B2B Spice Safar Agent Login-Spice Money Online Registration

B2B Spice Safar Agent Login / SpiceSafar Spice Money Adhikari app

B2B Spice Safar for Agent Login is an Indian Rural Fintech startup that has changed the lives of people in semi-urban and rural locations. The organization employs over 5 lakh rural entrepreneurs and handles financial transactions worth $12 billion, representing a year-over-year increase of 150 percent. The firm has a customer base of 100 million people, and the process is ongoing.

Spice Money Distributor / Agent id Spice Money Retailer id

If you wish to register for Spice Money Retailer ID on your Android phone, you can contact the Spice Money Distributor Whatsapp Group or contact a Spice Money Agent.

If you don’t want to use any of the above two “B2B spice safar” alternatives, call Spice Money’s customer service number and they’ll tell you how to receive your b2b spice money store ID.

There, you’ll be asked for all of your details, and they’ll register your retailer for you, sending your Spice Money Agent ID and password to your registered email id and cellphone number!

b2b spice safar
b2b spice safar
Name of the PlatformB2B Spice Safar
Company NameSpice Digital Limited (Rural Fintech Company)
About the ServiceSpice Money b2b (Agent Login)
Name of the PortalSpice Money (b2b Spice Safar)
Direct Login Link - b2b Spice Safarhttps://b2b.spicesafar.com/loginPageLogin
Customer Care Number0120-4026700
Name of the ApplicationSpice Money Adhikari – Start your Digital Dukaan
Bank Associated withInduslnd Bank,Yes Bank, RBL

In this post you will get which we offer information on how to become a Spice Money agent! Retailer Registration for Spice Money As you may be aware, there are several organizations in the market that offer a variety of portals and IDs for balance queries, withdrawals, and the purchase of train tickets via online transactions.

Further Spice Money is one of the popular AEPS (Aadhar Enable Payment System) gateway, via which you may utilize Spice Money’s money transfer, money withdrawal, PAN card, and other services.

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B2B Spice Safar platform offers assistance.

Spice Money offers a variety of new services to Indian citizens, including banking, online payments, tours & travel, loans, and other extras. Find as below

B2B Spice Safar Services
Withdrawal of funds
Make a Balance Inquiry
Make a cash deposit.
The bill for electricity.
Service of Insurance.
Pay your bills.
Booking a flight.
Recharge your broadband connection.
Reservation of a hotel.
Booking a bus.
The bill for water.
Withdrawing money from an ATM.
Any bank account may be used to make a money transfer.
POS Machine Service, and so on.
Payment of the gas bill.
Ticket for the train.
Service for PAN Cards.

B2B Spice Safar Agent Login

Procedure for logging into B2B Spice Safar:

First Step, Applicants must go to the Portal’s main page, which is located at https://b2b.spicesafar.com/Login

b2b spice safar login
b2b spice safar login-2nd Step

Second Step: Applicants will be on the Spice Money’s main login website and than enter their user ID and password, and after that click ‘OK’ in the box. Then, by clicking the login button, applicants may get to the main dashboard

b2b spice safar login
b2b spice safar login

3rd Step: If the login does not function, the applicant must reset the password by clicking the reset button.

4th Step: A candidate might enrol in b2b services and take use of them.

Login to Spice Money Agent:

1. Go to https://b2b.spicesafar.com/loginPageLogin, which is the official Spice Money Login URL.

2. The applicant must download the spice money application from the Google Play Store onto his or her mobile device.

3. The candidate must choose ‘join spice money,’ provide their phone number, and then click the submit button.

4. The Spice money Online Platform will send an OTP to the applicant’s smartphone for verification. Applicants can finish the Verification procedure by pressing the Submit Option after inputting the OTP.

5. On the new homepage, the applicant must post the business’s name, a selfie with the shop, and a short film. After that, click the submit button after reviewing the terms and conditions.

6. When the online application is submitted, the web site will send a message to their registered phone number. The application’s status may be checked using the link supplied by the Spice money website.

How to get the Spice Money Adhikari app:

1. Users must go to the Spice Money Login site to download the Spice Money mobile app.

2. Go to the Download Spice Money Adhikari App part of the Spice Money home page and click the Download app icon.

b2b spice safar app download
b2b spice safar app download

3. You’ll be sent to the Google Play Store. Users must select the Install option from the list below to download the programme.

b2b spice safar app download Page
b2b spice safar app download Page

Fees for registration are spice money.

