton ginning, computerized embroidery, sewing, and other textiles Non-apparel products, such as bags, automobile devices, decoration devices, etc

Traders and Merchants Can Get Business Loans: Financial assistance for loans to people for the management of their shops/commerce & business/service business activities and also non-farm income generating tasks with a recipient loan size of around 10 lakh per business/borrower.

Micro Unit Equipment Financing Scheme – Recipient Loan Size Up To 10 Lakh

Activities related to agriculture: fish farming and beekeeping, poultry farming, livestock.

Union Bank of India Mudra Micro Unit loan types.

Shishu Yojana.

Micro or even small utility/business owners can choose this type of Mudra Loan. The specific business can fetch up to Rs. 50,000 in financing volume. Actually, this scheme is specifically tailored for those who require a little capital to set up their new business. To obtain these loans, applicants must provide the concepts of their company.

Kishor Yojana.

Business owners who have an operational service and want to grow it as a much more practical business can easily choose this Mudra loan group. Those companies can use proceeding from Rs. 50,000 approximately to Rs. 5 lakhs in financing volume. To use this Loan, the business must upload the loan application and must submit the correct business documentation to show the current status of the business available.

Tarun Yojana.

Small business owners who have a complete management business and would like to grow more can opt for this Mudra loan group. The specific business may request approximately Rs. 10 lakhs in the amount of this loan category.

Please note: applicants do not need to provide any kind of security or even a third-party guarantee.

Reap the best interest rates benefit from whatever type of financial institution you choose. There could be different interest rates depending on the classification of the Loan you are enrolling. Explore all the neighboring financial institutions and make an effort to lower the interest rate before getting a mudra loan.

Union Bank of India MUDRA loan repayment period: 

The usual monthly payment period is for up to 7 years. Go for the best fit as the EMI affects the period.

Union Bank Mudra Loan and Personal Loan, which is actually better.

The maximum amount of financing: Not the same for each one. 

Tenure for Repayment: Mudra loan is actually provided for even more period when combined with individual finances. 

Rate of Interest- Actually, it is almost the same for both funds; again in some categories, Mudra loan is slightly lower than personal loans.

Security: Required for personal Loan and certainly not required for Mudra financing. 

Purpose of Loan Application: Actually, a strong reason is required for the Mudra loan, but no primary reason is needed for the Personal Loan. 

Application process: Easy for personal loans and a bit difficult in reality for Mudra loans.

If you really are in the category of receiving mudra financing, it is actually recommended to go for it. Bank and financial companies help to meet your Mudra loan needs. Regardless, personal loans are also a good option for your immediate needs, and Union Bank of India is also a good option to choose as you receive a loan at an equally low-interest rate.

Union Bank of India Mudra Loan FAQs.

  1. Does Union Bank provide Mudra loan?

To obtain security documents against suchLoansThe following documents are generally available: DP note, Hypothecation Agreements, Letters of continuity, TermLendingAgreement (If there is a termLoan?, etc.

2. What really is the interest cost of the Union Bank of India Pradhan Mantri Mudra Yojana system?

The interest rate required in the PMMY system is 8.05%, and yet it also varies on the consumer’s credit rating.

3. Is there really some kind of subsidy for the Union Bank of India Pradhan Mantri Mudra Yojana scheme?

There are currently no grants available in the PMMY program.

4. What is a Mudra loan at Union Bank of India?

Union Bank of India Offers Mudra (Micro Units Development and Refinance Agency) Loan at an interest rate of starting from 7.60% or more. Mudra loans are free from any security. Loans under PMMY is available and initiated by the central Government of India.

4. Is any kind of vigilance required for the Union Bank of India Pradhan Mantri Mudra Yojana program?

Finances under the PMMY system are insecure in attributes; therefore, the debtor is certainly not required to keep everything as collateral or even protection together with the creditor.

5. Is a sponsor required for the Union Bank of India Pradhan Mantri Mudra Yojana plan?

PMMY loans are not protected; therefore, no form of protection is required.

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Union Bank of India Mudra Loan Application Form

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