Where Smart people Invest in India?

You have a variety of possibilities for investing and growing your wealth 

If done correctly, the potential for profit is greater than you may be thinking

Though investing has the danger of losing your hard-earned money, if done correctly!

So let's find out the Smart & low-risk investing ideas to consider for Beginners

For the past ten years, the return on GOLD has substantially outpaced that of the stock market or real estate 


If you acquire the correct stock at the right moment and hold the investment for a long time, say more than 15 years, you may expect a bigger return. 

2. Equity & Shares

Initial public offering (IPO). It is a fantastic alternative for a low-risk long-term investment. 

3. IPO investment

Mutual funds are ideal for people looking to invest in equities and bonds while maintaining a risk-reward balance.  

4. Mutual Funds 

A systematic investing Plan (SIP) is the best approach to invest in a mutual fund 

5. SIP

The nicest thing about PPF is that the earnings are tax-free. It has a 15-year locking period and can yield compound interest.  

6. PPF

A Unit Linked Insurance Plan (ULIP) is a type of insurance that invests in both debt and equity markets.  

7. ULIP 

Bonds are low-risk investments with tax-free interest from the Government of India and infrastructure bonds.  

8. Bonds

There is no danger associated with it, but the interest rate is rather modest. 

9. Post Office Saving Schemes 

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