Let us inform you that obtaining Spice Money’s Retailer ID will cost you Rs 299!

You can withdraw up to ten thousand rupees from any consumer in a single day using b2b spice money AEPS!

Spice money contact number | Spice money customer service.

• +91 120 3986786, +91 120 5077786; customercare@spicemoney.com; Spice Money Agent Login Link; Spice Money Merchant Android Application Download

Access to B2B Spice Safar.

• Go to https://b2b.spicesafar.com/Login page to complete your registration.

• Now go to the official website and search for B2B.

• You must login using your user ID and password on the next page that appears.

• Carefully read the terms and conditions and, if you agree, check the box below.

• Now, click the login button to return to the main page.

• If you’re having trouble logging in, you may reset your password.

• To change your password, click the reset password option.

• Once your password has been reset, you may log into your account and use the b2b services.

Spice Money has the following features:

1. Spice money enables payment systems, such as Aadhaar-enabled payment systems, by providing financial services. Money transfer, DMT, and UPI cash are a few other options.

2. Spice money accepts payment methods such as QR codes, cash collecting points, BBPS, and others.

3. Tours and Travel Services: Tours and travel services have evolved into a digital Dukaan that serves as a one-stop shop for all travel needs.

4. Train Booking: Spice Money makes it simple to purchase train tickets with a user-friendly interface and an approved IRCTC partner.

5. Flight Booking: Adhikaris has a single travel management portal where they may buy tickets. It would be for solutions for domestic and international flight tickets.

6. Bus Ticket Booking: Spice Money works with 700 tour and travel companies around the country to ensure that ticket bookings are confirmed.

7. Hotel and travel bookings: Customers planning trips in India and abroad may choose from a variety of budgets and categories.

8. Bada Bazar: Spice Money Digital Dukaan offers eCommerce services, allowing clients to purchase from IFFCO and Amazon.

9. IFFCO Bazar: IFFCO Bazar is one of the largest online agricultural markets in the world. It is feasible to launch an E-Commerce company on a shoestring budget.

10. Suraksha: Adhikaris can assist customers with insurance products and give services that are most beneficial to them. For example, the Macchar Suraksha Plan is designed to combat mosquito-borne illnesses.

11. Hospicash: This service provides consumers with emergency funds in the event of an attack. Medical charges will assist clients in overcoming their income loss.

12. Loan services: Adhikari’s may provide consumers with excellent low-interest loans. Customers may get grahak loans at a reasonable interest rate without having to fill out any paperwork. Money that is wise offers.

13. Adhikari Loan: These loans enable Adhikaris to invest in and develop their businesses, resulting in growth.

14. Biometric devices and printers: Adhikaris has biometric devices and printers on hand to service its clients. These gadgets allow for continuous work in the extension of client services.

15. Pan Card Service: Spice Money, a government-approved channel, provides services such as obtaining a new PAN card and upgrading an existing PAN card.

16. Cash withdrawal through a Spice Money mini-ATM: Spice Money mini-ATMs accept all major debit cards and are located at local Kirana shops.

AEPS-Spice Money

You must first log in to your Spice Money account in order to access this Spice Money service. You may access AEPS services including financial transactions, POS (Point of Sale), and Microatm after logging in. This gives you the opportunity to send money to any bank at any time. spice money, spice safar, spicemoney.

You may use your Aadhaar card information to transfer money from AEPS. You will gain access to this function after logging into Spice Money. Everyone now utilises the Aadhaar Enabled Payment System to make their financial transactions after today’s cashless “spice safar” facility.

Documents Required for B2B Spice Safar

What Documents Do Spice Money Retailers Need? To become an agent, you’ll need the following documents.

• Aadhar Card (Self-Signed).

• Pan Card (Self-Signed) (Self Signed).

• Cancel Check. • Agent Passport size colour picture.

There are three ways to register for the Spice Money Retailer and Distributor Portal online.

• Customer service;

• Website;

• Spice Money Agent/ Distributor;

Spice Money Retailer ID

By registering on the website, you can obtain a Spice Money Retailer ID.

If you want to create a Spice Money ID using the website “spice safar,” follow the link below to a page where you may do so, where you must fill out all of your information and upload your PAN and Aadhaar card.

You must also upload your photo and select the services listed below before clicking the submit button, which will produce a reference number in front of you!

Keep it secure; you will receive a call from the firm within 24 to 48 hours, and your information will be validated, after which you will receive your SPICE Money Agent User ID and Password!

