CAST CERTIFICATEWB GOV IN – SC/ ST/ OBC Application Form [WB Caste Certificate Status Check]

Cast certificatewb gov in: The West Bengal government established a system to provide caste certificates in the state in 1985. A caste certificate is a vital piece of documentation. It aids in the acquisition of seats in educational and professional institute admissions. It may also be used to apply for jobs on the job market. In some parts of India, these certificates usually referred to as “Jati Praman Patra.” Citizens who are members of a specific caste must apply for the Jati Praman Patra.

What are the advantages of having a West Bengal caste certificate?

Caste certificates can be used for admission to schools and universities, government employment reservations, recruitment, fee concessions, and age relaxation, among other things.

Caste Certificate Application Form: Apply Online (SC/ST/OBC)Details
SchemeWest Bengal SC/ST/OBC Certificate
AuthorityBackward Classes Welfare Department
Applicable BeneficiaryCitizens belonging to the reserved category
Application LanguageEnglish 
Official Website Portal
WB Caste Certificate Offline form PDFDownload Here

cast certificatewb gov in
cast certificatewb gov in

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WB Caste Certificate (SC/ ST/ OBC).

This certificate is made up to prove that a person belongs to a specific group. The classifications include scheduled caste, scheduled tribe, and another backward group. The Indian government feels that particular assistance is required for persons from Scheduled Castes, Scheduled Tribes, and Other Backward Castes to achieve equality in the state. This foreign inducement will assist these state residents in obtaining equal rights.

As we all know, these castes have a smaller population than the rest of the castes in their respective areas. As a result, they have stayed backward in many ways until now. In this case, it is vital to provide these persons reservations in order for them to obtain their rights. This reservation enables people to obtain fee waivers, reserved seats in linked educational institutions, seats in institutes and colleges, and so on.

home page cast certificatewb gov in

Application Form & Status for WB Caste Certificate

A caste certificate is required if you are a member of a Scheduled Caste, Scheduled Tribe, or Other Backward Caste. This will be quite beneficial in terms of obtaining numerous services. For example, fee waivers in educational institutions or colleges, government services, seat reservations, age relaxation, quotas in colleges and educational institutions, and so on.

Those nationals of West Bengal that pertain to specified castes must have this certificate. Only after receiving this certificate will you be able to use the government’s services. This certificate serves as verification of your caste status. To apply, go to the West Bengal Government’s Backward Classes Welfare Department’s official website. In this post, we’ll go through the processes for applying and a few other topics in depth. The official website may be accessed at

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The steps for obtaining a West Bengal SC/ ST Caste Certificate.

Candidates can get an application form in both an online and offline format. These application forms are accessible at your local town or city’s subdivisional office. Visit your sub-divisional office, Tehsildar office, or the revenue department to obtain an application form. In such situations, the officer in charge will conduct an investigation. He or she will visit your home to verify your identification. If no one in your family has ever applied for this certificate, this verification is required. Furthermore, if this certificate has yet to be obtained.

You must show certain papers in order to apply for a caste certificate. First and foremost, you’ll have to provide proof of address. This documentation should show that you have lived in West Bengal for the past seven years. You must also present an affidavit stating that you are a member of a scheduled or backward caste group. This affidavit/stamp document will be required while filling out the application form.

Application Form-cast certificatewb gov in
Application Form-cast certificatewb gov in

Required Documents

If you are a member of one of the above-mentioned castes and wish to obtain your caste certificate, you must follow a certain protocol. To apply, you’ll need a few papers. Aside from that, you’ll have to provide your original certificate. A list of needed documents is provided below. You can make a copy of these documents and self-attest them before sending them in with your application.

The papers needed to get a caste certificate in West Bengal are listed below.

Documents Required for WB Caste Certificate (SC/ST/OBC)
(Residence proof)
(Birth Certificate)
(Income certificate)
( Aadhaar Card)
(Voter ID Card)
(Ration Card)
(Certificate from Panchayat/Municipality)
(Caste certificate of a family member)

How to Get a WB OBC Certificate?

There are various sorts of caste certificates, including the OBC certificate. The OBC, or other backward castes, is a collection of groups that are backward in various ways. Backwardness in social, educational, or economic terms are examples. As a result, the Indian government has chosen to promote these castes. As a result, they will have equal opportunity in these areas. As a result, the government is attempting to give them with certain benefits in order to level the playing field. The government is attempting to assist them.

They would be able to perform better on social and educational platforms as a result of it. People from these castes have some relief in a variety of areas. For instance, age relaxation in higher examinations, educational institution price relaxation, employment reservation, and so on. These reservations and relaxations are necessary for our society’s equal representation at all levels. All of this will assist them in achieving social equality.

If you are an OBC, you will need to apply for a caste certificate. This would enable them to take advantage of all caste-related privileges. They may be awarded university cutoff exemptions, as well as career and government service reservations in India. Furthermore, they may be eligible for age relaxation in many situations where age is a requirement.

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Documents proving OBC Caste are required.

If you want to apply for an OBC caste certificate, you must first gather a few papers. These documents will serve as a foundation for confirming your genuine identity. We’ve included a list of all the necessary paperwork below.

• A passport-sized photograph

• APL/BPL/AAY ration card

• Voter identification card

• Certificate of citizenship

• Parents’ caste certificate

• Tax receipt for land or a dwelling.

• Bank account information, such as a passbook

• PAN Card.

• A birth certificate from the appropriate authority.

Apply for a West Bengal Caste Certificate

Application that can be used offline.

You may apply for a West Bengal caste certificate in the offline way by following the steps below. To begin, go to the office of your concerned subdivision. Then you may obtain an application form for a caste certificate there. In addition, you can visit Kolkata’s District Development Office. You must also bring your original paperwork with you. This is for the purpose of verification.

