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WBiFMS Login: The government of West Bengal has significantly increased computerization at different levels in a number of government departments, directorates, and lower-level offices as part of the effort to implement e-Governance. The Finance Department of this Government is in charge of the Integrated Financial Administration System, or IFMS, which is used to integrate and administer financial and human resource systems online. This system is currently a crucial component of office management in practically all government offices. As a result, today it is crucial for all Office Assistants in Government Offices to have acceptable IFMS skills.

Changes have been made by the West Bengal government to its financial management initiatives. The main reason this service was established was to give West Bengal state government employees access to their pay slips online. Visit the official website listed in the article’s section below if you want to download your WBIFMS pay slip. Services like registration, login, and others are offered via the Integrated Financial Management System West Bengal Portal. With the aid of the information below, you can study the comprehensive information about the West Bengal IFMS Login Portal to get the remaining data pertaining to it.


To have the amount data as documentation for their future use, every government employee requires a Salary Slip or Pay Slip. The IFMS WB Online Portal may be used to get a WB IFMS Salary Slip if you choose to apply for one. The official website, which is supplied in the section below, should be used by all workers to verify all the instructions for registration and login. The information in the section below will help you learn more about the West Bengal Integrated Financial Management System Pay Slip Download Procedure.

Services for WBIFMS.

The Services you’ll Receive Are:.

WBIFMS Services
Payslips for each month.
Statement of Income  (Salary Statement Preview).
Salary Statement in Arrears (if any).
GPF Loan Application
Request for an Official Tour.
Request for a leave.
Membership Report.
Request for LTC, HTC, or TC.
Request an official tour.
Make an LTC/HTC/TC claim.
Declaration of Nominee's Family.
If you plan to retire in the next three months, fill out the GPF Final Payment Application.

West Bengal IFMS Payslip 2022 online registration at www.wbifms.gov.in, WBIFMS Login Portal: WBIFMS Pay Slip 2020-2021-2022 Download PDF Online.

WBIFMS Important Links

Guidelines for New Registration at the #West Bengal #Govt Employees’ #HRMS@ifms Portal.

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Instructions for registering with WBIFMS:

1) Log on to page www.wbifms.gov.in first.

2) After entering the IFMS website, select Employee e-Services.

3) Select Register by clicking the link.

4) Enter the Employee No. from your most recent payslip, the Mobile No. you gave, and the Captcha, and then click Register.

5) An OTP will be sent to your cell phone.

6) Fill up the OTP field with the OTP.

7) Select the Declaration check box, after which you should select Create My Account.

8) Your registered cellphone number will be used to provide you a password, and the user name will be your employee number.

9) You will have to sign in and update your password for the first time.

10) Sign in one again, and your ID is now ready.

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Benefits of WBIFMS Registration:

  • To download a copy of your pay stub,
  • Application for Leave (CL, EL etc.),
  • Count the number of days you have left to use.
  • Check your employee profile to see if there are any errors that need to be reported.
  • Download your GPF statement as it becomes available.
  • Know your GPF balance, and more.

You must give your office or DDO your mobile number before registering (DDO Will update your mobile number in your HRMS profile)

Items required for WBIFMS registration include.

Internet connectivity; a computer, laptop, or smartphone.


• Go to this Website URL: wbifms.gov.in/postlogin.html to access the WBIFMS website.

WBIFMS Login Home
WBIFMS Login Home

• On the home page, simply choose the “E-services for Employees” option.


After that, you may go on and select the “sign-in” link. The system will then display a new page where you can enter your user ID.

WBIFMS Login Page
WBIFMS Login Page

• Enter your password and user ID.

• Double-check the data, then select the login tab.

• The page will appear so you may continue.

• Log in and select “my papers.”

• Select the “see pay slip” tab from the navigation bar after navigating there.

• Decide which month you want the pay slip for.

• You can print and download the WBIFMS pay slip for 2022.

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WBIFMS Login Advantages

For private or individual problems like:, please log in to e-Services for Employees (eSE).

  • Viewing pay slip, IT statements, loans, leave requests, and TA/DA/LTC punishment orders
  • Applying for Loan/Leave/TA/DA/LTC
  • Designating an officer reported upon in a SAR (self)
  • Including remarks in SAR as Reporting, Reviewing, or Accepting Authorities


The management programmes for the fund have been reviewed and changed by the West Bengal government. the thirst for more effective administrative and financial processes. brings about the launch of IFMS ( Integrated financial management system). This is helpful because governmental spending is well-planned. Employees are taken care of; they may readily access the payslip on the internet. In April 2014, IFMS was created by combining all state departments. This online portal can only be accessed with login information such passwords and user IDs.

The network of the WBIFMS:

(All the district and blocks offices)
(Public account administrators)
(Disbursing officer)

Generally speaking, West Bengal’s departments are all stored in the IFMS, a consolidated database. in the state data center, where the servers are. The government has installed high-speed MPSL & WBSWAN network connectivity in the center.

The following facilities and modules are part of the West Bengal IFMS:

• Electronic fund allocation through E-Bantan.

• E-billing, which involves digitizing bill forms.

• E-pradan, a mechanism for government e-payments.

