When talked about Richest person only MEN are talked about. However you will be SHOCKED to know the Wealth of these WOMEN's

No. 10 Falguni Nayar Net Worth – 5,410 INR Crore. Founder and Managing Director of Nykaa.com

No. 9 Anu Aga & Meher Pudumjee Net Worth – 5,850 INR Crore. Chairwoman of Thermax Ltd.

No. 8 Mallika Chirayu Amin Net Worth – 7,570 INR Crore. Chairman and MD of Alembic Pharmaceuticals Ltd

No. 7 Renu Munjal Net Worth – 8,690 INR Crore. Managing Director of Hero FinCorp or Board of Easy Bill

No. 6 Jayshree Ullal Net Worth – 10,220 INR Crore. President and CEO of Arista Networks

No. 5 Radha Vembu Net Worth – 11,590 INR Crore INR Crore. Zoho Corporation (Majority Owner)

No. 4 Nilima Motapatri Net Worth – 18,620 INR Crore INR Crore. Director of Divi's Laboratories Ltd.

No. 3 Leena Gandhi Tewari Net Worth – 21,340 INR Crore INR Crore. Chairperson USV Private Limited

No. 2 Kiran Mazumdar Shaw Net Worth – 36,600 INR Crore INR Crore. Executive Chairman and Founder of Biocon Limited

No. 1 Roshni Nadar Malhotra Net Worth – 54,850 INR Crore INR Crore. Chairperson HCL Technologies

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