Spice Safar Agent


In 2014, Spice Money established a ticket booking service with IRCTC, and the following year, the business signed a domestic money transfer agreement with Yes Bank, and RBI issued a BC PPI licence. BBPOU received accolades in 2016 and received in-principal approval in the second quarter of the same year. In 2017, the AEPS and the BBPS introduced micro-ATMs and online bill payment.

In 2018, the firm received MPOS/NPCI awards and launched MOPS to collect payments for services for which it received NPCI honours. In 2020, the firm will collaborate with Sonu Sood to provide new insurance, finance, supported E-commerce, tours, and travel solutions. The business will launch its first zero-investment programme in 2021.

Spice Safar Aim:

1. The primary goal of the firm is to close the digital divide between urban and rural India.

2. The firm intends to provide basic banking and financial security to all rural residents.

Spice also offers financial services such as cash deposits, withdrawals, and money transfers.

4. The Spice Money Adhikari Network provides financial services to both rural and urban residents.

Often Asked Questions-B2B Spice Safar

Q) What Is Spice Money’s Customer Service Phone Number?

Ans: ‘Contact Us’ is a part on our website, www. Spicemoney was conceived. Customer Service may be reached at customercare@spicemoney.com. Every day of the week, the following customer support number is available: 0120-3645645. Please contact us at 1300/5077786 or by email.

What are my options for making money using Spice Money?

Ans: If you’re anything like me, you’re curious about how much money you can make by using a Spice Money wallet to make rapid online cash transfers to any Indian bank account. To be permitted, a Spice Money Adhikari must provide money transfer services.

Q) How do I get my Spice Money ID back?

As soon as you require your Adhikari ID to prove your identity, go to the login page and click ‘Forgot Adhikari ID.’

Q) What Should I Do If I Forget My Spice Money Password?

• Go to b2b.spicemoney.com for directions to Spice Digital’s business website.

• Click the Forgot Password link on the login page.

• To get started, you’ll need your User ID.

• When you’ve supplied a comprehensive description of your user ID and the password to thisCaptcha, you’ll need to submit an anonymous file.

Q) What Is Spice’s Financial Capacity?

Ans: You have the option to make a transfer of up to Rs. With monthly rates of up to Rs.50 000, send POI and POA to any bank account in India.

Q) What Is Spice Money Registration and How Does It Work?

Ans: Registration for Spice Money Agents is now open. Spice Money provides a wide range of b2b and b2c services, including railway ticket buying, mobile recharging, bill payments, money withdrawal from small ATMs, and money transfer via mobile phones.

Q) What Is the Best Way to Get Spice Money?

Ans: Spice Money offers a wide range of products and services, making it possible to earn up to Rs 50,000 every month. It is distinct from other MLM plans offered by organisations such as Spice Money. Commissions are employed to generate money in this sector. A cell phone recharge or travel agency, for example, is not a far-reaching enterprise.

Q) In Spice Money, what is Dmt?

Ans: In India, Direct Money Transfer (DMT) allows cash to be sent from stores to bank accounts over the internet, as well as from merchants to customers.

Q) What is the procedure for withdrawing funds from Spice Money?

Ans: Customers may now withdraw cash from Adhikaris with a debit or credit card utilising the Spice Money MiniATM. You may withdraw cash with your favourite card at any major card reader, including RuPay, MasterCard, VISA, and Maestro.

Q) What Is Spice Money Agent and How Does It Work?

Ans: The product’s description. When it came to AEPS (Attery Enabled Payment System) Transactions, Domestic Money Transfer, Domestic Money Transfer (DMT), Micro & Mini ATM Services, Spice Money was a prominent brand. Spice Money offers AePS (Micro ATM) and DMT (Digital Money Transfer).

Q) What Is Spice Money and How Does It Work?

Ans: Spice Money has launched a digital platform that allows all of its agents to purchase train tickets, allowing them to become completely associated with an Indian Railway Catering Corporation. They will receive monthly incentives as well as the chance to earn big profits when selling each ticket in return for a commission if they use this option.

Q) How Can I Make My Money Login More Interesting?

Ans: Simply go to https://www.b2b.com during a B2B Spice Safar login. Spicemoney, with its spicemoney, could be able to help you out financially. Go to www.pagegogin.com/loginPage for further information. It will now take some time for you to find B2B on the official website. You must supply both your user ID and password whenever you click the blue Sign in button on the page that appears.


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