• E-CTS, an electronic central treasury system

• Online PL – an electronic payment mechanism for managers of deposit accounts.

• GRIPS, a system for government receipt portals.

Human resource management system (HRMS).

• CBMS—a centralized method for monitoring the budget.

General Provident Fund (GPF).

Reports from MIS.

All workers of the government as well as the department can access services on the website. It is always accessible and has a reliable support system that is available. Some of the services offered on the website include pay slips, loan statements, leave, TA, DA, LTC, and monthly income. Users of the web can download the app to their mobile device as well. For future use, every document contains a download icon and a print command.

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Download WBIFMS Pay Slip

The website for administration, monitoring, and control is made with government workers in mind. The website needs users to log in, during which they must provide their login ID. All services are shown on the menu list as requested after logged in.

  1. Go to the https://www.wbifms.gov.in/postlogin.html page of the WBIFMS website.
  • Click the “E-services for workers” option on the webpage.
  • Go ahead and select the “sign-in” tab.
  • A new page will load, on which you may enter your user ID.
  • Enter your password to proceed.
  • Verify the information one again, and then click the login tab.
  • You can go on when the page properly opens.
  • Select “my papers” after logging in.
  1. Choose the “see pay slip” link from the navigation bar.
  • Choose the month for which you want the pay slip.
  • You can print and download the pay slip for 2022.

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Payment Status Check for WBIFMS.

Users on the internet can look up the status of their payments. The website has addressed every potential compensation issue and offered staff options. Online monitoring is available for both loan status and monthly pay.

  1. Go to the “https://www.wbifms.gov.in/PORTAL/postlogin.html” page of the WBIFMS Portal’s official website.
  • On the main page, choose the tab for payment status from the list.
  • Continue answering/filling out all the relevant information.
  • Enter the bank account number and the IFMS code.
  • Enter the registered cellphone number one more time.
  • Click the submit button after selecting the offered captcha code.

The most crucial information for logging in is the registered cellphone number or email. Only the specified number can get notifications or the OTP. The user must update their account information if they need to alter their phone number. With the registered number on hand, the password may be changed and reset. The portal features elements that the user may update, but others, like the employee id, are static and one-of-a-kind.

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Block structure for WBIFMS.

WBIFMS Block Stucture
WBIFMS Block Stucture


a) HOO (Head-of-Office) – All forms of sanctioning authority for C.L. leave recommendations.

b) All leave sanctioning authorities (excluding C.L.) are classified as AA (Appointing Authority).

c) DAA (Delegated-Appointing Authority) — This is the person to whom AA delegated some of his or her delegations.

d) DOO (Drawing & Disbursing Officer).

d) URL for IFMS: www.wbilms.gov.in 6. Unique usernames for e-Bantan, GRIPS, DOO, and HOOIAA 7. Using GRIPS to deposit funds does not require a user login ID (For Government, Individuals and Any Institution)

WBIFMS Employee e-Services.

An Employee may Register His/Her Employee Id to Login to IFMS in order to Access Several e-Services of IFMS. You may access online services including monthly pay stubs, I-Tax statements, arrear statements, leave applications, joining reports, TA claims, LTC/HTC claims, and more from any location.

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Register for LTC via WBIFMS.

Following receipt of the employee’s request for a tour, the application must be approved by the head of office.

1. Use your HOO/AA Id and password to log in.

2. Choose the HRMS HOO Approver role.

3. Select TA, TC, HTC, or LTC.

4. Select TA/TC/HTC/LTC Inbox.

5. Select the Request View button.

WBIFMS Full Form

The full name of WBIFMS is West Bengal Integrated Financial Management System.

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Often Asked Questions on WBIFMS (FAQ)

Q) What does WBIFMS mean?

Ans: “West Bengal Integrated Financial Management System” is the full name of the system. The State Government of West Bengal’s WBIFMS is a web portal for managing, monitoring, and controlling all money distribution and financial activities in various departments and their subordinate offices in real-time.

Q) How to Download WBiFMS Pay Slip?

Ans: 1. Launch WBiFMS. Open a web browser, type wbifms.gov.in into the address box, and the West Bengal Integrated Financial Management System’s main page will load.

2. Press IFMS.

3. EServices.

4. Register.

5. Type in the WBIFMS ID card number.

6. Press Login.

7. Choose Payslip.

8. Choose a month.

Q) How to Sign In for current employees in WBiFMS?


  1. Start a web browser.
  2. Enter the website address http://wbifms.gov.in in the browser’s address bar. The WBIFMS Portal’s homepage appears.
  3. Select Sign In. You will see the eSE Login Page.
  4. Click Login after entering the Employee ID, User ID, and Password in the appropriate boxes.

Q) What is my WBIFMS ID location?

Ans: Online Registration for the WBIFMS Portal in 2022 (wbifms.gov.in) Registration and password creation are required. The payslip is where you may get the employee ID. All staff members are given access to the special number.

Q) How does Grips work in WBIFMS?

Ans: One can pay taxes to the state government using the IFMS West Bengal or WBIFMS portal known as GRIPS. Both a mobile app and the web WBIFMS Portal may be used to access the GRIPS Portal. On the GRIPS site, you can acquire a new Challan printout, check your GRN status, search for a Challan, and more.


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