Any gazetted officer or government authority must certify to the photocopies of all certificates. Finally, your application will be transferred to your responsible officer as soon as possible. The district development official will thereafter receive your caste certificate application.

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Online WB Caste Certificate Application

Follow the steps below to apply for a caste certificate in West Bengal over the internet.

• First and foremost, go to the appropriate department’s official website. It is the Backward Classes Welfare Department of the West Bengal government. You may access the website by going to

• Following that, the primary user interface will show on your screen.

• Select the option to apply for a caste certificate for SC/ST/OBC.

• After that, fill in the blanks with your name and phone number.

• Select the option to get an OTP on your cellphone number after that. An OTP will be sent to the cellphone number you supplied. Fill in the blanks with this. This step is used to confirm your phone number.

• Then, log into the site and complete the application form with all of the essential information.

• After that, proceed to upload images of all required papers. You can upload these images to the website in a predetermined format.

• Finally, but certainly not least, submit your application. Your documents and information will be verified by the appropriate authorities. After satisfactory verification, they will award your caste certificate.

Note: Save your application reference number or download the acknowledgement slip carefully since you will need it later.

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Download link for WB SC/ ST/ OBC Caste Certificate.

Visit the official website at to obtain the WB Caste Certificate Application Form PDF in Bengali or English. You can simply access the application form for SC/ST/OBC Caste Certificate here, or you can download the Caste Certificate Form PDF for free by clicking the link below.

To get your SC/ST/OBC caste certificate, follow the steps below.

• First, go to the West Bengal Government’s Backward Classes Welfare Department’s official website. You may access the website by going to

• The primary user interface will appear on your screen after that.

• Select the option to get the SC/ST/OBC caste certificate from this page. To access the page, please click on this link.

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Check WB Caste Certificate Status.

A caste certificate is required if you are a member of a Scheduled Caste, Scheduled Tribe, or Other Backward Caste. Those who want to apply for a caste certificate in West Bengal must pay a fee. This is a very low fee of Rs. 15 per certificate. You can pay this amount using a cash receipt at your local office.

Note – If you are looking for the WB Caste Certificate Application Form in PDF format, please be aware that this form is available for free. To get the necessary application form, you do not need to pay anyone any money. Download the SC/ ST/ OBC caste certificate application form from the link above. This application is accessible in both English and Bengali.

How can I check the status of my WB caste certificate online?

You may monitor the progress of your application once you’ve successfully submitted it to the appropriate department. You should go to the official website of the West Bengal Government Backward Classes Welfare Department. The ways to verify the status of your caste certificate application are outlined below.

• First, go to the West Bengal Government’s Backward Classes Welfare Department’s official website. To access the website, type into your browser.

• Following that, the primary user interface will show on your screen.

• Here, select the option to view the application’s status.

• A new window will then emerge. You must enter your application number in this window. This is the same number as the one on the acknowledgement sheet you received after submitting the application.

• After that, choose the option to check the status of your application.

• If the status of your application is not available, you can contact the tehsildar officer in charge.

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Reprint the Application/Acceptance Slip.

The screen displays an acknowledgment sheet once you submit your application. This acknowledgment sheet must be saved for future reference. However, if you are unable to save it at that moment. You may download this slip again later. You’ll need your application number and date of birth for this. You may then reprint your acknowledgement slip. Make a copy of this slip so you don’t have to deal with this problem again. To reprint your acknowledgement slip, go to page

Find application -cast certificate wb
Find application -cast certificate wb

View the details of your old caste certificate online.

Follow the instructions below if you have an old caste certificate and wish to check the information on it.

• Go to the official website for old trash certifications first. This link will take you directly to the site page.

• Following that, the primary user interface will show on your screen.

• Select View Certificate Details from the drop-down menu.

• Next, type in your new certificate number or your old certificate number. Include the date of issue, the name of the granting authority, and the year of issuance.

Old Caste Certificate Details
Old Caste Certificate Details

• Lastly, select the search option. On your screen will be the data of your new or old West Bengal caste certificate.

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cast certificatewb gov in -Contact Information

We have provided you with information on the West Bengal Caste Certificate in this page (cast certificatewb gov in). If you continue to have problems, you can go to the official website of the West Bengal Government’s Backward Classes Welfare Department. Furthermore, we have included the department’s official email address below. You can write about your problem in order to find a solution. is the email address.

West Bengal Government Scheme.

Official website:

Download WB Caste Certificate Form.

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Often Asked Questions (cast certificatewb gov in) – FAQ

Q) What documents are necessary for a caste certificate for SC/ST/OBC?

Ans: Ration Card Certificate from Panchayat/municipality Aadhaar Card Voter ID Birth Certificate Income Certificate Residence Proof Family member’s caste certificate, etc.

Q) In West Bengal, how can I get a sc st obc certificate?

Ans: Our website has a download link for the sc st obc certificate, which you may get from there.

Q) How can I check the status of my WB caste certificate online?

Ans: You must first visit the official website. You must click on the View Status of Application option on the website’s home page. You may check the status of your application on the following page.

Q) In West Bengal, is it feasible to apply for a caste certificate online?

Ans: Yes, the new online facility in West Bengal allows you to apply for a new caste certificate.

Q) How can I find out whether my WB SC/ST/OBC certificate is still valid?

Ans: You may check the progress of an application online by entering the applicant’s application number and date of birth.

Q) Which papers should I include in my online application?

Ans: The applicant must upload their photo, proof of age, proof of address, and other documents.

SC/ST/OBC Caste Certificate Form West Bengal pdf Download in Bengali | Caste Certificate Application Form West Bengal | Caste Certificate Registration Form are provided in this post.


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